The “Fall of the Cabal” and its sequel

The “Fall of the Cabal” and its sequel

I have began watching a series of around thirty minutes in length videos titled “Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal” by Dutch journalist, Janet Ossebaard, and am now half way through it, fully expecting to complete the remaining episodes in the next few days. There are supposed to be 17 episodes in this sequel but I could only locate the first 16. It is a sequel because a year ago? I came across “Fall of the Cabal”, all ten episodes, and this has played an important part in my own awakening on what is truly going on in the world and has helped turned me into a proverbial pain in the neck, looked down on as crazy by several of my, who know better, peers, adverse to things like “conspiracy theories” and Q-Anon.

I also confess to following the Charlie Ward Show, although I am selective in what I watch, and take some of it with a pinch of salt. “I’m only Charlie” is likely too busy / important / focused on his own mission to engage in exchanges with the likes of me, but he is a heretic as far as true Christianity goes, with his New Age, Syncretist, Gnostic notions, and his idea that the Taliban are basically the good guys is outrageous (although, granted, deciding who are, is not an easy one to work out). But he has a take on what is actually going on in the world in these crazy days and (to use Charlie’s own words) the Pantomime now playing out, with Joe Biden (who isn’t the real Joe btw) and the Corona pan(scam)demic, which is closer to the truth than what we are lead to believe by mainstream media and the fact checkers employed by Facebook etc, and even by many who believe the November 3rd election was stolen and the “Virus” and the “Vaccine” against the “Virus” is not what we are told. One piece of Charlie wisdom I like because, while it maybe taken in different ways including outright rejection, it is that human kind operate in different dimensions. According to Charlie, most us are in the third, believing what the unholy trinity of politicians, mainstream media and them who call the shots tell us. Then there are those in the fourth, who question the official narrative but are unsure what to believe. And finally, there is the ever-growing number of those waking up into the fifth dimension (and above if one were to be suitably spiritually enlightened) who are influenced by that which challenges the official narrative, notably, those referred to as “conspiracy theories”, which after six months (according to Charlie, and I am inclined to agree) are shown to be conspiracy fact.

I like to think, using Charlie’s terminology, I am in the fifth dimension, and this is partly thanks to Janet Ossebaard, who as it happens is a near neighbour to Charlie, living in sunny Spain, and has appeared on his show. I found Janet’s website (see here) hoping for a brief synopsis of her message but disappointing there wasn’t one. The best I can say in a sentence is that according Janet, the world is run by an evil cabal headed up by a Satanic inspired elite, that can be traced back to the aftermath of Noah’s flood, whose plan is to depopulate and enslave humanity for their own ends, and many of the “conspiracy theories” we are told to run away from: named elite families, the Federal Reserve, the JFK assassination (plus many others), 9/11 and other false flags, Corona bio-weapon etc., are the out workings of this cabal, which if we are lucky are about to be taken down by the good guys, including the likes of Donald J. Trump, JFK junior (who isn’t really dead), and those who “Q” say are the good guys. I hope I am being fair, but my advice is start with the “Fall of the Cabal” and see how you get on, before moving on to the Sequel, which (as I understand it) is still being added to.   

One bit of helpful information I did find on Janet’s website is:We are no longer on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They are ruled by censorship, something we do not believe in. You can ONLY find us on Bitchute and Telegram. Any accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and/or YouTube are FAKE accounts”.  Interestingly, the first six episodes of the Sequel are NOT available on Bitchute, who respond with an all too familiar message of violating community standards, when trying to access, BUT they are available of Rumble. I found between them (Bitchute and Rumble) and typing in terms like “Fall (or Sequel to the Fall) of the Cabal Part n (where n is 1-10 or 1-17 depending on the series)” I generally got what I was looking for.  

All this begs the question of: “what do I think about what is the culmination a major piece of research designed to wake people up?” My first reaction is an obvious one: you don’t learn about much of her content from the BBC and other major news channels or newspapers. While some of it can be found on social media, Janet’s “they are ruled by censorship” observation is broadly correct. As I stated in my recent “Fighting for the truth and where to find it blog, there are places where we can find much of this information, and arguably Janet has rendered us a service by putting a lot of it (albeit part of her, let’s call it well meaning, agenda to wake us all up to what she sees as really going on) is in her videos. My “Test and Weigh” mantra applies to everything I am told, and not just by Janet. But from what I can make out, much of what she points out is not just factually correct but it can be proven to be. As for the rest, it goes into what a wise old boss once told me he did – put it into that compartment reserved for things of interest, which are possibly / probably true, but not something that we can do much about it right now, but maybe later. It also challenges me on where my priorities lie and the seduction of wanting to know what others don’t, and that I should be more intent on eating from the Tree of Life than that of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, just as our first forefather was instructed to do in the Garden of Eden?

Back to the wisdom of Charlie – ignorance is no excuse, especially given what is going on in the world. We should be thankful to Janet for informing us, even if it goes against the societal flow that tries to keep us dumbed down and think and do as we are told, just as the Cabal had intended would happen. If for no other reason than it helps to formulate our response to what is going on, we should hear what Janet has to say. Of course there are dangers – we can become over obsessed with the stuff she comes out with, as people do with Q-Anon who she sometimes refers to, accept claimed truth based on hear say, and look down on the unenlightened. And then there is our response to combating the evil Janet has claimed to be taking place. While not advocating do nothing, there are limits on what we can do, as much as we want to see the Fall of the Cabal. My approach is encapsulated in the words of the prophet and of the Psalmist.


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