Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax”

This is not a blog I wanted to write.

Up to recently, on the subject of viruses and vaccinations, I had no more knowledge than your average man in the street. I have never been anti-vax and have taken my fair share in my time. I like to think I did so because I was convinced concerning the efficacy of taking those vaccinations, something I can’t say about the Covid-19 Vax, whatever variant it be. While I have a degree in science (chemistry) and believe in the “scientific method”, my knowledge of biology did not get to even “O-Level” standard. That began to change from February 2020 when it became evident the Covid-19 outbreak was serious and I endeavoured to find out what was happening.

Even so, my own research has been rudimentary thus far and this against a backdrop of the official view that the affects of the virus are serious, with the measures taken to combat it, e.g. “lockdown” being needed, and government knows best. Then, getting back to normal through taking the vaccination, because the “experts” say that is what we should do, even though many questions remain unanswered. As for them that disagree, especially if they claim some medical expertise, more often than not they are officially ridiculed and discredited. Mainstream media cover up, social media censorship and politicking are such that to find what dissenting voices say is not going to be easy, assuming one is sufficiently not dumbed down (and many sadly are) to want to check these out.  

Ironically, having been accused of lack of community spirit, not doing my bit helping my community getting back to normal, by taking the Covid-19 Vax, following over a year of severe disruption etc. that has had a devastating affect on us all, all because of the Covid-19 virus and even more significantly the measures taken to lessen the effects if taking the vaccine, I am writing this because, rather than having a lack of community spirit, I wanted to warn people and do my “bit”. Sadly, we live in a day (and maybe it has ever been thus) when if you warn people and they (and the “authorities”) don’t like what you say, you are ostracised or worse, and the temptation is to say nothing and go with the flow, even by taking the Vax. I am already seen by some (maybe rightly) as a grumpy old man who has had his day, to be consigned to the societal scrapheap – not helped by lockdown measures that might quicken this, and my warning people, as I did in my recent blog titled: “Why this Community Activist is NOT taking the Vax”, is hardly the way to go about making friends and influencing people.

My main mantra is to be beholden to the truth, and life would be unbearable if I were to be a party to a lie. As it happens, every day I read of some new development in the Covid-19, and now vaccination against Covid-19, saga, and I am inclined to the view that the official narrative is either a lie or is unproven and the course of action, e.g. “vaccination passports”, is now an alarming possibility. I also see good people, some I regard as friends with common sense, not only taking the vaccine but joyfully admitting to all and sundry they have been vaccinated. Without wanting to be melodramatic, if the dissenting voices, some I am about to share, are correct, we are being called to take a vaccine that may do more harm than good, yet with a threat should we choose not to. Like those who demonstrated in London at the weekend (not that you would know if mainstream media is all you follow), I cannot remain silent. Because I care for my community and see it going down a wrong path, I feel I must speak out, even though many sincere people have chosen to be vaccinated and, if I am correct, have put themselves in danger.

As I argue elsewhere, the issues at stake are far greater than whether to take or not take the vaccine. I sense too, we are seeing false flags and there is a war on information, not helped because many recognised outlets for information, as government and mainstream media, do not tell the truth and rely on we the people being dumbed down enough to not question what we are told. Given my interest, due to family and friends connections, and not discounting the seriousness of what is taking place, the sharp recent increase in India Covid cases is a worrying example (but see here for how data can be manipulated to keep us in fear). Those giving alternative views on Covid related subjects are sometimes accused of being conspiracy theorists. One of these is that there is an agenda led by a tiny cabal elite, who are using the “crisis” as a means to divide and rule and thus hasten the time they can enslave humanity. Regardless if this is a correct view, we are seeing people divided on the subject of Covid-19 vaccines etc. I write not wanting to make things worse.  

Everyday, some new, or variation on a theme, revelation comes out. I am going to list a number that have helped to inform my views in recent weeks or at least question the official narrative (along with links), including some proposing alternatives to the vaccine and things we could do for ourselves. I suggest these can be usefully checked out. Because he has helpfully collated some of these, some are from Charlie Ward’s website, although as I am finding there are many places outside mainstream and social media where well qualified people share a view. What I offer is but a small selection and I do so with my normal caveat: “test and weigh” and in the hope it will help to wake people up (which I see already happening):

  1. Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed
  2. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race…”
  3. Genocide Vaccines With Dr Kevin Corbett, Kate Shemirani
  4. Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO & VP, Head with Pfizer Global talks grave concerns about Coronavirus jab
  5. The Shocking Truth By Pro Dolores Cahill & The Vaccine
  6. German Microbiologist: “They Are Killing People With Covid Vaccines” To Reduce World’s Population
  7. David Mahoney Covid- The Truth In How We Got Here & Where We Are Going – Wake Up World
  8. Sodium Chlorine With Dr Robert Young, Alpa Soni

In conclusion, when I first shared my reservations when it came to taking the vaccination, I did so due to the prompting of friends etc. hoping I was wrong. Sadly, concerns have increased and my questions remain largely unanswered by those pushing the vaccines and, if anything, those who are doing the opposite have often spoken more sense. I sense experts are increasingly speaking out and warning against the Vax. If they are correct, then the answer to “Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax”” comes down to risk, which I believe to be too high if you decide to take, whatever “Vax” it happens to be. I wish I can offer words of hope for those who have taken the vax and now having second thoughts but I can’t. I speak for myself as much as any adding there may be alternatives and a healthy diet and lifestyle is something we should all pursue.


3 thoughts on “Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax”

  1. Jackie ullmer says:

    I’ve read your blog but you still haven’t told me why you advise against it.
    Can you give me a reason?
    Apart from the Blood clot issue, which I believe is of no higher risk than taking the contraceptive pill.

  2. But I have Jackie – I have provided eight links and most give good reasons. I will not indulge your laziness. If I try to summarise the Chinese looking German doctor’s argument, it will take me a long time as it is far from simplistic and I doubt I will do it that well. Frankly, I am tired of arguing with people who choose to remain asleep. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I haven you the tools to help you to do so please use them. Respectfully, John

  3. PS I should add, we go back a long time and I regard you as definitely in the good guy camp. I hope and pray the spirit of divide and rule encouraged by the black hats trying to milk Covid will NOT apply in our case.

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