Trump prophecies – theological and personal perspectives

Like many hoping Trump would get a second term as POTUS, I have been shaken recently because it did not happen – at least not yet!

I won’t rehearse my reasons for wanting a Trump presidency and my views on what I thought might happen and what actually happened between November 3rd 2020, when the US election took place and January 20th 2021, when President Biden was inaugurated, because a lot of that is covered in my Trumpwatch series (see here). I want in this post to concentrate on giving a view that I hope will prove helpful, concerning the prophets who prophesied Trump would get a second term, and to encourage those bewildered it didn’t happen.

But before I do, I need to set out “where I am coming from”, the very question I ask when reading the wide range of views, from hopeful to dismissive, by people addressing the question of where we are at now on Trump affirming prophecies or how or whether the prophets got it wrong, which often relates to the views of the one offering (regarding axioms, beliefs, opinions, knowledge, prejudices etc.).

I have been following the fortunes and misfortunes of Trump the politician ever since he came to our attention as a presidential candidate nearly six years ago. I became fascinated and then hooked because what Trump represented in terms of the direction America would go, followed by a lot of the rest of the world, was significant and, moreover, better than his Democrat detractors and alternatives from the Republican Party. I hoped and expected (despite the odds suggesting the opposite) he would be in for four more years, but as it stands, that is not the case. Part of the reason for that optimism was the prophets predicting a second Trump term (albeit not necessarily consecutive as far as the US constitution timetable goes).

My big project in 2020 was writing a book titled “Prophets of the Bible”, which came out September 2020. It was a monumental effort where I tried to make helpful comments concerning the life, work, circumstances and modus operandi of every prophet mentioned in the Bible, including many often not regarded as prophets, yet prophesied. I began knowing a lot already and was humbled finding out how little I actually knew. One of the questions begged was the place of prophets and prophecy today, which I will consider further when the second edition comes out, probably in February. It is coincidental (or maybe not) my interest in Bible prophecy came at the same time as that of Trump. One reason for delaying publication is I wanted more time to reflect on these modern day prophets.

My own Christian background was among those who took the Bible seriously and who impressed on me the importance of knowing the Bible, and for that I am ever grateful. While my own theological outlook has diverged somewhat from that of my early mentors, I still share their belief that what the Bible teaches should determine all what we think and do. I also tend toward a literal interpretation and when it comes to eschatology, I am a pre-millennialist. The latter point is significant since I do not believe a world, where truth, righteousness and justice are defining factors, will happen before Jesus returns and, if anything, the world will get worse rather than better. However, while looking for a kingdom that is to come, it is imperative for Christians to invite people to seek first God’s eternal kingdom, obey the King (Jesus), and do good to others.

One area where I disagree with some of my early mentors concerns the part played by prophets and prophecy made today. I do agree though there is a lot of soon to be fulfilled Bible prophecy, some of which I discuss in my book. Where I disagree is that I believe there are prophets today who are genuine, as well as false prophets, and the sign gifts of the Spirit did not die out once the New Testament was complete. For this article, I will place today’s prophets into the following three categories (please excuse my labels).

  1. False prophets (what is a false prophet, I discuss in my book).  
  2. Charismatic prophets – tend to operate in churches that attach importance to the present exercising of the gifts of the Spirit, including prophecy, albeit in most cases when words of prophecy are given, these relate specifically to the ministry of the church.
  3. Political prophets – (incorporating those who prophesied a Trump second term as President) believing God speaks into the affairs of men and what is going to happen in the world.

I have discovered some / many in the second group who do not recognise some / many in the third group as true prophets. I ponder on reasons why and suggest there are salutary lessons to learn. I think part of the reason is how they see the world, e.g. while it is bad but Trump being God’s wrecking ball etc., “give us a break” or piously pronouncing God is above politics and it is an area the Lord’s people should avoid. But when some of these folk call out the political prophets, saying they must apologise for getting it wrong, one cannot help wonder why they say nothing about the assorted wickedness these prophets were calling out. As for those who hang on the words of these political prophets, they could be succumbing to the response of some back in the days of the Hebrew prophets and gravitating to those prophets who say what you want to hear?

At least, all sides should reflect in meek humility, including being fixated on the Almighty and not Trump, the prophets or the Christian commentators, and loving them who disagree. As for the political prophets, there are considerable variations and emphases in their prophesies, which often covered much more than Trump’s re-election, including how they come by them, whether by dreams, visions etc., and what are the pure words of the Lord and what are the extrapolations of where this might lead, which I am not going to cover here. A common thread is Trump will get a second term and is God’s instrument (aka Jehu or Cyrus) to help bring about his purposes, including holding back the tide of evil, draining the swamp, supporting an awakening to the things of God, i.e. revival. But then the question is begged – what if anything went wrong?

I remember once being impressed by a word from Billy Graham that we should view and respond to events going on in the world with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. We do so because we have a duty to be informed, to pray and to do good in the world. But as I discovered in later years, mainstream media often cannot be trusted. As for alternative media, often it is tied in with conspiracy theories which may well be no go areas. That may leave us in limbo and is one reason I have been drawn to the political prophets, but always I attach a health warning (see above and below).

Many have pontificated on how we should respond to the political prophets, especially if of the view they had misled their hearers, and may do so cruelly. I confess to a certain grating as I see ignorance and arrogance among many Christian leaders concerning those of us who have been misled. I so wanted to tell them they were wrong and needed to repent but then I realised it is not about me but it is all about Him. There is no shortage of reading material. Latest to come my way are: “After the prophecies failed – ministering to the Christians who believed them” by Michael Brown and “Biblical explanation of what really happened between the Prophets, Church and US election” by Mario Murillo, each giving credible alternative perspectives. While I do not fully agree with either of them, I found both their insights helpful.

I tried to do all the right things in the light of political prophecies, including those in the list below. I acknowledge, while I have given credence to the words spoken from this group, believing once it became evident that Biden was to become President that this would be overturned somehow by a miracle of God, it is with regret I wrongly believed that a miracle would have happened by now, although I suspect there is a lot going on in the background we do not see. I know some who are hurting because their hopes of a Trump win have been raised and then dashed.

I confess to sharing some of those sentiments, although I am still believing Trump will come back sometime soon as President, because victory in the election had been stolen from him and because God honours his true prophets. I do not believe God has spoken a word of prophecy concerning Trump to me but because of how I view the world, the state of the Church, God’s heart to bless and to save, and what is on my heart, I am inclined to stand with those political prophets who are still prophesying Trump will get a second term. It will not be how we think and like Jonah with Nineveh, Elisha with Jehoash, it could turn out a lot differently. As ever, the Lord honours those who faithfully respond to His call.

In concluding, I suggest the following points for consideration:

  1. God has not rescinded the gift of prophecy or the office of prophet
  2. We must test and weigh all prophecy and we must watch and pray
  3. We must not put our trust and hope in prophets or Christian leaders or Trump, but rather in Almighty God
  4. God is not mocked and His ways cannot be withstood
  5. The king’s heart is in God’s hands – the good ones and the bad
  6. God acts both in mercy and in judgement
  7. God works in mysterious ways in time frames that are not ours
  8. God has a particular interest in and gives special attention to His Church and Israel
  9. God hears and answers the prayers of His people who call on Him and is more concerned with those who suffer than we ever can be
  10. America is exceptional, but only because of its godly heritage
  11. The election was stolen and there is huge corruption underlying and associated with the steal.
  12. Trump will serve a second term as President, just as these political prophets have foretold.


2 thoughts on “Trump prophecies – theological and personal perspectives

  1. Paul Fox says:

    1 to 9 yes but not 10,11,or12. Israel ? The Israeli Government does not keep to Gods Laws. They steal the Palestinian Peoples land, to build settlements , roads, and a Wall on their land. Destroy their houses, their livelyhood,cut down their olive trees, and imprisons their children.

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