Trumpwatch 51 – Trust The Plan

Trumpwatch 51 – Trust The Plan

It has now been a little over a month ago when I posted my last Trumpwatch episode (Trumpwatch 50 – almost there) and, at the time, I genuinely thought that Trump would very soon be back and recognised as America’s leader, despite most saying it can/will not happen. I had first smelt a rat on the evening of November 3rd and in the days that followed evidence of monumental fraud was revealed as having taken place in the 2020 US Presidential election. I believed then at some point before January 20th the truth will be admitted such that Trump becomes the 46th President of the USA, just as, against the odds, he became the 45th one in 2016. The fact it did not turn out as I hoped or expected is now history but then punditry has never been my strong suit. This is no inconsequential matter. It wasn’t just that Biden would make an awful President, which is now for the world to see, but the ramifications for the world, not just the US, of this fraud, if allowed to continue, is huge. My belief is there is much happening behind the scenes that few (including me) are barely aware off, and there is the unseen battle going on between the forces of darkness and light, and our part as believers in God is to watch and pray and do and be faithful.

I have been adding to my Donald J. Trump ebook from the time he threw his hat into the ring as a contender for the 2016 Presidential race until now, to a point some would claim – it is an obsession, evidenced by the number of blog articles I have posted on the man, for which I do not apologise. In reality, it never was about Trump, although it seemed to be so, but rather the sort of world we want to or might live in. Even, back in 2016, I recognised there was a swamp to drain and I was hopeful that under Trump it will be so, despite his obvious flaws. I saw in him a Cyrus type figure, who in 539 BC conquered the mighty but corrupt power of the time – Babylon, and was described in Isaiah 45 as God’s anointed, and who facilitated the return of Israel from captivity to their promised land. In Trump’s case, his anointing was to expose and deal with the corrupt cabal, with tentacles everywhere, who largely called the shots. But few then, including me, realised how evil and controlling they were, how deep and dirty the swamp was. While his detractors would rather Trump ride off into the sunset or simply drop dead, and he went quiet for a season after Biden was inaugurated as the illegitimate President, has again, as evidenced in recent rallies, been on fire, although not yet the humble and contrite God worshipper some modern day prophets said we ought to expect.

While I was precipitous in predicting an event yet to happen, I was not alone, including among those other “prophets” who predicted that Trump will return, some of which have since recanted. While my recent Prophets of the Bible book was about Bible prophecy, it also considered prophecy today. As for me, the more I research, the more confident I am that the evil cabal that seeks to depopulate and enslave the world (e.g. using Covid-19 vaccines) will be dealt a bitter blow and that Trump will be back as the tip of the spear. There have been positives in this (humanly) disappointing delay: evil and evil doers are exposed on a daily basis, people are waking up to the awfulness of what is going on in the (is it really him) Joe Biden regime as well as the world at large and the Covid-19 phenomena, and Christians (including myself) drawing closer to God. When I subtitled this Trumpwatch episode: “Trust The Plan”, I was being a little ironic (but only a little). It is after all, the catch phrase of QAnon, who if their detractors are to believed are the worst of all the conspiracy theorists. But to God lovers, it relates to how God is at work and (if you believe them and I do) the words of some modern prophets that he will bring Trump back and expose and deal with evil, at least for a season, but integral in all this is to bring about a Great Awakening, when saved souls are ushered into the Kingdom.

If one were to follow mainstream media, it would seem all too depressing for them who share my hopes and expectations. For example, it continually ridicules and worse conspiracy theorists, e.g.The moment QAnon took the person I love most”. As for the Arizona audit, if the results that were announced Friday are discussed at all (it wasn’t on the BBC) it makes claims such as “‘Truth is truth’: Trump dealt blow as Republican-led Arizona audit reaffirms Biden win”. My response is: hold your nerve, don’t listen to Fake MSM, and “trust the plan” (without getting carried away, i.e. keep testing and weighing). As for conspiracy theorists, I recently enjoyed “David Icke On Alex Jones’ Infowars (2021)” and thought these two arch conspiracy theorists spoke a lot of sense. Then there is Charlie Ward with his exposure of elite, satanic child trafficking, takes on Covid-19 and the “vaccines” that challenge the official narrative and the Quantum Financial Reset. As for the audits, listen to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for a different picture of the corruption the audits are starting to quantitively expose, or listen to Mel K, e.g. “Mel With Justice Warriors Patrick Byrne & Jovan Pulitzer On Election Audit Fraud Results 9-27-2021”. Then if you want a prophetic angle on what is going on, check out Richard’s Watch or Elijah Streams. I found “JOHNNY ENLOW: TRUST THE PLAN – A WONDERFUL DAY IS AHEAD!” particularly insightful and enjoyed his exposition of Isaiah 13 and 14 and his comparing the Fall of Babylon under Cyrus with today’s Babylon equivalent. My point is there is a lot out there worth considering, and a lot of it most are unaware of – so do your own research!  

My final word is “Trust The Plan”, but not any old plan, but God’s plan, who puts down and raises up kings, judges wicked doers, vindicates the righteous, hears the cries of His people and of the innocent, desires all men to be saved, does amazing things, sees all, has all under his control and does what He does with perfect timing.


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