The US Mid Term Elections

If certain pundits are to be believed we are just two days way from the most important US mid term elections in my lifetime, on par in terms of importance to the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

In recent years, I confess to taking an increased interest in US politics and while it ought not be greater than my interest in British politics it is and all because of Donald Trump. On entertainment and drama value alone, he wins over our UK lack lustre lot. Like him or loathe him, and people are fiercely divided on the matter (in the UK as well as the USA), he has made an enormous impact on America and the wider world, not least by being the inspiration behind the anti-globalist, popularist backlash we are now seeing, partly as a result of unfettered Muslim immigration (Europe) and poor South American migrants (USA), as well as doing the main thing people traditionally care about – deliver on the economy.

The way I see it, Trump has accomplished much already and has done something few politicians do, and that is to deliver on his promises, and while acknowledging many faults when it comes to personality and policy, I mainly support his agenda, as detailed in my “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?” ebook. He has been vehemently opposed from many quarters and even those in his own party have opposed him. There is little doubt his style gets the backs up of some and his not going along with the status quo of others. But the bottom line is if the Democrats win Congress (and less likely the Senate – all possible according to polls) this may well prove to be a major setback in seeing his agenda being carried through. We anxiously await the results, and soon we will know.

When it comes to national security, the economy, religious freedom, pro-life, constitutionalists in the judiciary, foreign policy, support of Israel and any number of other matters, I believe Trump has got it right, more than anyone else who might have become President in the 2016 elections. There are areas one may dispute and it is a shame too often there is no honest debate. He has been attacked at every point by members of the Democratic Party, who have showed themselves to be a morally bankrupt, ideologically flawed party and intent on being obstructive, as well as a whole host of other powerful figures and I have little doubt that opposition will intensify if the Democrats gain either of the Houses. I also believe he has begun to drain the swamp in attacking what is evil, and if the Repubicans win as I hope that program will intensify and with astounding results.

I confess I know too little about American politics to over pontificate over the important fine details and I doubt it will ever come down to a simple matter of Democrats bad and Republicans good, even though as I look at the likes of Schumer, Schiff, Walters, Pelosi, Clinton and many others, I see only bad people who I dread being given power they don’t deserve that will impact detrimentally. While it is over simplistic to say Democrats equate to Labour and Republicans equate to Conservative, when making a USA UK comparison, if that were partly the case then the issue of social justice and supporting the vulnerable will need to be weighed against small government and free enterprise, a debate according to my way of thinking has not been entirely settled. Moreover, my own Christian outlook says people of faith can honestly disagree on these subjects and I can say who to vote for. Myself, I have come to a view favouring voting for good people to represent his/her constituency matters rather than for the party they happen to belong to.

We live in momentous days where incredible events fast unravel. I have no doubt that the result of Tuesday’s election, which traditionally has helped to stop the existing people in power gain further power, will be significant whatever the outcome. I can’t wait to discover the outcome, hoping for the best and bracing myself for the worst. While I cannot hide my desire to see a red wave, my allegiance is in Almighty God, who I can trust, for He in control.


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