Another open letter to Alex Jones

Dear Alex,

To use a term, I have heard you use, I am p****d off.

I have just gone to to get the latest and noted with interest “The United States is Now Officially at War With China While the Private Federal Reserve Works to Plunge the US Economy – Watch Live” entry. But for the fact I have been repeatedly disappointed since you have been banned on Google (especially YouTube) and Facebook as a reason for my not being able to access bits of your broadcast I might find particularly helpful, I was not surprised to find the message “Start your Labor Day weekend informed with this Friday edition of the most banned broadcast in the world! Share this link!” and NOTHING else.

Before the big bans I used to be able to go to four hours of Alex rants on Youtube the next day, distil it to half an hour, and come out of it enlightened at the cost of being discredited by those who are wise in their own eyes for following a notorious conspiracy theorist. The pity is that as one of your fans who you can look to spread the word can’t do so now. It means when I come to doing my China Trump trade war blog shortly it will have to be without your valuable insights.

You sir are rude and boorish, and can be cruel and crass, e.g. having a go at our Piers Morgan and Andrew Neil with your appalling British accent, but notwithstanding gay frogs, Sandy Hook and other “conspiracy theories”, I thank the Lord for you for raising matters of vital importance that mainstream media choose to ignore or twist.

I don’t expect a reply, given you didn’t the last time I tried to make contact with you (it must be a challenge sifting through missives from the basketful of deplorables that vie for your attention), but I feel a bit better letting rip with my frustration the best way I know and using my growing Internet popularity to let folk know how I really feel. As important as clearly we both agree it is, China and wars with the USA will have to wait a while. I have errands to do, a sermon to prepare and a homeless soup kitchen to organize.

In fairness though, I need to also thank you for your service that MSM does not give and encourage you to keep up the good work by waking up the populace to what is going on, AND to take measures to make your stuff more accessible and stop hyping the fact that as a spearhead to the resistance you are being universally banned.

Yours Sincerely

A fellow deplorable


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