Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective

Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective

Since entering the blogosphere in 2014, a wide range of subjects have captured my attention and have been the subject of my blogging interests (nearing 1900 posts as I write this).

Two that stick out and have been ongoing are Brexit (gone a bit quiet of late) and Trump (hotting up again, especially in the light of election audits) and both have proved controversial. Possibly, even more controversial and, like the afore-mentioned two, I didn’t see develop in the way they did when I first blogged, is Covid-19 and all sorts of issues arising out of the pandemic (some see as scamdemic), like the “vaccine”. But I have blogged a lot on all three subjects and in every case have encountered and tried to cover a wide spectrum of views and information to, importantly, help wake people up.

The purpose of this e-book is to collect and collate my Covid-19 posts and to periodically add to it, when new developments as often there are, knowing the saga is far from ended. It is a huge subject and, I for one, would love to see in some crystal ball view how the story ends and how historians might report on what transpires in years to come. I offer a personal perspective, recognising it far from conveys the full story, and coming from one who unashamedly disagrees with popular opinion and the official narrative.

Last updated 10/10/21

10/10/21 Update on how I see things to do with CV and V against the CV

28/09/21 “DHSC Clinically Extremely Vulnerable” – latest advice

30/08/21 Romans 13, 1 Peter 2 and Covid-19

14/08/21 Southend’s first anti-vaccine-passport rally and march

08/08/21 The Jab, the Mask and the Mark

29/07/21 Prophecy, Corona, Conspiracy, Reset, Church

22/07/21 Freedom Day and GB News

14/07/21 Going into and coming out of Corona lockdown

17/06/21 The Corona Pantomime and hope for the future

07/06/21 Church of the unmasked

03/05/21 Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax” (2)

28/04/21 Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax”

17/04/21 Why this Community Activist is NOT taking the Vax

03/04/21 Easter in the season of Corona

25/03/21 A Corona walk in Old Leigh-on-Sea

18/02/21 Christian unity in an age of Corona

24/01/21 Five Corona Lockdown Walks in Southend’s Parks

19/11/20 COVID-19 VACCINE – should we be concerned?

31/10/20 Brexit, Trump, Coronavirus and Christian unity

20/10/20 Obeying the government – a Christian Corona response

23/09/20 Covid-19 – where to we go from here?

17/09/20 Submit or react – church and Covid-19

08/09/20 The Covid-19 crisis and how Christians ought to respond

12/08/20 How to respond to the craziness going on right now

05/04/20 Covid-19, 5G, Conspiracy Theories and the Gospel

03/04/20 Lord how long – a phoenix from the ashes – my Covid prayer

26/03/20 Homelessness, Coronavirus and Self-isolation

18/03/20 COVID-19, conspiracy theories and Christian responses

13/03/20 The Coronavirus and the end is near

22/02/20 Volunteering at St. Helen’s church winter night shelter


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