Breakfast at Wimpy’s

I go back to the days before Kentucky and McDonalds, when the main branded restaurant in and around the town centre was Wimpy. It was renowned as I recall for its Wimpy burgers, which is still served, and back in those days it was the “hip” place to hang out. I haven’t been to a Wimpy for years but today I decided to eat there.

As some people know, I like a full English breakfast and I like discovering new places where breakfast is served and doing a compare and contrast with establishments I had previously visited. Another reason for visiting was a friend suggested it was a good place to eat, away from the maddening crowd, and in a relaxed setting and I wanted to sound out the set up ahead to my next visit – next time it will be with friends and family.

I arrived at the Victoria Plaza establishment a little after it opened at 9 (when I finished in the nearby gym). I was the first to arrive but during the half hour I was there it began to fill with customers (a good sign). There was a nice ambience, comfortable surroundings and waiter service. I enjoyed my breakfast although there were minor quibbles with the food meaning it didn’t get full marks. I thought they tackled the sausage issue well (one item where breakfasts often fall down) and I liked what was served. I was disappointed there was no flexibility and I couldn’t change one item for another. I liked tea in a pot and two cups full. I thought it was a touch over priced but then that extra service might justify the cost.

Checking out the menu, there is enough tempting dishes on offer to justify a future lunch / tea time visit, although I am not well enough convinced to suggest this for a future venue when I next have breakfast with my friend. But I am glad I went and discover that Wimpy has reinvented itself for this modern age.


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