Trumpwatch 50 – almost there

Trumpwatch 50 – almost there

There is no doubt, what is happening right now in Afghanistan, with the USA recently withdrawing its troops as well as all-important aid (logistical and financial) to Afghanis who would have been expected to defend against the Taliban insurgents, but are now powerless to do so, and with the Talibans seizing their opportunity and swiftly taking over the country, and with it, catastrophic (actual and potential) consequences, is a huge story with huge implications, with many offering a wide range of views, which I will get to presently.

One friend suggested after I posted a hard-hitting article on my Facebook page commentating on what was going on in Afghanistan that it might be time for another Trumpwatch episode, because although Trump is no longer in power (or is he?) the issue of Trump “coming back” and happenings right now in Afghanistan are related. How related, who can say (unless one is a prophet or a “conspiracy theorist” party to knowledge you don’t find on the BBC or CNN – a pertinent point in these considerations). At the time, I declined, because I felt Trump was very soon coming back as the “in charge” (of who knows what exactly and who knows who to assist him) would be imminent (although I have been saying that ever since the November 3rd stolen election and have witnessed several dashed hopes and false dawns; and have learned to be patient). I felt, I should reserve my fiftieth Trumpwatch installment to coincide with such an eventuality. But I had second thoughts, partly brought about due to comments in response to a post I shared in a Facebook group I am a member of, comprising sincere Christians who are mainly on the same page as me theologically speaking, one of whose mains concerns is the Corona pan(scam)demic. The title of the post was “The next Great Awakening”, where I argued people are waking up, and it is quite possible, indeed likely, we will be seeing a huge worldwide spiritual revival around the same time as the “White Hat” version of the Great Reset, with Trump’s return to office as a factor. I received some supportive but also dissenting comments along the lines “the Great Awakening” is a great deception (which Jesus had said would happen) and Trump is a bad man with a long record of conning people, who promised to drain the swamp and had failed to do so. Here is an edited version of one of my replies:

I have been reading with interest your reply and the articles by Chuck Baldwin, see here (you refer to, who I was not aware off before now). It happens, I am aware of much of this content and arguments, as I have been following him ever since he put his hat in the ring to run as President in 2016. Because the Trump factor is, imho, so significant in my watching on the wall, I have compiled an ebook that I update from time to time to address significant developments titled: Donald J. Trump (see here). For the record, Trump’s recent record as I see it is he has been anything but evil. I am interested in the term “controlled opposition”, which I intend to explore. I suspect all US Presidents and, come to that, all politicians, have been controlled by a greater or lesser extent by powerful special interests: Obama, the Clintons and the Bushes by the evil elite with their nefarious Great Reset plans and Trump by the opposition trying to usher in an alternative Great Reset (which, if you are a conspiracy theorist, see as having been working in the background, ever since the JFK assassination by the Deep State). But I think we agree, the Awakening that we need is to the Gospel (see here) and anything else will be short lived because of man’s sin. I see in Trump something of the Cyrus anointing to drain the swamp of our day. The fact it is not drained is because it is far greater and harder to drain than anyone could have imagined and thanks to revelations concerning the US Election steal and the Corona scam, people are waking up to this in increasing numbers.

It is slower than desirable to be sure, but given how evil and extensive the swamp is, means draining might take longer than I and others mindful of these things had hoped – but it will happen in God’s timing – some of today’s “political” prophets have said so (a factor some of the fine Christian teachers etc. looked up to by some members of this group have failed to acknowledge). It needs an Afghanistan type event perhaps to further wake people up and for the “good guys” to make their move (although it is beginning to happen as I write). I agree some of Trump’s choices, especially with the benefit of hindsight, have been strange, but it also goes to show how little we know and given the controlled opposition to Trump, how complex things really are. Even if he is not a modern-day Cyrus, but instead a Jehu (who Elijah was instructed to anoint) given Trump’s many faults that Chuck Baldwin and yourself point out, Trump’s return is to be welcome in order to fully undo the legacy of the Ahab and Jezebel of our day – although not if he were to replace it with his own form of idolatry. When it comes to faults, Trump has these like the rest of us, but from where I watch, he has done much for the good of America and the world, more than any other modern-day President, which I have documented in my ebook. I think you will agree, Satan’s strategy is to divide and rule and to deceive – and the fact we offer different perspectives should not be a falling out matter. We all see things differently, depending on where we go for information. I pointed out in my latest blog “Fighting for the truth and where to find it” ten sources I regularly visit (other than the Bible of course, yours may well differ). Seeking the truth is a noble and desirable pursuit because it is that which sets us free and what the world has always needed.

While I take issue with your Trump antipathy, you make several valid points – not least, many in the “truther” movement are either deceived or ungodly. Your concerns about what really is going on are valid. There is much we don’t know and we need grace and humility in dealing with others, especially in our spiritual family. As to who are the swamp creatures (including the Pope and the British Royal family – maybe) and all sorts emerging since the election steal (maybe why the white hats are biding their time), and horrors such as the Molech inspired child sex trafficking that we have an inkling and he knows so much more. I admire the guy even though my point – has he done a Zacchaeus and restored to those he cheated etc. stands. Praise God, He is ever in the business of choosing unlikely persons to carry out His grand purposes. I see Trump more as a figure head of a movement for freedom and justice. I thank God that he is one of the very few to take on the evil cabal, with all that has been thrown at him. I have no doubt there is a place for Trump, although if there is going to be a substantial awaking there needs to be a Great Awakening of the right kind. My prayer is our New Age, Syncretist, Gnostic friends, who are active in all this, will not only be beholden to the truth but will find Jesus.

But back to Trump watching. I get the impression, having gone into retreat and in binding his time and recharging his batteries, he is getting ready for a comeback soon, keeping his cards close to his chest. I have little doubt his record while in power was an outstanding one and the above meme just skims the surface as far as achievements go, I suspect the military are in control and as each days passes evidence of evil doings by miscellaneous swamp creatures and being gathered and other big happenings behind the scenes. The election audits going on are revealing industrial scale fraud and part of the Great Awakening is people are increasingly realising they have been had, People are finding out what really happened and are chomping at the bit for the result to be overturned. What is revealing is the incompetence of President Biden, not just by the likes of Fox News commentator, Sean Hannity (who recently interviewed Trump), and the guests in Steve Bannon’s War Room, but outlets one would normally expect to support Biden (because of their hatred of Trump) are seeing how bad he really is and even the BBC are asking questions that show opposition to the official line. Regarding Afghanistan, there are grave concerns for human lives, freedom etc., and you don’t need me to point them out. What intrigues me is what Trump has done what his successor has failed to do or undone. Also, the range of opinions, revealing perhaps how little any of us really know. One article that informed and stirred me and is an aid for prayer is: “ROBBY DAWKINS: AFGHANISTAN WILL BE A CHRISTIAN NATION!”.

Encouraged by the modern-day political prophets, you can read about, for example, on Elijah Streams and Richard’s Watch, I have little doubt huge changes are about to happen in the world, including regarding the other big event – that which is to do with Covid-19 and the responses, the implications and the truth. (I also look forward to the Lord’s coming and anticipate, just prior, a time of “Great Tribulation”.) I figure that we are about to see much that could not had been anticipated.  I would encourage readers to seek the truth that sets us free that many ignore. Also, to be patient – God’s timing is not man’s, yet it is always perfect. While Charlie Ward’s “sit back, enjoy the Pantomime and watch God winning” sentiments may seem simplistic, it is not a bad place to start. As for me, I will continue to watch and pray, test and weigh, seek truth and trust the One who is in complete control. Maranatha! Shalom!

Update 21/08/21: While I still stand by what I wrote, I do not claim infallibility (only God can do that) and if I appear to be a Trump apologist, I began doing so reluctantly, and I still do. While President, I found his position on Covid-19 vaccines to be worrying (even if as some claim it was all part of an act and cunning plan), and I still do. When one Trump detractor shared a 16 minute video critiquing Trump, based on some of his recent statements: “I Voted For Trump. I Gave Him The Benefit Of The Doubt. His Leadership Sucks”, I had to concur that valid points were made, even though I still believe Trump is one of God’s instruments to drain the swamp. I believe there is a lesson on top of needing to do your own research etc., and that is to NOT put our trust in man, however much we may be tempted to do so in order to allay our concerns, but rather we should expect accountability and, even more importantly, we must put our trust in the Lord, and Him alone.


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