My Covid-19 briefing (2)

My Covid-19 briefing (2)

It was three weeks ago when I posted the first instalment of “My Covid-19 briefing” series, thinking and hoping that would be it, at least for a while, but then came my “Conspiracy theorists and the Omicron variant” and “New Guidance about COVID-19 and places of worship” blogs, both responding to new situations that arose in the interim. I am far from through though and, even then, this is not going to be an in-depth reflection, full of “killer data” that is going to convince the most ardent of vaxers – because we know it doesn’t work like that and I best keep to asking salient questions, which will help those prone to depression over the whole charade and may wake other people up, which thankfully is more and more happening given the number of jab refuseniks there are.

Concerning the “opposition”, it appears they are in full flow pushing the official narrative, for example charities I support who are urging folk to be jabbed and saying how etc., and supporting the latest mask mandates. I actually wore a mask while shopping today, based on the discretion is the better part of valour premise, but did manage to upset some from my church (who are now insisting on mask wearing, partly based on safety grounds) by asking “safety or folly”? It is always interesting to read what people post on social media (and thankfully what I see is not a personal echo chamber). One friend wrote: “I DO NOT PREACH TO THE UNVACCINATED, I made MY CHOICE!! I’m fully vaccinated and boostered. No, I don’t know “what’s in it” … But I don’t want to: die from Covid-19, clutter a hospital bed if I get sick, not be able to hug my loved ones,  have to test routinely, live my life in fear. Can’t say it any clearer”. Another friend, one of my oldest and one of the most intelligent people I know, posted “Today (15-12-21), the UK recorded its highest number of new Covid cases in a single day, 78,610.  The previous high was 67,794 on Jan 8th 1921. The number of new cases reported in the UK yesterday was 59,320. [Source: UK government daily report]”. Besides pointing out a saying I picked up from my days as a student, “there are lies, damned lies and statistics”, I can only add: “that is what we are up against”.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of attention is around Boris, advocating a national debate, urging people to be jabbed, jabbed and boosted, and how many more times after that, and upping the ante by claiming extra resources for getting more people jabbed and pressuring those of us questioning the narrative to comply, and of course forcing a vote in the House of Commons concerning vaccine passports. A lot has been written on the subject: “Covid: Boris Johnson sets new booster target over ‘Omicron tidal wave”, “News Alert: Boris Johnson Wants Everyone to Take Death Jab” and “We’re not locking the country down, says Boris Johnson amid rising Covid cases” are three articles that provide the relevant information. He is supported by agencies he has control over, adding to the propaganda. “Urgent Omicron appeal: Get boosted now and “Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination”. As for the House of Commons vote, while disappointingly 369 voted for the proposed measures, with 126 against, 101 of these were Tories and it was because of Labour (who are even worse) support that saw the government win the vote. I found this encouraging, even though we have come a long way from three weeks to flatten the curve and it seems increasingly clear that Plan B is in fact Plan A and the UK is set to follow the same trajectory we are seeing now in several other countries of adopting more draconian measures to get people to comply and is yet further evidence that we are seeing an outworking of a globalist conspiracy.

I could go on but let me confine my final paragraph to two points: one being pressed home by the media and one being ignored and fobbed off by it, and this because these are the very points people make for justifying taking the jab, going along with the government. The first is that the latest (Omicron) variant of the virus is a real threat. This video titled “Dr Andrew Kaufman Exposés the Fake Omicron Virus – There is no Virus” provides a credible argument that it is anything but what we are being told it is. The second is that the vaccines are safe – but they aren’t and there are many examples relating to different scenarios e.g. an increase in jabbed airline pilots dying and the new born babies of jabbed mother dying, but the one I want to point to relates to what two footballing legends have to say concerning yet another sharp increase of elite sportsmen collapsing and dying while performing their sports, here concerning perfectly fit football players: “How Many More Have To Fall? Football Legends Matt Le Tissier & Bryan Roy Speak Out With Charlie Ward”.


One thought on “My Covid-19 briefing (2)

  1. John says:

    Thanks for this, John. When I was in Marburg (near to Frankfurt) at the height of the scamdemic a year ago one of the main bosses of the branch of Sparkasse Bank that I used regularly asked me: how many people in your experience do you know who have had Covid? I had to answer ‘none’. He had to answer the same. The footballer Mat Le Tissier was asked recently: during his 17 year career in professional football how many footballers did he know or hear about who had keeled over on the football pitch or in training. His answer was: none.
    We must beware of hearsay and narratives and government stats going around. What is our own personal experience? My personal response to Omicron would be: the best way to deal with it is to ignore it and all the hype being generated. What have I personally experienced?
    The disciples testified about the resurrection: what we have seen with our eyes and heard with our ears and touched with our hands concerning the Word of Life, that we declare to you. Luke put ALL his stock on eye witness accounts.

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