Northern Ireland Abortion – a letter to Sir David Amess MP

Northern Ireland Abortion – a letter to Sir David Amess

Dear Sir David

I hope you are well and continue to pray for you as you represent my town in Parliament.

But I will cut to the chase and point you to a story in which you have played a part: “‘Darkest day’ as Westminster votes again to force abortion on NI”. It begins: “Westminster voting to force liberal abortion laws on Northern Ireland has been described as “one of the darkest days” in the Province’s history. Despite the Stormont Assembly previously rejecting the regulations, the House of Commons gave its final backing for the laws to be forced on Northern Ireland with a vote of 253 to 136. It effectively permits abortions to take place up to 24 weeks for any reason, and up to birth if the baby is deemed to have a severely life-limiting condition, or a ‘severe’ disability”.

I may not have known that you abstained in the vote if it were not for my church WhatsApp page. A few expressed disappointment and are your constituents. The same sentiment applied to your East of the town colleague, but in James Duddridge’s case his vote FOR came sadly as no surprise. Many years ago, in the House, you took then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to task when he announced plans to give Northern Ireland autonomy in the region but not on the question of abortion. It remains one of my HofC champagne moments. Ever since, you have spoken for the unborn, until now!

You may recall, we last met toward the end of last year at the Southend West Hustings, and since then a flood has flown under the bridge. It seems all and sundry have different takes on what is happening, but mine is: God is using these calamities to wake up a nation. And with is in mind, rather than moving away from liberalising abortion, our elected leaders are making the Law more liberal. I don’t have a specific word from the Almighty on what is going to happen next but I know the blood of these aborted lives has not gone unnoticed and unless we repent there will be judgment.

When we did chat last you expressed surprise at there being an “abortion” question for the candidates to answer. As it happened, you answered well, as I recall, unlike the other candidates, who no doubt would have voted with James if they had got elected. If I didn’t know you better, I would say you have been got at. May I implore you to revert to your robust pro-life stance. I would suggest this is as important an issue as slavery was in Wilberforce’s day, as it is a matter of who we choose to worship: God or Baal.

Kind regards

John Barber

Addendum 22/04/2020: Since I wrote this, I am given to understand you were chairing the group responsible for drawing up the legislation and so would be unable to vote. I will advise those I know who think you may have changed your mind on the rights and wrongs of liberalising the law to to do with Northern Ireland Abortion, this is the case.


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