Freedom Day and GB News

Freedom Day and GB News

Some have called July 19th 2021 “Freedom Day” because of lifting of certain restrictions imposed on us due to Covid-19. Many have taken exception and have challenged that term given many restrictions are still in place (reference my last blog on the subject) and who are the government anyway to say if/whether or not we are free?

Today, I wish to attempt the impossible. Firstly, I do not wish to go over old ground concerning the “virus” and the “jab”, there being much out there on the subject with even mainstream news getting it right sometimes and I have thrown in my two penneth in my ongoing Corona e-book. As one friend often used to remind me: we are where we are and it is a matter of moving forward, and while we are not out of the woods yet, with the bad guys wanting to enslave us etc., there is a case of being the answer to the prayer of Francis of Assisi: “make me a channel of your peace”. There is always a case for seeking the Lord on the matter, for even with all good intentions and trying to check stuff out, we don’t have many of the answers.

Sitting in my admittedly restricted bubble, things feel different but to quote one favourite comedian of yesteryear but “not a lot”. I still see people walking around with masks, albeit less so now. Some normally sensible folk have pointed out with a degree of logic – nothing has changed. Indeed, there have been rises in the number of Covid cases, including hospitalisation. One article: “I work in an NHS Covid ward – and I feel so angry” arguably presents a credible case. We are still a long way from getting back to some form of “normality”, wondering if ever. Some (actually a lot of) people are still having to isolate because of the virus (on what questioners say are on dubious grounds – making one think – so much for freedom).

That (and there is a lot of that) which has been shut down, one might predict will take time and sometimes never to re-open, and wounds need healing. Then there is the question of “vaccine passports” as the way forward to doing certain (a lot of in fact) things, and talk is of another government U-Turn. And, of course, there is the effectiveness or not and indeed the potential (and some say the evidence is out there of actual) harm of vaccines with old favourites: Dr Vernon Cole (see here) and Dr Sheri Tenpenny (see here) coming up recently with pessimistic projections (not that you would know if you follow only mainstream media who have these two quacks down as dangerous nutters). Some, and not only the sceptical types like me, have forecast us going back into Lockdown by the Autumn. My favourite paranoid android may well have seen what is going on and commented: “I am feeling very depressed”.

For me, a grumpy old man restricted these days to operating from home, partly because of health issues, and writing stuff no-one reads etc., a lot of the above could be seen as neither here nor there. But then as the poet said: “no man is an island”, and if we are put on earth to do good and make a difference then it becomes a matter of adapting to one’s situation and doing what one can. One pleasant outing this week was to attend a live (i.e. not Zoom etc.) meeting with folk interested in helping the homeless – and not a mask in sight (and some of my colleagues were pro-mask etc.) Then some interesting exchanges about playing over the board chess for the forthcoming season, with some expressing reluctance if no mask. Then my own church putting forward the plan to hold live services that have both a masked and unmasked area – at a least an attempt to accommodate the different views that have been all too evident in my own Christian constituency during this time of lockdown.   

As I have pointed out elsewhere, I have seen the world on the precipice of going into one of two Great Resets. That of the black hats will lead us further down the road of Corona among other things darkness and that of the white hats bringing in a new era when freedom among other things will be much more a reality. I have a view and people need to read for example my blog on the subject, but ultimately we are in the hands of the Almighty, who is also all merciful and kind. I look forward to how things will pan out in the next few months and years but given my powers of punditry have been shown up as limited to say the least, the best I can say is look to and be beholden to the Lord and actually His cunning plan all along, amidst all the confusion, is for us to do that very thing.

Which brings me to news and where to get hold of news we can rely on. As I often pointed out, I have been disillusioned (especially in recent years) with mainstream news reporting and, as for social media, that is also controlled by the bad guys with an ungodly agenda. Andrew Neil and Nigel Farage have never struck me as being your archetypal men of God but then the Lord ever works in mysterious ways (evidenced by, and watch this space (see here), what is happening with the Donald across the Pond that we will soon see as having enormous global implications). I am talking, of course of the recent launch of GB News, with the unlikely Andrew and Nigel duo being the two big names involved. Listening to Nigel’s first gig running his own show (see here), I was impressed by and am hopeful concerning his promise to cover stories that other outlets refuse to cover and allowing those perspectives that the “we know best” folk who control these other outlets have managed to keep at bay those who are questioning the official narrative.

Early days, but I am hopeful – not that my hope is in AN, NF or DT but in the Lord himself, concerning who, another poet pointed out: “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.” I sense we are in for a lot of good change very soon, partly because true prophets have prophesied but also what I see with my own eyes, especially with people waking up around me (it has often been a point of frustration and bemusement how many sensible friends have been duped – and sadly for those used to accepting what “the authorities” say that seems nigh inevitable).

Personally, it has been a difficult time, and includes being put on the proverbial scrap heap by some of my know better, incredulous peers which sadly includes the very people one would normally look to, to take a lead, but I agree with the old saint (and it is Biblical) that for the Lord to use someone, He needs to break them first. Just maybe there is a place for folk like me to help other folk to come to terms with what He is doing in our day, and to warn that along with the let us call it the “right” backlash against the “left”, without a turning to God what this may well lead to one evil replaced by another (check here and here for more) and is why we pray “Thy Kingdom come”.


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