Trumpwatch 46 – the end of the beginning

Where do we begin?

Those, who like me have been carefully following happenings around Trump ever since he threw his hat into the 2016 US Presidential race (check out here for my thoughts), may be feeling not a little shell shocked with President Biden having just been inaugurated, and after it a much lauded speech, and already setting about implementing an agenda that threatens to dismantle much of what Trump has managed to achieve and, if he had won the 2020 election, would be well placed to build on, achieving so much more (arguably in much the same way as when Trump took over from Obama four years earlier). Just one example relates to big tech censorship of “conservative” voices – Biden looks as if he will be inviting some of these very villains onto his team to forge policy – and where do we begin when it comes to abortion, immigration, religious freedom, LBGTQ+ agenda, Iran, China, climate change?

Of course “won” is disputed, as I have pointed out in my last five Trumpwatch episodes, but as far as what those, who most agree call the shots, are concerned, Biden won, and woe betide those who have the temerity to suggest any differently. So as Trump flies off into the sunset a little earlier to plot his next actions, we picture Biden sitting at the desk a day before that was occupied by his predecessor, signing executive orders to reverse the reverse. In the meantime, one more kindly detractor asks what has happened to the Red Sea moment I said was coming. Another counsels me to move on. As for Trump supporters, one pronounces that the Almighty has acted in judgment and we can only expect the worse from now on and another has declared he would take a complete break from “it all” for a few days, not watching or reading anything further on this subject until then, to re-focus his mind and heart on the Lord.  

There is a time to every purpose under heaven, time to move on and not move on, a time to speak and not speak etc. and always there is a time to watch and pray, test and weigh etc. I have been taken to task by my lack of forensic analysis (and I hold my hands up), but since I support Trump (or to be more accurate – what Trump stands for) I feel at least something needs to be said. While I need to reflect more, examine the detail of the Kraken (which I am convinced shows industrial scale election fraud and all sorts of stuff done by the bad guys) and read stuff that typically does not get reported in mainstream media, this is my stake on the ground. In my case, I have been invited to apologise. As well as predicting the good guys in this ongoing saga have reached a Red Sea moment, I have also posted to the effect that I await (and am still waiting btw) for the Fat Lady to sing, the dominos to fall and the dam to burst.

I do not apologise other than having been too prescriptive as to what I think will happen and focussing more on what I want in terms of Trump’s re-election than the glory and honour of the Lord, who ever works in His way and according to His timetable, who except in rare circumstances does not reveal the precise details of what He is going to do, even to His beloved prophets. As Paul wrote in his much-loved words concerning the importance of love: “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part” 1 Corinthians 13:9. While he has not told me directly, having tested the prophets, I am inclined to the view that Trump will serve a second term. If that does NOT happen, only then will I apologise. While I would like the quiet life and get back to writing books, I intend to continue to share what I see.

Talking about prophets, the text quoted below came to me as a powerful corrective. I am finding that people like me, who claim to have been red-pilled and audaciously pronounce to all and sundry that a world under Biden, should he had won the presidency legitimately, would be a rather sinister one, tend to receive a lot of flak, including from respected Christian leaders. It is hard to take of course but although I don’t claim to be a modern Jeremiah, I admire the guy and am inspired by his life and ministry including doing what God told him to do at the beginning – toughen up. As for conspiracy, these words conveyed by Isaiah when the Assyrians were looking to conquer the kingdoms of Israel and Judah (only eventually succeeding with the former), hit the nail on the head. We should not be chasing conspiracy theories but we should be fearing (dreading even) God. If we can’t rely on Fake News and conspiracy theories, methinks there has to be a role here for the prophets.

Having thought that good sense and justice would prevail and, at various junctures between November 3rd and January 20th, the claim of a Biden win would have surely been overturned by any number of avenues and agencies, I write now knowing that has proved not to be the case. Today, wherever I look, I see people, often good and well meaning, celebrating a Biden win on top of creatures emerging from the swamp I did not expect. I am bemused Christian leaders of good standing have been had. While in the natural I would love to tell these folk – “I told you so”, I suspect the Lord has more nobler purposes in biding His time. There is a lot out there suggesting how this will be overturned, including use of the military, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole. All I can say, and I do so in part encouraged by the prophets, is that justice will be done, truth will be revealed, Trump will regain the presidency. What is more, it will be the Church’s great opportunity to win souls for Christ.

If asked what has been Trump’s greatest achievement, it would be along the lines that here was a billionaire that understood what the establishment did not understand – the frustrations and fears of common folk who felt forgotten and bamboozled. Moreover, despite his multitudinous faults, he has managed address those concerns and expose the swamp, especially this past two and a half months, which goes far further than election fraud. I am convinced Trump is the Lord’s modern-day Cyrus to help drain it. How, is not for me to know, other than it will start with a “Red Sea” moment”. In 1939 Britain stood facing a dastardly foe and with little hope in the natural, and God raised up Churchill. Similarly, God has raised up Trump and, while my views on biblical eschatology sees Satan’s kingdom arising, we may also be seeing the end of the beginning.  


2 thoughts on “Trumpwatch 46 – the end of the beginning

  1. Avril says:

    Let’s stand in faith & see what God will do. The times & seasons are in Gods hands. How any Christian can vote for Biden when he intends extending the abortion laws to birth and beyond I totally fail to understand. Don’t forget it’s not over til it’s over & it’s not over yet whatever folk may think . I’ll send you some encouraging links

  2. Paul Fox says:

    Trump will be rather busy with court cases. There is the Hush money paid to Karen Mc Dougal. Then the Tax and Bank fraud investigation. Next is the Real-Estate Fraud for inflating his property to secure loans. Followed by “Emolument” gaining profit when holding public office. Remember the sexual misconduct lawsuits that he will now have to face. Last but not least is this niece Mary Trump has a lawsuit about him cheating her out of her inheritance. So there is a lot to keep him being President again, and then there money in Lawyers fees. Obama nor Biden had any of these trouble. They are good and honest men.

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