Fighting for the truth and where to find it

Fighting for the truth and where to find it

I grew up in a day when people trusted the BBC and quality newspapers. The Internet and social media had not been thought of by almost everyone. We still have the BBC (and ITV, Sky and US equivalents, like CNN, MSNBC and Fox) and “quality” newspapers and nowadays what some refer to as BigTech (organisations like Google (which own YouTube), Facebook (which own WhatsApp) and Twitter). But increasingly they have been shown to be wanting in terms of trustworthiness, not just by me but an increasing number who are waking up to what is really going on in the world, begging the question, where can we go to find out the truth of what is going on and commentary that is intelligent and balanced?

If asked a few years back: whether one can trust the BBC, my answer would have been an unequivocal yes, and I would point to their various current affairs shows and news reporting and of course their much-lauded World Service that has brought hope to so many countries where news reporting was suppressed. As a student, I lapped up the Big Three: The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian. While I tended to favour the Torygraph, I came to respect the left leaning Guardian when it came to reporting on social justice issues. Sadly, that optimism has almost gone (I visit these outlets if I must and rely on other sources to be informed on what is going on in the world and for perspectives that in my view are nearer to the truth). I was pleasantly surprised earlier today upon reading a BBC article: Biden’s speech on Afghanistan fact-checked” because it made important points, but that is an exception, yet it gives me hope that when the revolution comes things will change. All too often the BBC, while not outrightly lying, pursues a narrative that does not cover what is important or give credence to pertinent perspectives that do not tie in with the official narrative. Examples include the failure to cover evidence that the US election was stolen, the massive worldwide protests against Covid-19 vaccine passports and anything to do with child sex trafficking and the role of the elites in this. And the rest are no better; the newer arrivals fail us by censoring voices giving different views, e.g. on masks and vaccines, relying on their omniscient fact checkers and thought police to bring to heel those they disapprove off, banning or shadow banning them, and in the manipulation of search results to suit their agenda.

Fortunately, I have not given up in my search and fight for the truth (which as the good books says – is that which sets us free) and help is at hand. Good journalism does exist, although it is at a premium, partly because good journalists often find themselves having to tow the line or else get out. As for the State-run education system, it is often found wanting; a generation is brought up and discouraged to think critically or ask the questions those in charge disapprove of, who are more interested in ensuring political correctness and compliant citizens. As an aside, if I had my time again and in my small way can contribute (e.g. writing articles such as this), I would do something to encourage those who can commentate on what is truly going on in the world (mindful much we do not and cannot know as things stand) but are prepared to go that extra mile to meticulously research their stuff. There is hope and alternatives to those “resources” named above. I have moved on somewhat from the Drudge Report, Infowars, David Icke and the good guys on Fox News (Tucker, Sean etc) although these still have their place. I have discovered more recently a number of additions that fit the bill.

As I often point out, we must do our own research, recognise there are usually other perspectives with degrees of validity to consider, we rarely have the entire picture and we need to question, test and weigh everything. I should add, the ten examples I am about to give are (alternative) resources I go to at this time, as I find these helpful.

The War Room

This is hosted by Steve Bannon, who was the strategic lead in the Trump administration. It presents news from a US perspective, yet invariably reports on the global ramifications.

GB News

This is dominated by Andrew Neil and Nigel Farage and seems a worthy UK foil to the War Room.


A bit like Facebook and WhatsApp but without the censorship.

Talk Radio

I have found its take on current events refreshing.


A good medium for posting videos but without the censorship.


An alternative to Google, where search results are not determined by a skewed algorithm.

The Charlie Ward Show

Charlie’s theology is dodgy but he is bang on reporting what is really going on in the world. He often brings in amazing guests like Mel K, Nicholas Veniamin and Simon Parks, who have their own shows.

Richard’s Watch

This is a website run by my friend Richard Barker that gives a prophetic perspective on current events.

Elijah Streams

It provides insightful interviews with those who have prophetic insights into what is going on in the world.

The Bible

I mention this because this is one resource that has always been reliable and which trumps all the rest when trying to understand what is happening about me, and one I turn to more than any other.


2 thoughts on “Fighting for the truth and where to find it

  1. David King says:

    Thanks for reminding people to do their own research. I think it would be helpful as well if you could post links to some of this resources you use. Telegram is easy to find, along with BitChute, but some of those things I have never heard of before.

    • Thank you for your comments David. If you read my blogs you will see I often link to the resources I use. Besides which, I take the view, especially if using alternative search engines, like Duckduckgo, these can be readily found. I think the challenge we all face is being inundated with useful material and then deciding which to check out, and always to do so with the “test and weigh” rider.

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