My Covid-19 briefing (1)

My Covid-19 briefing (1)

It is almost two years since we first heard of Covid-19 and oceans have flowed under the proverbial bridge since then. Like most, I thought it would soon blow over and normality would be restored, and I was even prepared to go along with Boris and media hype for a while to help “flatten the curve” and “protect the NHS” as no-one really knew what was going on, especially, as it turns out, trusted government advisors. As we now know, lives have been affected drastically, not just in the UK but the world over and we are far from out of the woods, even though back in July lockdown measures were lifted. Personally, I have got away lightly, but many haven’t! I am now finding out all sorts of people that share my early scepticism and concerns and while not disrespecting good people who see things differently will do what I can to encourage seekers of truth.

As a watchman on the wall that blogs, while it is not a subject I would naturally choose, I cannot help reflect on what I am seeing worldwide, with my “Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective” e-book, which I regularly update on the subject, giving information and views. We are far from seeing a sensible outcome, as new and more drastic, coercive measures are being adopted by governments the world over to get their citizens to comply, using excuses like new strains of the virus etc. At the same time the resistance movement is growing and it is even getting reported. Arguments rage of course, such as the number of Covid patients having been jabbed, and why spikes in infant hospital fatalities and why perfectly fit athletes are rolling over and dying. The subject is not going away soon, nor people’s distrust of their leaders for good reasons, but neither is the acquiescence of rational people to the notion their governments are doing the right thing.

My more recent blogs are “Saving Granny; Jabbing Care and NHS workers” where I consider the guilt trip we are exposed to if we don’t tow the official line and get jabbed – now for a fourth time and when will it end? and the threat to the jobs of Care and NHS workers who are not jabbed and even more worrying measures being taken to isolate and imprison those who dissent. “COP26, Climate Change, Covid-19 and the Great Reset” relates the Covid pan(scam)demic to a recent renewal in interest in matters to do with climate change, specifically at the COP26 conference and relates this to the “Great Reset” advocated as the way to a new normal by certain high level people, such as Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles, with catch phrases, such as “build back better”, endorsed by the likes of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson. Then there is my review of a book titled “Romans 13 and Covid 19”, which discusses the whole shebang from a Christian perspective (part 1 here; part 2 here). Then, my favourite, the Fall of the Cabal series by Janet Ossebaard, which discusses the big picture and argues the case that Covid-19 and the jab that goes with it is a bio-weapon by the evil cabal to help depopulate and enslave humanity (here for the latest episode, which among other things discuss systematic genocide in US and UK nursing homes to kill of the elderly and vulnerable, including use of drugs like Midazolam).

While most doctors go along with the official narrative on Covid (to not do so would threaten their livelihood) there are many bright lights who are eminently qualified and stick their head over the parapet. As I can make out, some have been banging the alternative view drum from the beginning and many have joined them. Now we know a lot more, with doctors: Yeadon, Coleman, Mikovits, warning from the start, becoming even more explicit in what they tell us.

  1. Former Pfizer Chief Scientist, Dr Mike Yeadon I’m Desperate to Wake You Up
  3. Dr. Judy Mikovits and Mikki Willis: “We are winning this battle”

One that struck my attention earlier today is: “Vaccine” Goal “Kill Off A Large Proportion Of Our Population Without Anyone Suspecting.” Dr. Chetty. All sorts of stuff can be checked out and it can be a full-time occupation. Unsurprisingly, these can be found in outlets like Telegram and Bitchute, given that their equivalents, i.e. Facebook and YouTube, are likely to censor what they deem to be subversive and mainstream media, more often than not, will not touch such stuff. These I have found helpful:

  1. Katharine Gun II: David Amess Murder; No Canada Pandemic;162k UK Covid Vaccine Deaths Julian Assange
  2. The Vaccine Moment, part one
  3. Watch General Flynn Predict Omicron Variant! New Lockdowns! Controlled Economic Depression!- Alex J.

Since this is my briefing and my perspective, I should mention one Donald J Trump, who many look to as coming back to sort out the evil cabal that is pushing the jabs. Many wannabe supporters who are vaccine skeptics cannot understand why he is still pushing vaccines. One respected prophet, Mark Taylor, puts this down to him receiving wrong advice (see here). Others suggest he is playing the equivalent of 5D chess and all is not what it seems (see here and here). I guess we will soon know. If there is a moral, it is not to trust (any) man, but rather in God and to do your own research.

I could go on but if your attention span is anything like mine, it is better I don’t. While it appears I am stoking up fear, the real fear mongers are the unholy trinity of politicians, mainstream media and the elite that call the shots. I am merely trying to wake people up (sadly, many are asleep). The links provided above represent the tip of the iceberg (DR FAUCI & THE TRUTH EXPOSED ON FILM! MUST BE SHARED is my latest addition). No-one knows for sure whether the “Great Reset” will succeed or will be overtaken by the “Great Awakening”. As for me, I will continue to “watch and pray”, urge “test and weigh” and provide Covid briefings.


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