Israel, India and the C of E – stories in the news

Israel, India and the C of E – stories in the news

I was recently taken to task by a friend for NOT writing about Israel (Palestinian conflict), India (Corona) and the Church of England (sacking of a chaplain) in my recent forays into the blogosphere. The truth is: I have written about all these subjects, but not recently. I also post and comment on these subjects on Facebook. As for now, I intend to write here about these, albeit not in great depth.

I agree, all what is happening at this time raises concerns and merit coverage (and prayer). But we can’t deal with everything that comes our way and one chooses subjects according to interest, knowledge and what one seeks to do when one writes. As for my friend’s three subjects: I am definitely interested; I know a fair bit but not enough to feel fully confident; and at this time my non-Bible exposition writings are focused on the Great Reset (it will happen and it will be either the good or the bad version) of which my two main recent writing interests (following Brexit): the US Election steal and the Covid-19 hoax are part of that bigger story that is playing out before those with eyes to see, as are these subjects I am about to discuss. As for my raison d’etre for writing, it is to wake people up, to connect the dots as never before and help them to prepare for the future, and especially to encourage them to trust God.


If you want to know what I really think about Israel, especially where it fits in with God’s plans: past, present and future read my book: Prophets of the Bible, and especially chapter 17 where I consider modern day Israel. I am conscious, when it comes to the violent upheavals affecting the Palestinians living in the land of Israel, people are strongly divided when it comes to taking a view, but no-one can deny innocent people have suffered, and right now peacemakers appear to be in short supply. Even for someone like me, who believe the Jewish people should be able to live peaceably in Israel and defend themselves against the hatred of their enemies, I suspect faults on the Israel as well as Palestinian side. I am aware of arguments from both sides; I suspect most want to live in peace. In my time, I have tried to engage with all and sundry from the Israel can do no wrong brigade to the drive Israel into the sea one. I continue to watch and pray, especially for the peace of Jerusalem.


In the last month, three long term Indian evangelist friends of mine have died (with at least two it was Covid related) as well as other Indian folk I know or know of. I therefore declare an interest. I note the cries of anguish from trusted sources concerning the recent sharp increase of Covid-19 cases. For some, it only goes to justify more lockdown (something I have opposed and continue to do so – check out my recent blogs) and, unsurprisingly, mainstream media continue to milk the fear factor. Interestingly, when the story broke, another story – of a million protestors in London against lockdown measures and vaccine passports was NOT reported. The India situation is distressing and dire – especially as their medical infrastructure cannot cope with the increase case load. I don’t have answers; I value the aid that is given; I pray for my pastor and evangelist friends who are often on the front line when it comes to supporting people affected and I continue to watch and pray.    

C of E

The headline I am referring to is “School chaplain reported to terrorist watchdog and forced out of job for sermon on identity politicsand you can read the story here. My two penneth, from what I can make out is the chaplain concerned, Rev. Dr Bernard Randall, did nothing wrong. Not only did he teach a biblical approach to matters LBGT and as a corrective to the error of identity politics, which as chaplain seemed a reasonable thing to do, but he encouraged the pupils to question. What is not acceptable is the action taken and the silence of the C of E hierarchy. What is concerning is the direction society is taking that this man was reported as a terrorist and fired. Given others stories of preachers being arrested for preaching and moves to stop those trying to convert others, this is a sign of what is to come and we would be right to be concerned and again to: watch and pray.

The exhortation to “watch and pray” has featured in all three stories. There is a lot more that can be said and much I do not know and some we are not expected to know. We are where we are; the spiritual war between the armies of darkness and light continue and intensify, and we need to know which side we are on; we have to make the best use of a situation I wrote about in my meditations on the Book of Ecclesiastes – that is how life is when it is lived (as most people do) under the sun. As the people of God, we do well to heed the Preachers final words: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil” Ecclesiastes 12:13,14.


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