Prophets of the Bible – the Second Edition

Prophets of the Bible – the Second Edition

I have recently sent off the text and cover for the second edition of “Prophets of the Bible” to my local printer and expect to have copies of the book available to distribute by the end of next week.

If anyone in the UK who wishes to obtain a copy (460 pages), the RRP is £15 (and I will send, with free P&P, on request). You can collect your copy from me personally (assuming you are nearby) or through Southend Christian Bookshop (assuming you are local), but anyone, anywhere will soon be able to order copy(s) online.

I will be uploading this to Ingram (replacing the first edition) so people can get their own copy through various outlets, such as Amazon (and given they get it half price, they may offer discounts – it also means that, after taking into account printing costs, unless an author sells many copies, he will not come close to breaking even).

You can get your own electronic version (for personal use only) …

Click here for a (free) electronic download (PDF) of the text of this book.

Click here for a (free) electronic download (PDF) of the cover of this book.

The first edition was released in September 2020. It was my Corona Lockdown project (and a lifetime reflecting on the subject), and my attempting to write about the title on the cover – “Prophets of the Bible and their prophecies… understanding God’s ways”. The intention was to helpfully reflect on the life and work of all the Prophets of the Bible (well-known, little-known and unknown) and others, who through their words or deeds, I considered spoke or acted prophetically, and discuss their significance.

The second edition allowed me a second bite of the proverbial cherry. The changes are significant and meant the size of the book grew by a third. It meant I could correct typos and other errors, improve presentation and include stuff I thought would be helpful, omitted first time, and adding four new chapters, including on major Bible doctrines and characters, and some additional appendices. The main addition, however, and the one that is the most controversial, especially for a book intended primarily as pure exegesis, was relating current events and modern-day prophecy.

Like most authors, I hope people read what I write, because (imho) it matters and I want people to know and is part of my legacy. More importantly, I want to encourage those who are seeking to better understand God’s ways, specifically the role of the Bible prophets and the significance of their prophecies, as set out in the Bible.




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