Charlie Ward and the good “Great Reset”

As many who follow me know, I do NOT trust mainstream media and have a disdain for most of those who control major social media outlets: such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (owned by Google).

So where does one look for information, when the world has gone mad, the bad guys appear to be winning and many good people are suitably dumbed down and go along with the official narrative?

I have been speaking about these matters for a long time now – praised by some and ostracized by others, but I persist and while not in the Noah (of Noah’s Ark fame) league, I am a man on a mission. Time and space do not incline me to go over those points, covering many different angles, that can be checked out on my website. Perhaps, one good article to begin with is: “Which “Great Reset” is it going to be then?” where the bad version of the Great Reset favoured by the global elite, such as Prince Charles, is contrasted with the good version, fronted by “Orange man bad” Donald J Trump, aided by some consigned to the basket of deplorables.

So what is really going on and which variant of the Great Reset is it going to be? The jury is out and certain preachers who I respect believe it to be the bad one that leads to the enslavement of the masses and the coming in of the reign of the Antichrist foretold in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Moreover, certain preachers, who I do not respect, think the Great Reset as advocated in places like the World Economic Forum, will be a jolly good thing and we should simply go along with it. Happily, people are waking up – not that you would know it if MSM is all you follow. For example, yesterday in London there was a demonstration against Lockdown and vaccination passports, which some think involved around one million people – and not a word on the BBC, although this video will give you some idea of what actually took place and why.

So this is where Charlie Ward comes in (check out here for his website). Like Alex Jones and David Icke before him, he is your archetypal conspiracy theorists and since he is branded such, they (the black hats) think they can dissuade the dumbed down masses, aided and abetted by certain Christian leaders and others, for even contemplating following. Before I go on about Charlie – here is a health warning: firstly, there is the human propensity, especially among the skeptical and dissatisfied, to follow the sensational (and you get that with Charlie, who is very laudable, and unlike Alex – is calm and unlike Icky – does not say the Queen is a lizard). Rather, we are to look to the Lord and follow Him alone. And while we are on matters spiritual, I regard Charlie as a new age, syncrenist, Gnostic, all of which is false teaching, theologically speaking.

But I love this guy, who has the balls to speak out against the evil b*****ds (some we know, some we don’t), along with their minions, who are trying to take over the world, kill off many and enslave the rest. Even though I do take some of the things he says with a pinch of salt, I am grateful for his contribution in making the Great Awakening happen. As far as Charlie is concerned, he and those in the fifth dimension (unlike those in the third who see things as our leaders want us to see them, or those in the fourth, who know something is wrong but are not sure what) we are watching a pantomime being played out. For example, Biden has been taken out and the military are in control of the USA and biding their time, given the monumental scale of the evil having taken place (as touched on in my earlier writings) that needs to be dealt with and as for the global financial reset, the Evergreen debacle and the industrial scale child sex trafficking that has taken place etc. – watch his broadcasts. As for Charlie, he believes the white hats are in control and waiting to pounce, firstly waking people up; then there will be a good version of the Great Reset, soon and for all to see.

Charlie, bless him, has had the foresight to recognise putting his stuff via YouTube, for example, is not going to work because the owners of various means for Joe Public etc. to put their stuff out to the wider world are in cahoots with the Black Hats, who have no compunction when it comes to shutting down dissent and claiming the moral high ground. Instead, he has his own website (check out here), with he claims (I do not disbelieve him) 12 million followers, which he updates daily, usually with fascinating stuff, but don’t forget the health and my “test and weigh” warnings if you go there! In the meantime, I watch the proverbial pantomime – not that I do not expect ruptures before it ever gets resolved. I can’t help thinking of what happened to dear Wat Tyler, who led the Peasants Revolt.

But we do live in interesting, indeed perplexing, times, which I have no doubt, and the truth is we don’t know half of what is going on. But I know someone who does, and it ain’t Charlie. My role in the general scheme of things is like the Watchman on the Wall. As the prophet of old said: “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you” Hosea 10:12.


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