Christians awake; Christians awoke

Christians awake; Christians awoke

I want to talk about two trends I see influencing the professing church (including many who are part of the real Church, i.e. true followers of Jesus): Christian (lack of) awakism and Christian awokism. Some of what I share may appear confrontational, but my main intentions are conciliatory and to get people thinking.

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook (where I describe myself as a “a gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall”) or read my regular blogs, which is about anything to do with Donald Trump to Donald Duck and all and sundry in-between, I am in what was once referred to as a Christian layman (i.e. not in leadership) with biblically orthodox views, who is politically neutral (i.e. I don’t like Republicans nor Democrats; Conservatives nor Labour). I am soon to reach my three score and ten years allocation; I have physical handicaps these days (and some will say mental ones too). I follow world events, although less so on mainstream media these days because it lies. I was and still am active in the community (having been able to engage and often work with all sections of the community over the years) and have, in my time, associated with Christians of all shades. I write today because of two disturbing trends I see in the church, where my speaking out has put me at odds with many, including fellow Christians, over and above what has traditionally divided Catholics, Liberals and Evangelicals. But truth spoken in love is never wasted, and if it is not me then who?

I recall a little while back upsetting a theologically orthodox Christian minister friend of mine by saying I thought most Christian ministers were asleep (and implied that included him) to what is going on in our culture and as a result we are not in a too dissimilar situation when the Nazis rose to power in 1930’s Germany, with the support of some of the church and the lack of opposition by much of the rest. As to what I believe is going on, it is not my intention to go over this – just go to my website! Catching up on news of the latest conspiracy theory (or fact depending on how you see it) can be a full-time occupation. My latest is “2010 Australian x factor winner Altiyan Childs exposes freemasonry” – but this one is five hours and while worth watching is a good example of why we need to be wise how we spend our time. Whether or not you think it is freemasons or some other manifestation of the Black Hat Brigade that has many leading world figures under their thumbs, nefariously running the world – it still leads to what the Bible tell us is the case – the Devil. If end time Bible prophecy is to be believed, we will see its fulfillment and we are already beginning to do so, e.g. Mark of the Beast, Mystery of Babylon, One World government.

What I would like to say to fellow Christians, especially ministers, is that I can accept you don’t feel you are called to come to a view whether the recent US Presidential election was stolen or the Corona crisis was manufactured or whether avoidable man-made climate change is a myth or media and societal leaders lie or there is a global conspiracy led by a tiny powerful cabal who are intent on enslaving humanity or of the twenty million children worldwide who go missing each year many are trafficked by elite Satanists, and a lot more besides – but please don’t get taken in by the lies the majority accept, just because they are told, and get off your holy high horses, piously putting down those of us who warn, and do what will get you my full support – preach the gospel (using words if necessary).

When I did my customary Google search, I found: “Woke is a term that refers to awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice”.  In a way, that is a good thing and it is this awareness that back in the day led me to venture out of my theologically conservative ghetto to becoming a community activist. But I have noted a woke mentality taking over the church, especially among Baptist ministers. I would like to think, like me, theirs is a reaction to church inaction and a desire to address real social issues so prevalent around us and uses as an example the Gospel record of Jesus’ three year of ministry.  It is also about theological error.

When a friend recently quoted his Baptist minister friend to the effect that graduates of Spurgeon’s College are left of Karl Marx, it matched what I have seen in their churches and ironically too given the founder of Spurgeon’s College, C.H.Spurgeon (1834-1892), was as conservative and orthodox, theologically speaking, as you could find!  Notions of critical race theory, white supremacy etc. have more to do with Marx than Jesus. My spies who frequent these places tell me that hardly a word is said about the three things the Holy Spirit is sent to convict the world of: sin, righteousness and judgment. And while there is a place to consider the plight of the immigrants, including LBGT folk and running foodbanks and homeless shelters etc., what about abortion, religious freedom and Biblical views on sexual orientation and identity etc.?

We live in interesting and challenging days. One of the benefits of life under Covid restrictions is it has been a time for God to purify His people so He can use them – especially to reach a world that needs his righteousness, love, truth etc. My point is not to claim spiritual one upmanship. I am on a journey as much as any and am learning all the time. I am merely a “watchman on the wall”.

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” Micah 6:8

And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness” Malachi 3:3.


2 thoughts on “Christians awake; Christians awoke

  1. Laura Davila says:

    Very interesting topics, I am reading the last entries. Download the second edition pdf of The Prophets of the Bible. I am from Mexico and I am using Google translate to read. Thank you so much.

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