Canaries in a Spiritual Coal Mine

Canaries in a Spiritual Coal Mine

When I was a teenager, I had this very bright friend, and we used to argue politics. I was staunch Labour because I felt this would give a better deal to the poor and he was staunch Conservative for the standard reasons, such as believing in free enterprise. Roll on a few years and we bumped into each other and got to chat on the train back from London to my home town, Southend. It was General Election time and we compared notes. He advised me, he was going to vote Labour and I advised him I was going to vote Conservative. What changed was that he had encountered unchecked corruption in the City, where he worked, that benefited the rich and I, who had a short time previously began a career as a teacher, had encountered unruly pupils, inclining me to a view that the Conservatives would do better on the rule of law, which was needed. I haven’t seen my friend for some time and would love to compare notes, suspecting much water has flowed under our proverbial bridges to influence our views, including who we would vote for when the opportunity next arises. I give this by way of illustration, because priorities and perceptions change and this has a bearing on what is to follow.   

One of the nice things about having an eclectic group of Facebook friends is being exposed to and challenged by ideas that may be worth checking out that I may not have considered or, for one reason or another, had earlier rejected. I have long learned Christians do not sing from the same hymn sheet (sadly) and some are so far way off what I believe, I take the view there are better things to do with my time than engage in pointless arguments that get no-one anywhere. Some though are a lot closer thought wise but there are significantly different perspectives as to how we the world is, is going and ought to go. These include those that broadly concur with my theological outlook and share my views on certain key happenings in the world, e.g. US election fraud and Covid-19. One such, was the sharer of a video titled “Canaries in a Spiritual Coal Mine”, which I have chosen as the title of this blog. It is one hour in length and, unusually, I listened to it all, because it was so informative and relevant to where I am at in my “watching on the wall”. I was intrigued with the title having, back in the day, learned about Davy miner’s safety lamp, which replaced canaries in the cage for checking out if there was methane gas which could cause an explosion, when in contact with a naked flame. The speaker was a youngish chap, called Mike (photo below), and his website, which I checked out to see whether or not he is sound etc. and where he proverbially comes from, is titled: One Point Preparedness.

Having dutifully watched the video, I was impressed as it sought to do the impossible and begin to figure out and explain the whys and wherefores etc. of what is going on in the world. There are many canaries in cages and one in particular he bought up was France and the reaction against all sorts of stuff going on, including mandatory Covid-19 vaccines, although similar stories can be found in other hot spots across the globe, including Cuba and South Africa. I enjoyed his balanced approach and while “left” and “right” are often terms banded about as are mainstream and alternative news, he tried to steer a middle path, while admitting the evils taking place in the world to which we are seeing a right-wing reaction, evidenced by the various protests. Some are to do with economic deprivation and some are about freedom that sometimes masqueraded as such but was part of a lawless or idolatrous spirit. He pointed out, correctly, that some of the leaders of the “truthers” come freedom movement are various forms of Christian heresy and new ageism, and that many Christians, such as those who are indignant concerning the “scamdemic” and resultant measures intended to bring in the NWO, are taken in by it all and, in doing so, fail to prioritise the sort of faith issues that disciples of Jesus ought to be concerned with.

There is much that resonated from the video and I was again reminded how Christians can be easily deceived – not just those sucked in by leftist ideology or the narrative spewed out by societal elites and their mainstream media allies, but those who recognise and react against all this (the so-called right) and, dare I say it, the reactors to the aforementioned reactors. Three months ago, I blogged “Which “Great Reset” is it going to be then?”, where I saw two types of resets looming – the good and the bad, which Mike might associate with the right and left respectively, hoping and expecting (with reasons) it will be the good version and on the back of this a spiritual revival and the overturning of the corrupt Babylonian system with its satanic roots that traffics children, enslaves peoples and extorts money, that is linked to the bad reset favoured by some of the societal elites. I suspect, our journeys have been different as are our pools of knowledge and perspectives (theological and otherwise) and is part reason why Mike, like some other godly folk, is suspicious of “the good reset” (he calls the Great Awakening). Sadly though, many good people are not awake.

I look forward to seeing the evil cabal, which Mike’s so called “right” seem so hung up about, brought down, at least in some significant measure. I am expectant it will happen before Jesus returns and will be linked to Trump being reinstated as President and the Corona and other scams and shenanigans being exposed – as well as revival. But Mike’s warnings are worth noting – leave God out of and however noble are the intentions of the reactors to the bad guys who run the world, who from what I can make out are being exposed on a daily basis, we might merely shift from one extreme to another, with power again to tiny elites with self serving agendas, allowing, knowingly or not, the spirit of lawlessness and false religion, and giving Satan and his man (the AntiChrist) free reign.

So I go back to my earlier exhortation to: “test and weigh”, “watch and pray” and “trust and obey” and add “be not deceived”. And always we include the encouragement for people to look to God.


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