Wikileaks, Conspiracy Theories and James Bond

“Skyfall” is a 2012 James Bond movie and it happens to be my favourite. Part of its charm is it addresses some deep philosophical issues, like the old ways having certain merit and is still needed despite modern advances. One of the themes of the film is how the baddy through clever use of cyber attacks can cause havoc and but for old fashioned resistance by our hero might have done far worse. One of the great quotes from the film is a from the poet Tennyson and another some words passed on by “Q” to the films hero.




I digress of course from my main point, which is about the latest Wikileaks revelations, titled “Vault 7” and how this might tie in with the claim by Trump that Obama ordered his communications to be tapped and the counter claim by Obama that he did nothing of the sort. What Vault 7 shows is that the technology is there to do exactly that and is being widely deployed by the Intelligence services and backs up the chilling claim by Chuck Schumer (reproduced above along with my two James Bond quotes). This is also pertinent in the light of the old claim that the Russians are the ones to blame for all this and Trump and his team were in cohorts with the Russians in their campaign to see off the ambitions of Hillary Clinton.

I have found myself these past few days looking at video clips by conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, Roger Stone and David Icke. I realize that in admitting this, I am liable to lose some street cred and yet there is a lot of stuff these guys state I happen to agree with, along with some stuff I try to maintain my normal healthy skepticism. I am worried by claims that the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google, who between them arguably control a large chuck of the Internet have censored certain material in the name of clamping down on Fake News, but that is an aside. In the light of my recent blog about the Deep State, Trumps claims and these latest Wikileak revelations, suggesting part of the conspiracy theorists claims that powerful forces are intent to undermine Trump and his supporters, I have concerns we are seeing something that may be worse than what we find in Orwell’s “1984” vision. It concerns me these connections or the possibility of such are ignored by large sections of the American and British media. If it is true the US government has sanctioned spying on the scale being suggested and in particular to delegitimize Trump’s bid to become President, this is very serious assertion. To expose and to get to the bottom of such is a huge undertaking, and good people need bringing in to do this.

I admit, despite my reading up, my limited knowledge and, having heard claims by “experts” either these assertions are true or false, often related to where their sympathies lie, I realize the best I can do is to read further and wait to see what happens. There is no doubt in my mind a battle rages at the top for the heart and soul of America, which has far reaching ramifications for the rest of the world. It is worrying too that the Internet that at best allows free exchange of information and ideas is being controlled. The issue of powerful forces being able to and actually monitoring what we do is worrying. I won’t shut up because for too long we have deferred to what those in power tell us what is the truth in these matters. In all likelihood corruption in high places exists on these matters and we (the public) need answers. It has also intensified my resolve to watch and pray.


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