Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back

Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back

Let’s face it – for those of us who believed Donald J Trump was the Lord’s anointed to drain the swamp, it has been a rollercoaster ride – from despair, after seeing the clearly stolen election on November 4th being upheld by the fake inauguration of sleepy Joe on January 20th and then to note without surprise how bad he is actually doing (if Sean Hannity is to be believed) to the revelation of how evil the swamp really is, which we now see as a worldwide thing run by a tiny cabal of a few families and their lieutenants intent on global domination and into child trafficking, robbing from and trying to enslave the masses, adopting a divide and rule strategy, played out, among other places, in the dumbed down churches, and all sorts of wickedness, which before Trump we were barely aware of. Mercifully, in the game of 5D chess being played out, DJT and the “white hats” have got it all covered and now we are waiting God’s timing for them to act. Signs are it will be very soon and if Mr MyPillow is to be believed Trump will be back as President (not of a bankrupt, discredited US Corporation but of a restored, headed by the good guys US Republic) by August – and I for one can’t wait!

I feel a lot better these days for not following mainstream media that only added to fear and anxiety in its reporting and revealing itself as more and more fake by the day, by not covering truly what really matters (e.g. Trumps two recent amazing uplifting rallies and anti-lockdown rallies in London) and glossing over how bad the actions of the bad guys really are. Instead, I follow the political prophets on the likes of Elijah Streams and Richard’s Watch and my refreshing new age discovery, Charlie Ward (my early spiritual mentors would have called out as being unsound), yet who in the main “gets it” (it being what is truly going on) and tells me important stuff I don’t get elsewhere (guys like that, there are many of them, deserve praise).

For examples of the sort of reporting we are unlikely to find in mainstream media that is pertinent to what is going on then check out “US Military Situation Update Of Today’s 11:30 PM (July 7, 2021)” and [7/8/21] MICHAEL JACO AND NICHOLAS VENIAMIN EXCLUSIVE TODAY MORNING BREAKING NEWS” and there is loads more – many of which will likely be consigned to the basket of deplorables by my “sensible” Christian friends and comes with a health warning as (I have discovered) following too much can make one bitter and twisted. As for Trump, after a season of relative quiet, he is becoming more in your face – the most recent example is him leading a class action suit against Facebook, Twitter and Google and their CEOs. Then there are the audits that this time appear to be truly forensic and reveals what he has known all along (and had covered anyway), starting with Arizona, extending to other states, e.g. “PA Asks For Forensic Election Audit – Creative Destruction Media”.

Meanwhile the Corona scam continues and, as far as the UK goes, it looks far from over and, as for July 19th, the date given for lifting of restrictions, my own view is if Covid lockdown measures do end then, it will be at a cost to our freedom, since the plot is to keep us locked down permanently and an agenda that includes depopulation and enslavement, in order to bring about the bad version of the Great Reset and keep Trump out. And while the fortunes per se of Trump are neither here nor there, this is linked and with it comes the good version of the Great Reset and one wonders if the Corona nightmare may then soon end. As I noted in my last Trumpwatch post, good Christian folk who understand something of the evil forces seeking to gain control of the world are divided on which reset it is going to be. I have given my opinion on which I think it will be but, whether good or bad, we need to put our trust in God, remain faithful and hopeful (I confess, even as I write this, I wrestle with the demons of despair), and to test and weigh, watch and pray. Of course, there is the issue of a fractured church and longed for by many revival to consider – a subject for a future post, but in the meantime let’s fix our eyes on Jesus and humbly walk with God.  


3 thoughts on “Trumpwatch 49 – he’s coming back

  1. John Hymus says:

    Well done, clearly summarised and accurately put, John. Thanks for your encouragement – as always. With you all the way.

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