Trumpwatch (48)

It is quite understandable, for those who follow my blogging, that my Trump watching has appeared to have dried up of late, with my last posting (click here) being over two months ago.

This would seem reasonable for someone regarded as yesterday’s man (and some may say – thank goodness) with mainstream media saying precious little about Trump related goings on, or when it does, it is as pertaining to the ramblings of a sore loser. One can only begin to wonder what he is getting up to in his Florida? hideaway and what he is actually plotting. O to be a fly on the wall – but then you could say that for the world of Biden, if indeed it is the real Joe who gets wheeled out from time to time. If it isn’t MSM who lie, it is the alternative media, who peddle conspiracy theories.

Yet the Donald does pronounce, often bigly if one were to read between the lines, for example concerning the ongoing saga of how the result of the stolen election of now over six months ago might be overturned, with all sorts of things happening in Arizona – not that we would know what is really happening from MSM, other than suggestions plus (and depending on which side you are on) that there is a mammoth battle between the adopt the status quoers (i.e. Joe won fair and square) or the result was a monumental fraud, and Sidney Powell’s (we have the Kraken) will soon be proven right beyond all reasonable doubt, and after overcoming massive resistance, including of all places, the Supreme Court. Arguably, when the Arizona domino falls, the rest will follow soon after.

And for us Trump watchers, life goes on and for this one – I see God’s hand at work and, while I can see a glorious end to all this, in the meantime it is a testing and chastening time – but then if He gets all the glory, that is perfectly fine. In the meantime, Christians are divided (in fact it has ever been the case but perhaps more so now we can throw in Covid-19, its aftermath and knock-on effects). There are those (the majority) who couldn’t care less. There are those (representative of the woke and asleep brigades, who have brought into the “Orange man bad” narrative) who are glad Trump lost and, even if wary of Biden, still think he is the lesser of the two evils. Then there are those who believe Trump did win the November 3rd election. For some, it is a matter of “so what” and/or doesn’t the Bible warn us of perilous end times and we are merely seeing the build up to the reign of the Antichrist before the world ends, and/or we should focus on being faithful. And then there are those (and I include myself here) who believe it does matter. For one thing, it demonstrates there is colossal evil afoot, not just because the election was stolen but wherever we look we see the bad guys ruling the roost (or so they think) and, Trump aside, we want them to be taken down. For another, whenever God gave a word to His prophets it came to pass, even in ways we didn’t expect. While disappointed Trump was not inaugurated in January 20th, I see several silver linings besides God making the church, especially the remnant, more holy. I have been amazed how much evil is being exposed (including the unthinkable) and, while slower than hoped for, people are beginning to wake up to what is happening.

Not that we will know all, at least this side of eternity for, if we did, we could not take it (PTL – He tells us what we need to know, reveals it often slowly, and tells us to trust Him). But back to the two (Trump did win) scenarios: I would like to cite two modern day prophet types: Jonathan Cahn and Johnny Enlow, both preachers I respect but holding different views, referring respectively to King Jehu of Israel and King Cyrus of Persia. Cahn sees Trump as a Jehu type figure who was anointed by God to drain the swamp of his day. While Trump did so much in his four years as President, that was effectively the end of it. I find such a view difficult to swallow. While it is true, he did give the good guys and Christian types a four years respite from what could have happened if Hillary (the witch Jezebel) were elected in 2016, but failing to capitalise on their opportunity, there are many of the Lord’s people who have stood strongly for righteousness and truth, and paid a price – and we have just begun. I agree, the swamp started to drain but the evil cabal controlling it, while exposed, were far from defeated. It is true many good people were asleep, including the church and its leaders, but what we are seeing by the day is the swamp is far deeper than what almost anyone could imagine in 2016. While Trump started to do the job he was divinely mandated to do (like Jehu), his job is far from over.

A view of what is actually happening right now can be found by checking out the Charlie Ward website. There is a lot more offering similar views but Charlie is the one I tend to check out, despite reservations. God has not called us to be obsessed with alternative news or conspiracy theorists (depending on which side of the fence you are) but He has called us to watch and pray and this is what I am doing. While some of the stuff Charlie comes out with, I cannot prove, that which I can, I have been found to be true. Charlie believes we are seeing a pantomime being played out and, while Biden is president, it is only in name and it is not the real Biden we see. The military are in control and conducting tribunals concerning the bad guys as I write. In fact: Biden, the Pope, Bill Gates, George Soros and Hillary Clinton (to name but a few) have all been taken out and actors have taken their place. The military are biding their time when to formally announce what is truly taking place (for it will send shock waves) and, when they do, it will mean Trump resuming as President, the evil cabal exposed and a global financial reset.

Readers can take the previous paragraph with a pinch of salt. I offer it as a good as any explanation to what is happening right now. It brings me to my second prophet: Johnny Enlow. Enlow comes in what I described on Chapter 21 of my Prophets of the Bible book in the political prophet category, the very group being given a hard time by some wanting to see right checks and balances in the modern prophetic movement – which I wrote about under Prophetic Statement. Many in this group prophesied Trump would get a second term as President, which is yet to happen. As far as some of their detractors go, they need to own up to the fact they were wrong and repent. The likes of Mark Taylor and Kim Clement have predicted a second Trump presidency long before it happened first time round, and even, back to the 1980s, it was a Catholic priest who prophesied that Trump would become President, as well as other remarkable happenings. As I often say: test and weigh what is said – and it isn’t just me saying it – the Bible says so too.

Enlow is a recent discovery. I found his insights into “Babylon has fallen” (Revelation 17,18) helpful. In fact, there is a lot happening now that touches on what yet to be fulfilled Bible prophecy says, e.g. the One World government and the Mark of the Beast. Going back to my two groups of “Trump won it” preachers. One believes the fact that despite winning He was cheated and for the time, up to when Christ returns, cheats will appear to prosper. This all indicates we are now moving soon in to the Great Tribulation period, which precedes Christ returning to planet earth. For Cahn, the best we can expect is to be like the faithful remnant in the Days of Elijah, who God will honour despite the growing tide of evil. The other group, including Enlow, believe in a Divine Reversal and a variant on the good as opposed to bad Great Reset discussed in another of my writings. An important aspect of this thinking is that evil will be checked for a season and there will be great revival. Pertinent here is he sees Trump as a Cyrus type figure. It was Cyrus that facilitated the return on Israel from captivity in Babylon to their promised land. As far as Enlow is concerned that includes completing the job of draining the swamp, the very task which God chose, as unlikely as it may seem, Trump to carry out. One more thought – one of the great heroes of the Bible was David. He was an adulterer and a murderer and yet he was a man after God’s own heart. He alone was up for tackling Goliath just as Trump was for draining the swamp.

I think I have said enough for now. I have no doubt there will be more developments – soon and big, so watch this space. Don’t put your trust in Trump or the prophets you happen to agree with etc., but rather in the Lord – and do what the prophet told us we need to do over two and half thousand years ago. God is preparing His people so that they can do exploits – do not be left out!

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