Going into and coming out of Corona lockdown

Going into and coming out of Corona lockdown

I speak from a UK and, in particular, an English perspective. While there are many common factors when considering other countries, there are important differences that merit a separate discussion.

We now know the deferred by four weeks date of coming out of Corona lockdown is about to happen, following the Prime Minister’s announcement. Check out “What are the Covid rules from July 19?”, which while confirming this to be the case does provide important caveats, indicating we will be far from getting back to normal (whatever that means), and should there be an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases (and with the supposed Covid-19 variants taking hold and expected to do so in the near future – this is more than a distinct possibility) then there will be more lockdown.

Moreover, the UK government persists in pushing the vaccines and vaccine passports in order to access things is more than a distinct possibility. A recent government press release reads: “Everyone working in care homes to be fully vaccinated under new law to protect residents”. While the opposition, we might have expected to challenge this agenda, points out cases of duplicity and inconsistency, it has become quite evident that they are wanting even stricter measures. As for any opposition, that comes from Corona / vaccine sceptics, that appear to be on the increase despite moves to shut them down, including the many that go on marches. This has been under reported by mainstream media, while at the same time the dangers of the virus and the need for the vaccines are emphasized, with Big Tech such as Google and Facebook censoring dissenting voices, and with societal and other pressure to conform.

Like most people, I have been following developments ever since news of this new virus hit the headlines early 2020, although given the depressing nature of news of what is happening, whether mainstream media feeding the fear factor or alternative media with its “conspiracy theories” I have tried not to overdo what could become a full time occupation in areas I know all too little. Like most, I had expected it would soon pass and when the Boris Johnson announced a three weeks lockdown period back in those early days, to flatten the curve and so the NHS could cope with Covid-19 cases, I expected things would go back to normal soon after that. It was not to be and many times when the end seemed in sight, lockdown has been reinstated and/or extended, with devastating effects for all, on the basis of following the science and public safety.

I do not wish to rehearse the Covid-19 story these past 18 months, and it is huge, and nor do I wish to go over my own views that is sceptical concerning the alleged dangers and proposed measures to restore normality e.g. vaccinations. While somewhat bit meal, I have posted several times on Covid-19 related matters and have included links to what I have posted in my “Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspectivee-book. I have tried to follow the evidence, e.g. Covid-19 is a man-made bio weapon, there is a globalist agenda to enslave humanity based around Covid-19 and concerning vaccines and the science, the reasons given by certain doctors as to what the virus is and how it manifests itself and spreads etc., as well as solid reasons NOT to take the jab, due to the danger, results of which we are starting to see. It can be noted, that these reasons are backed up by eminent physicians and one of the latest is given in “WE’RE PLAYING WITH FIRE HERE”. Another helpful hot of the press link, posted by by a friend usually more concerned with modern day prophecy (which also has a part to play in our story), is titled: “Covid-19 ‘pandemic’: scientific and legal facts expose ‘crimes against humanity’” One more, from the same source, is titled: “Covid-19 Bio-weapon“.

There are several other sources worth checking out (you may not know if you relied on Google searches etc.) found in alternative media sources, although frowned on and where possible shut down by those who support and promote the official narrative. One I have found particularly helpful (despite his somewhat dubious theological views) culminates in some of the videos posted on the “My Videos” section of Charlie Ward’s website, including a number that are specifically Covid-19 related posted in the past week. Some, I grant, are somewhat rantish, appealing more to the hearts of those already on board as opposed to the heads of those who aren’t, but some provide solid evidence that in my experience many at the forefront of attacking Corona skeptics and anti-vaxers tend not to examine, One such is titled: “Dr David Martin & Dr Reiner Talk Mind Blowing Facts!“, which provide compelling evidence of criminal conspiracy, racketeering and collusion, with evidence becoming more and more clear, concerning an unhealthy close financial linkage, between Big Pharma and the Government Institutions which are supposed to oversee it.

As a parting thought – what I have shared are the facts and in the main these make gloomy reading. While there have been silver linings in the Corona clouds, often it has not felt that way and instead we are faced with a nightmare that looks like it is going to continue, especially given, from my perspective, I see more division, including among Christians, more tyranny with issues arising like mental ill health, business failings and inability to do some things we once took for granted, with vaccines supposed to be the way out actually having the opposite effect. It is at times like these we need to turn to the Lord, and often it is also when he refines His people in order to achieve greatness. We are in a war involving God and Satan, of which things to do with Corona are just part of, and the weapons at our disposal are spiritual ones. If there is one thing I have learned in this process – we cannot trust government, the media or the “experts”, but we can trust God, who as much / more than anything wants our hearts and to do us good, and of course – He wins!


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