The US Mid Term Elections (2)

Now we know. The long anticipated wait is over. Following my first post on the subject, setting out my store, here are my thoughts now we do know. The Democrats now control Congress and have made modest gains in State governorships, while the Republicans have made modest gains in the Senate, thus strengthening their control. While the President declared he was happy with the overall outcome, my initial reaction waking up to this news was one of disappointment but then I thought again. It could have been a lot worse, which is what some of the predictions said; generally the Party in power does not do well in these mid terms and America is a democracy, and a polarized one at that, but the people have spoken.

In recent years I have taken an increased interest in American politics, particularly with the rise in the fortunes of Trump, but there is still a lot I don’t understand. I am also mindful that people see things different; my liberal friends may be better than this deplorable. What I do understand is these elections are hugely significant, not just for America but when it comes to the implementing of the Trump agenda, further holding back the forces of globalism and for the world in general, and moreover the electorate agreed, given the turnout. What I will attempt to do is give my own personal reactions and predictions.

Those who follow my blogs will know I am a Trump enthusiast. While the election should be about deciding on the best candidates, from the perspective of both sides it was a lot about giving a verdict on the President, whether or not one likes what he is doing, and clearly the people are divided. I have also gone on record as saying I dislike many Democrats, who I see as greasy slime balls (the thought of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Walters calling the shots in Congress, for example, is bothersome), a lot more than I do Republicans, but then I don’t like many Republicans, who I see as spineless wimps. I am hopeful the result will awaken complacent Republicans from their slumbers. But if I were able to vote, I would probably do what I do in British elections and vote for the best candidate and those closest to sharing my values. Now that the wrong party (imo) has won Congress, we can expect more impasses when it comes to implementing Trump’s agenda and flexing muscles when it comes to taking Republicans to task (including Trump) when it comes to financial and other perceived irregularities. One lives in hope that people can put aside difference and the common ground principle might prevail, but given past recent history it may be a forlorn one.

The beauty (at least in principle) of the American system is the notion of checks and balances between the Legislature, Executive and Judicial branches of government. In practice it doesn’t always work out like that, which is one reason why Supreme Court appointments and Executive orders are a big deal. From a Trump point of view, he may be glad he has won the Senate and that was where he had focused his efforts. Now, he may have an easier ride making executive and judicial appointments given he needs Senate support, although the prospect of subpoenas issues and legislative agendas derailed or with barely acceptable compromises is not one even the master of “the Art of the Deal” will relish, but hey this is democracy and the people have spoken. One thing that has to be admitted: Congress especially now has an even wider cross section of Americans in it and that ought to be a good thing.

I predict Trump will continue his work draining the swamp. I suspect one priority is to make key sackings and appointments in the Department of Justice and go after the villainy I believe still exists. The almost certitude there has been election meddling, voter fraud and shutting down of Conservative voices by the Internet giants, especially Facebook, Twitter and Google, is worrying and needs addressing. Tackling the corrupt financial system headed by the Federal Reserve should be another priority and elite pedophile rings (discussed in other blog postings). While Trump has had his wings clipped it won’t stop him continuing the far reaching changes he has already begun. While I am not over confident, there could be more likelihood (at least through Congress) that necessary social injustices will be dealt with, now the Democrats have a majority there. We will see. The best news is God is still on His throne!


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