Local Elections 2021 – The Results (2)

Local Elections 2021 – The Results (2)

Having reflected on the election results of my own town Southend (see here), I can now turn further afield as most of the results are now in. I woke up to two disappointments: Nicola Sturgeon did well in Scotland and Sadiq Khan was re-elected in London. These were, in my view, wrong choices as they are not the right people to lead the people, but the people have decided – and that is democracy.

But the big headline is that the trend that was tiggered by the Hartlepool by-election result, where the Conservatives overturned a Labour majority, was to continue. This has been shown in the number of seats Conservatives have won, that were previously held by the opposition, showing similar patterns to Southend, at least as far as England goes. One imagines that Boris is a happy man today, unlike Keir. Just like in Scotland where we have seen the SNP doing well (although not quite enough for an overall majority in the Scottish assembly), we have seen Labour doing well in Wales.

A word should be said concerning the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PCFC) which again saw the Conservatives doing well and without the Independent presence as before (a shame). My own county, Essex, was typical. The Conservatives won with an outright majority, followed by Labour and Liberal Democrats, in much the same numbers as if it had been a General Election. Interestingly, 10% voted for the English Democrat candidate, showing at least some dissatisfaction with the present candidates, where (I should imagine) most voters knew next to nothing about them.

No doubt, in the next few days and months even, those interested in doing so will be analysing the implications of these election outcomes. Parties will be making adjustments – Labour already has begun by sacking its deputy leader. But what the results are telling me is that people have yet to wake up. These days I tend not to blog on British politics – I find the subject too depressing, but I make exceptions come election time. One of my more significant recent blogs has the title: “Which “Great Reset” is it going to be then?” I hope it will be the good version that exposes and would deal with so much evil, rather than the bad, which is set to enslave humanity and give more power to the cabal that wishes to do so.  

This is not mere conspiracy theory – check out what certain spokespeople, like Prince Charles, have to say, and read my blogs when it comes to the alternatives. Electing the likes of Sturgeon’s people and Sadiq Khan tells me people have yet to wake up to what is truly going on in the world and it shines further light on the need for people to do so. (Along with Boris, they are just the type of people the evil cabal want in power.) But then again, our trust must not be in flawed humanity but it should be in the Lord (who is in complete control, including kings) and in his Word.


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