Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end

Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective

Since entering the blogosphere in 2014, a wide range of subjects have captured my attention and have been the subject of my blogging interests (now almost 2000 posts).

Two that stick out and have been ongoing are Brexit (gone a bit quiet of late) and Trump (hotting up again, especially in the light of election audits) and both have proved controversial. Possibly, even more controversial and, like the afore-mentioned two, I didn’t see develop in the way they did when I first blogged, is Covid-19 and all sorts of issues arising out of the pandemic (some see as scamdemic), like the “vaccine”, all of which directly relate to what is taking place on planet earth and the ongoing battle between good and evil, light and darkness, God and Satan. I have blogged a lot on all these (Brexit, Trump and now Corona) subjects. I have encountered and tried to cover a wide spectrum of views and information and, importantly, I try to get to the truth and wake people up.

The purpose of this e-book is to collect and collate my Covid-19 posts and to periodically add to it, when new developments as often there are, knowing the saga is far from ended. It is a huge subject and, I for one, would love to see in some crystal ball view how the story ends and how historians might report on what transpires in years to come. I offer a personal perspective, recognising it far from tells the full story, and coming from one who unashamedly often disagrees with popular opinion and the official narrative. I should also add, it is becoming increasingly evident that what we are seeing regarding the Coronavirus is part of a bigger story that relates Bible prophets and prophecy with what is going on in the world today. My 16/12/21 “Prophets of the Bible – A New Ending” post relates.

Last updated 09/01/22

09/01/22 My Covid-19 briefing (4)

27/12/21 My Covid-19 briefing (3)

16/12/21 My Covid-19 briefing (2)

11/12/21 New Guidance about COVID-19 and places of worship

04/12/21 Conspiracy theorists and the Omicron variant

27/11/21 My Covid-19 briefing (1)

14/11/21 Saving Granny; Jabbing Care and NHS workers

06/11/21 COP26, Climate Change, Covid-19 and the Great Reset

05/11/21 “Romans 13 and Covid 19” – my review (2)

30/10/21 “Romans 13 and Covid 19” – my review (1)

10/10/21 Update on how I see things to do with CV and V against the CV

28/09/21 “DHSC Clinically Extremely Vulnerable” – latest advice

30/08/21 Romans 13, 1 Peter 2 and Covid-19

14/08/21 Southend’s first anti-vaccine-passport rally and march

08/08/21 The Jab, the Mask and the Mark

29/07/21 Prophecy, Corona, Conspiracy, Reset, Church

22/07/21 Freedom Day and GB News

14/07/21 Going into and coming out of Corona lockdown

17/06/21 The Corona Pantomime and hope for the future

07/06/21 Church of the unmasked

03/05/21 Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax” (2)

28/04/21 Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax”

17/04/21 Why this Community Activist is NOT taking the Vax

03/04/21 Easter in the season of Corona

25/03/21 A Corona walk in Old Leigh-on-Sea

18/02/21 Christian unity in an age of Corona

24/01/21 Five Corona Lockdown Walks in Southend’s Parks

19/11/20 COVID-19 VACCINE – should we be concerned?

31/10/20 Brexit, Trump, Coronavirus and Christian unity

20/10/20 Obeying the government – a Christian Corona response

23/09/20 Covid-19 – where to we go from here?

17/09/20 Submit or react – church and Covid-19

08/09/20 The Covid-19 crisis and how Christians ought to respond

12/08/20 How to respond to the craziness going on right now

05/04/20 Covid-19, 5G, Conspiracy Theories and the Gospel

03/04/20 Lord how long – a phoenix from the ashes – my Covid prayer

26/03/20 Homelessness, Coronavirus and Self-isolation

18/03/20 COVID-19, conspiracy theories and Christian responses

13/03/20 The Coronavirus and the end is near

22/02/20 Volunteering at St. Helen’s church winter night shelter


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