Why this Community Activist is NOT taking the Vax

Yesterday, I had interesting exchanges with a number of folk after posting the following meme on my Facebook page, preceded by what I thought was a conciliatory preamble:

People often ask me why don’t I take the vax. My answer is simple – I don’t trust it and the more I discover, the more resolved I am my decision is the right one for me and why I wish to stand with those making similar decisions, sometimes at personal cost. I do not wish to fall out or pressurise any, and is one reason why I add my standard TEST AND WEIGH caveat. Sadly, there is a war going on right now on the sort of great reset it is going to be. One of the age-old strategies used by the black hat version (see my next share) of the Great Reset is DIVIDE AND RULE and there is plenteous evidence such a strategy is working, evidenced by the number of friends I have lost. Don’t go there if you possible can – if we are about to go into recovery mode, it needs to be UNITE AND OVERCOME”.

My motivation for sharing was on the bits of my Facebook page that show up, a number of friends shared they had taken the vax and even changed their personal avatar to indicate the fact. My posting as I did was a mildly mischievous reaction to this and in line with my mission of waking people up and, while I often fail, doing so intelligently and winsomely, for example my “Which “Great Reset” is it going to be then?” blog the day before. What was interesting was the reaction and responses of many, most of who I genuinely regard as friends. There seemed to be either strong agreement or strong disagreement, with little in-between. One friend who took me to task was bemused that given my community activist mantra and our shared past history in such, why I was not doing my bit for the community by taking the vax. My terse response was: “you may find in six months time, with a new variant of the virus and your immune system compromised, those who have been vaxed will be in an even worse position. This community activist is doing his bit because he still supports his community”.

Another friend asked if I would justify my position. My response was: “Fair question and answering it is a big challenge and a potentially huge undertaking to sift through the evidence etc. Not one for a FB thread methinks, especially where feelings run high and opinions polarised.

I have written two blogs on the subject:

  1. 20/02/21 Covid-19 vaccine – to take or not to take?
  2. 19/11/20 COVID-19 VACCINE – should we be concerned?

I am no expert and things have moved on, including my coming across more “killer” data that incline me to be even more in the not to Vax camp. God bless you and may the divide and rule strategy of the bad people with their version of the Great Reset fail”.

I have deliberately resisted the temptation of over-elaborating, mindful that like I intimated to my friend that it would be a nigh full-time undertaking requiring me to go down many rabbit holes – besides which I don’t think that is what the Lord is calling me to do. My Facebook strapline is: “I am a gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall using my page as a reflective diary” and that is what I intend as I live on borrowed time following shortly reaching my three score years and ten allocation. Tempted as I am to discuss the merits or otherwise of conspiracy theories and the fake news put out by mainstream media and big tech social media, I can see, as argued in my last blog, one of two (good and bad) “Great Resets” are in the offing (with reference to the two memes above: one represented by “black hat” leading lights, like Schwab; one by “white hat” leading lights like, of all people, Trump and Putin). About this and the whys and wherefores of Covid-19, and the vaccination agenda and how best to respond, I will this time desist.

In conclusion, I will merely point folk to my website to check out my writings and blogs on these matters and to others who do so better than I, and remind people we know only a small fraction of what is going on and we must look to the Lord and remember it is the truth that sets us free. I regret this subject often brings out the worst in people, when there is so much good that is begging to be done.


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