Brexit – when the split hits the fan

The Sun is definitely NOT my favorite news outlet (these days that honour goes to the Drudge Report), but it is the daily newspaper, along with the Mirror, that is available when I visit my favorite breakfast café, which I did this morning, and “Brexit – when the split hits the fan” was its front page headline.

I suspect though that the Sun is a lot closer to me than most news outlets when coming to a view on what to make of the latest Brexit developments, with the date for the UK to leave the EU only 36 days away. But as far as this article goes, it was useful in order to appraise myself on latest developments rather than have my already stated opinions (see my article: Brexit – deal or no deal?) significantly changed. Without doubt, things are hotting up and with rather more heat than light being generated, and we are not much clearer as to what will happen after we leave when the British public voted to leave on 23 June 2016. What we see as far as Parliament is concerned is a grand impasse that may not be far short of meltdown.

The big development as far as today’s news goes is of the three Tory MP’s that have defected to the “Independent party” hitherto comprising of seven recent Labour defectors. It seems that while the now 10 members, while having a range of conflicting gripes with the parties they left, are united in one thing: Britain must not leave the EU without a deal and ideally shouldn’t leave the EU at all. There will be major areas of disagreement but for now Brexit is the number one issue. Besides the hopeful noises from the Mrs May camp that re-negotiations on the deal, especially regarding the Irish backstop (whatever that is), are looking promising (although it is unlikely most informed onlookers will see it that way) there will be many more Tory defectors should we look to carry through with Brexit, without a deal, with the political maneuvering to bring in legislation to prevent that happening likely to receive an added boost. The Sun made much out of the defectors betraying the people they represent (two of the Tories were from “Leave” constituencies). They could be right but more importantly the people they represent should make their voices heard, but will they be given the chance to do so and will they do so anyway is as yet unknown.

One of my Facebook friends looked hopefully for a centreist Independent alliance committed to at least a deal or better still a new referendum with hopefully a different outcome to the first one. My retort is if there is a political realignment that should include an alliance of those committed to carrying out the result of the referendum, deal of no deal. Moreover, I see the urgency of forging a vision free of EU restrictions, making up for time wasted as a result of not working out where next after Brexit. About which, no one in their right mind would want no deal but it has to be the right deal. What was recently voted on, resoundly rejected by Parliament, was NOT the right deal. My simplistic view is could we not do a deal on the many practical matters we are all in agreement off and accept that we can’t agree on some others – but then I am being naïve.

So we are where we are and where do we go next? I am for once almost lost for words and have been for some time. I have already expressed my dismay over a lack of leadership and the failure of elected representatives. And as for the rights and wrongs of leaving the EU, as I have become more mindful of the issues at stake and the corruption of the EU as an institution, I am even more for the UK leaving the EU on 29th March – deal or no deal. Parliament is in gridlock and it is not easy to predict what will happen next. My gut tells me something significant will happen but whether it will be significantly good or bad, I haven’t been given a revelation from heaven other than God is on His throne and He wants what is best for His people. His call to us, whatever our views on Brexit, as well as to watch and pray, which is what I say every time when writing about something controversial, is to put our trust in Him.


2 thoughts on “Brexit – when the split hits the fan

  1. Alan Hart says:

    They are an Independent Group, not a party yet (but quote Umunna), they are eleven, 8 ex-Labour, 3 ex-Tory and I have a feeling there was one Independent already in Parliament. Matches Lib Dem numbers now, and ofsets much of DUP ‘support’. More to come ??

  2. paul fox says:

    More waste of time.The tabloids push Brexit, but their owner do not line here, or pay taxes. It cost each of us, £18 a year to be members of the EU ( See your tax code letter) Thats the cost of 2 pizzas. Far more important, is climate change.Three weeks after the United Nations issued a sobering climate report that called for “rapid and unprecedented” changes in energy use, a study examining ocean temperatures suggests that global warming could happen at a faster pace than previously believed.
    The study, published in Nature Wednesday and conducted by researchers at Princeton University and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, estimated that the world’s oceans absorbed 60% more heat energy between 1991 and 2016 than previous studies have indicated. That could indicate the Earth is warming faster than scientists have been estimating.

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