Breakfast at Bella Italia

I had an opportunity during the week to meet with an old friend – a chance to catch up in one of our chewing the cud, what is going on in the world sessions, all over breakfast. Moreover, he had 2 vouchers for free breakfasts at the Bella Italia restaurant (see here) situated a one minute walk from Victoria Circus, along the London Road.

We arrived just after 10.30 and it was quite busy (a good sign) and was seated (although the larger quieter section of the restaurant which we preferred was not open) and our order was taken, noting preferences. The service was pleasant and prompt; the ambience and surroundings were conducive to our wanting to eat at talk. My friend ordered something based around pancakes, which looked tempting and turned out to be worth having and I went for their basic traditional English breakfast offering, which I enjoyed and was to order, although I wasn’t over impressed with the overdone sausage. As for value, at a fiver it would have been good except for the often used trick of charging half as much again for a drink.

Would I go again? Probably not for breakfast but based on it having been a pleasant culinary / social experience I would be tempted to go later in the day to sample one of its tempting Italian dishes.


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