Trump prophecies – theological and personal perspectives (2)

Please bear with me for returning to a subject I blogged on only four days ago (see here).

But what I want to say is (at least imho) important, for more worth sharing, for those who are interested, stuff has come my way and it has a significant bearing on my subject. But before people think I am a one trick pony as far as commenting on Christian related subjects are concerned or being over obsessed with or even idolising Trump (who imho is a mere side show compared with God’s purposes for America and plans to use Trump, although one respected prophet has argued “God Anoints the MAN, Not Just the Plan | Mike Thompson (Sun, 1-24-21)”, of which Trump is an example of God’s purpose for government), bear in mind every day in January I have been posting meditations on Proverbs, in a series titled: “Book of Proverbs: 31 verses from 31 chapters in 31 days” and plan to follow this up doing likewise with the Book of Ecclesiastes. Both are products of intense Bible study on my part and, other than veiled references, I neither mention Trump nor prophecy.

I am, however, doing updates to the book I published September 2020, titled: “Prophets of the Bible”, and besides last minute tinkering I wish to include a final appendix which has the title: “2020, 2021 and the prophetic”. I produced this on the last day of 2020 (see here) but a lot has happened since then. Therefore, before going to publish the second edition, I plan to do an update (watch this space). Because today’s subject relates to what makes a true or false prophet, and is one that is hotly contended, including by respected Christian leaders, I refer readers to another article I wrote: “Balaam and assorted false prophets”, a later version of which appears in my book.   

Since writing four days back, I came across a video and an article helpfully pertinent to the subject in hand: “Christian YouTubers who Proclaimed False Prophecies that Donald Trump Would be Re-elected” and “Speaking for God? RT Kendall on the problem with saying ‘God told me…‘”. While I disagree with their conclusion that the “prophets” who foretold Trump would get a second term have been shown to be (and here they and I are generous) wrong, they made valid, worth checking out, points. On December 16th 2020, I wrote an article titled: “Who are the true prophets today (3)?”. As I revisit this, I stand by what I wrote EXCEPT my statement: “As for who will be the 46th US President, I believe it to be Trump”. Without trying to wriggle out of what I wrote, for like many, including some of the Trump affirming prophets, I believed a month later it would be Trump and not Biden who would be inaugurated POTUS 46, yet still believe, as I said in my article four days ago, and despite little grounds of optimism in the natural, that Trump will come back as President.

My purpose is not to go through the list of prophets (and there are many who share my views), who affirm (some say stubbornly) that Trump will get a second term, or to give them a pass, for I am still in the Test and Weigh phase, besides which that is something for God alone, who always stands by His prophets. I am surprised at the number of those who did predict (and still do) a Trump second term, even though some have since apologetically withdrawn their statements. While a number have come more recently to light, some like Mark Taylor and Kim Clement I have followed for some time and, since what a lot of what they said in the past have come to pass, I am therefore prepared to give them benefit of any doubt.

Among those who more recently come to my attention is Kat Kerr. Kat is one of those who have claimed to have visited heaven and have heard God speak in dreams and visions and since all that is biblical it would be wrong to dismiss her because of her pink hair or any other reasons, providing she fits the criteria laid out in my Balaam chapter. A lot of what she says resonated but checking out a recent video “Kat Kerrs Prophetic Q&A: Donald Trump & The Future of the USA” I found I had some qualms. Not because of her beliefs regarding Trump restored to the presidency but, like many a “prophet” down the ages, she has claimed things concerning Jesus’ return that I believe are unscriptural and has refused to be challenged on the matter. My point is not to put her in the false prophet camp but rather to urge caution, knowing that there are many who share my view on how the world is going and how God can use Trump, may (some might say in their desperation to get back up to their hopes) do what we are warned we need to avoid: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord” Jeremiah 23:16.

One video to have just come my way that fills me with a deal of encouragement, as it continues where I left off last time and where I believe we are now at, is titled: “WHAT IS GOD SAYING ~ prophetic word ~ WALK IN FAITH NOT BY SIGHT .!!… 28 January 2021”. Those taking part were mature Christian leaders and Trump sympathisers who were sympathetic toward those prophets who predicted a Trump second term. While we may be back to wriggling out accusations, I found their views credible. In addition to Jonah with Nineveh and Elisha with Jehoash, which I mentioned last time, there was Isaiah with Hezekiah and the point in common was things did not turn out as originally prophesied. One thing that was mentioned was bad blood in the church that needs dealing with. One reason for my own heaviness of spirit is unbelief in the church and along with that a rather dismissive attitude to those of us who believe the election was stolen etc., beginning with leaders of otherwise good standing. That has been supplemented by my being convicted of my own lack of charity and thinking I can second guess God. My point is God is concerned about His Church and His glory and while He may have had a Plan A as reflected in many of these Trump second term prophecies, because of sin in the Church it will be different to what we earlier understood. In a sense the prophecies did come to partly pass – Trump did win! and God is still concerned about the evil that brought Trump into his first term, but He will do it His way.  

I conclude by firstly not apologising for what I have written in the past, other than my over eagerness to see things happen in a way I thought best and sometimes not balancing truth with grace. But God who ever moves in mysterious ways will do so breathtakingly marvelously such that we simply wonder as well as trust and obey. God’s concern is for the world. It is far more than just America and it really is not about what He/we think of Trump – the question “What think ye of Christ?” (Matthew 22:42) is what truly matters. I recognise that there are more immediate issues that those watching “the show” need to attend to, like how best we can serve the Lord, being people of prayer and students of God’s Word, what we do in our family, our church, our work place, our neighbourhood, our nation and our world, especially concerning those who suffer. I have offered the thoughts above in good faith (including references as we need to base what we say on truth, not fantasy). While not the last word, I respectfully submit these my further thoughts on “Trump prophecies – theological and personal perspectives”.


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