The Rapture, Political Prophets and the Lord’s Prayer

The Rapture, the Political Prophets and the Lord’s Prayer

Before I get going and introduce my three subjects and why they are connected to each other, please be aware a lot of the background to what I am about to say has already been given in my previous writings, links given below. For the sake of succinctness (not my natural forte, I know), I need to cut to the chase, so here goes …

The Rapture

This is the term given to the notion that before Christ returns to planet earth, those who are true followers of Him will be taken from the earth to be with Him. Then before He does return, there will be a seven-year period (Daniels missing week, as detailed in Revelation 6-19), called the Great Tribulation, when the Antichrist reigns. This teaching was widespread in my own early Plymouth Brethren upbringing. When the gospel was preached, and it was – often, along with inviting sinners to repent and follow Jesus, it was done with the warning that this could be their last opportunity, for who knows – said sinner could be dead and facing eternal judgment before another opportunity were to be given, or if not dead – true believers would have been raptured and the rest left behind – and it could happen at any time. There was many a child, when hearing that they could be left behind because their parents had been raptured, decided there and then to give their heart to Jesus. Somewhat simplistic, I know, but there is a lot to unpack in this rapture teaching, which for one thing tried to explain the place of unbelieving Jews (a problem much of the church never managed to crack), who are still God’s special people. The picture painted here is somewhat simplistic; as well as there being major ramifications, such as how those who expect to be raptured should spend their time before that happy event. Besides which, and I say this by way of introduction to my next two subjects and noting we are in the end times and unfulfilled Bible prophecy is being and is about to be fulfilled. After all, the one world government (ref. UN Agenda 2030), the Mark of the Beast (ref. Covid vaccination passports as a precursor), Babylon the Great (the giant, exploitative, global economic and financial system, being exposed now as I write) and of course the Israel enigma, are happening in my generation in a way my now dead spiritual mentors could never have foreseen.  

Political Prophets

Political Prophets, who I talk about in my book, are an interesting bunch and a necessary one (which my heavenly father recognised and is why He appointed them to start with). It is not my intention to elaborate much on what they are saying, other than a few thoughts on why I am grateful they are around and to add my usual test and weigh caveat. Never before, in this past year, and in the build up in the few years before, have I seen so many dots being joined as to what really is happening in the world, which begs the question – now we know, how do we respond. It would be easy for me to resign myself, like some of my spiritual mentors, that the black hats will be in the ascendancy until such time Christ returns and, before things get really bad, I will be raptured and, in the meantime, I need to get on being holy, loving my neigbour and preaching the gospel, and not get too embroiled with the world. Besides rejecting some of my early teaching, I am intrigued by what many of today’s political prophets are saying, besides Trump will get a second term (and the only reason it seems not to be happening now is because of the evil cabal who tried to steal the election back in November, yet as each day passes are being seen for who they are and will be outed or out themselves). The message is: this cabal will be brought down and there will be a time of a Great Awakening; a Divine Reversal and Global Harvest if you will. When a friend was sent a link to a video arguing that Covid-19 vaccine roll out was a bad thing, his response was along the lines: “I doubt very much that any of our agencies would wear this. Conspiracy theories may well abound, but the simple fact is that God is in control. We do not fear the virus, just simply take precautions, it’s called common sense!” I suspect this responder was not even a member the woke brigade that these days dominate the public face of the professing church, but rather a sincere believer who is resigned to accept the official narrative. As I have argued, this is a dangerous position that will lead to tyranny by the evil, satanic cabal, in their lust for power. Going back to the Old Testament, God used His prophets to wake His people up and prepare them. Methinks He is doing so again.    

The Lord’s Prayer

Another observation of recent years is that rather than Christians being drawn closer together, they are being driven further apart, and as never before. The veneer of respectful dissent, and a desire to cooperate and coexist as best we can, is now being taken away, and it isn’t just me saying it, for it is what I am finding all over. It is easy for those in the “we are the remnant” or “we are about inclusion” camps to get on their polarised, holy, high horses, but I don’t think that is God’s will or intention. In the Lord’s prayer (as opposed to the “our Father, who art in heaven” disciple’s prayer), we find the words: “Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me” John 17:20,21. And soon upon Christ’s return, we read: “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints” Revelation 19:7,8. While in recent years, my narrow dogmatism regarding end time events has been dealt a massive blow, it seems to me when Christ does return, it will be for a glorious, empowered church; not a defeated, bickering one. It was, after all, what Jesus prayed for and expected to happen. We are, as they say, living in interesting times, and we who are the Church (followers of Jesus) need to prepare ourselves for His coming, to be that holy bride, doing what he said.

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