Donald J. Trump

On October 10th 2017, I produced an e-book titled “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?”, which was one of twelve I produced around that time on a range of subjects that struck me as being worth writing about. Given I was and still am a prolific blogger, it was my way of bringing together related significant blog posting in an easily manageable way.

In this ebook,I bring together my main blog postings concerning Donald J Trump, who fascinates me and, whatever you think about him, is often at the centre of something significant. These blog postings cover the time he first came to my attention, around the beginning of 2016, although I was aware of him long before that, and this was due to his having put his hat in the ring to be an unlikely US President, until today. He achieved that particular goal having had to face the daunting task of leading a great nation and arguably the free world, with many obstacles and opposers intent on overthrowing him, yet doing a lot of what he said he would.

A great deal of water has flowed under the bridge since becoming President and and rather than riding off into the sunset having supposedly lost the 2020 election, methinks this is far from the end of Trump and what he stands for. Arguably Trump has triggered a global revolution that will likely continue. Whether it is enough to stop the New World Order championed by the globalist elites, remains to be seen. During the period covered by my blogs, I have gone from seeing Trump as more bad or mad than good and, unlike many who I rub shoulders with, especially on social media, to being more good than bad or mad. In fact, I would go further than that – Trump is the key figure humanly speaking, when it comes to preventing the evil globalist agenda taking hold. To a significant extent, he is closer than any major world leader when it comes to sharing my worldview and is a catalyst and instrument when dealing with high level corruption. My eyes have been gradually opened to things I hadn’t been aware of before. I now realize how little I knew when I first began to write about Trump. I now know a lot more and can see the possibilities. I am now of the view the swamp he pledged to drain in 2016 is deeper and murkier than anyone had imagined.

While nowadays I am more pro-Trump than anti-Trump, he definitely does not get a free pass when he is wrong, which he often is. It is true I like his respect for religion and religious sensibilities, but until he does a Zacchaeus and restores fourfold to all who he has cheated, I will always be wary, although I see signs of God breaking him and using him even more. He also has some explaining to do pushing vaccines that I suspect will be shown to be doing more harm than good. I do feel he does not get a fair press though (and that is an understatement) and providing correctives as I do is of particular value and, despite being the man at the top (at least it is supposed up to 20/01/21), I suspect there is a lot he has limited control over. I hope for serious Trump watchers this will be a useful addition to the plethora of material that has been written on this person who can be rightly described using many, wide ranging adjectives, although I suspect the ones people use will depend on how they see him, and people do see him so very differently.

Regarding the content of this e-book, this is mainly to be found following the links that follow. It is not so much about arguing whether Trump is bad, mad or good but more to do with checking up on events that occur around the time I write, with individual articles critically reflecting on how Trump is doing, leaving readers to decide where he lies on the good – mad/bad spectrum and coming to their own view on the world of Trump, typically not one they are likely to get if they follow mainstream media. One should bear in mind that my interest is less in Trump the man but rather the implications of his actions etc. And as for Trump the man, I for one would not invite him to pastor my church but then it was not a pastor the American people voted for, but rather someone to stick up and fight on behalf of his country and tackle the evil of globalism and draining the swamp, which from where I sit, and despite many obvious faults, and many more detractors, he appears to be doing rather well and better than any of the alternatives that may present.

This book is updated from time to time to include new postings on my blog. We have now passed that important milestone of Trump stepping down as POTUS, claiming he had been cheated. While things as I write seem to be a lot quieter when it comes to Trump led activity, I suspect this to be a smokescreen. You never know with Trump and the saga is far from ended. Moreover, my spies tell me He will be back with a vengeance, sooner than we may care to imagine. When history is written in years to come, Trump will no doubt play a big part, and maybe this e-book will serve as a source when people come to write that history. Finally, I should add, I am not a cult like follower of Trump. The one I try to follow, and urge my readers to do so also, is the living God.

Book 2: Last updated 14/10/21

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