Conspiracy theorists and the Omicron variant

Conspiracy theorists and the Omicron variant

Question: What have David Icke, Charlie Ward and Alex Jones got in common?

Answer: They are all conspiracy theorists. Moreover, they all regularly broadcast their views and those of their guests that more often than not think similarly to them, on what is going on in the world. Significantly (for the purpose of this article) they have all weighed in with their take, which is usually a lot different to that of the vast majority of that “unholy trinity” of politicians, mainstream media and societal leaders most of us are exposed to, concerning the Omicron (moronic) variant of the Corona virus, and before that have commentated on all sorts of things related to the Corona pan (scam) demic, including the series of jabs meant to protect and coercion of them who don’t tow the line. They have all come under attack for their views but given their attackers are often the bad guys, maybe they are on the right lines! You can find out a lot more about these men on the Internet but be aware that Google, You Tube etc. often censor their words and when they are reported on then it is done so negatively (I suggest check out Bitchute to find the right balance). I should add, I also regularly check out what these gentlemen have to say, but I have to ration how much I do check out – for my mental and spiritual well being and I value my relationship with God.

Those who follow me on Facebook and the blogosphere will know that when I write, I sometimes, often even, touch on some or other conspiracy theory (often pushed or endorsed by one or other of these gentlemen) and because the afore-mentioned unholy trinity often argue such views are unacceptable, dangerous even, and demonise those who hold them, I get defriended by some of the Facebook crowd, ignored by some would be readers of my blog and get sent to Coventry by some members of the Christian fraternity. My purpose here is not to explain away or even justify my position, which if folk care to check out what I write, I have done so ad nauseum, often pointing out that my mantra is truth and when I write something controversial I do so with the “test and weigh” caveat. The truth is some, maybe many conspiracy theories are plain nonsense or worse but some are later proven to be conspiracy truth that certain powerful elite types wanted hidden from us.

I would rather not be an apologist for David Icke, Charlie Ward and Alex Jones and will not defend them from critics when unsure of all the facts, but I will not apologise for listening to their shows. On the subject of Corona, for example, it is with consternation I read what this unholy trinity come out with about Corona and is why I look elsewhere in my search for truth. Only a week ago, I came out with “My Covid-19 briefing (1) blog that along with other writings on the subject, which because it directly affects all our futures gets incorporated in my “Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective ebook. Anyone could have predicted the new Moronic variant would add further fuel to the fire that is meant to add to the fear people have and get them to comply, with evident success, as good, sensible people being taken in, bringing in further lockdowns, wearing of masks and call for vaccinations with those not complying being penalised, but with more people waking up to the scam, thanks in no small part to what these three do.

Where Icke, Ward and Jones are to be thanked, is that they have consistently and courageously been pointing out the very scam and the evil cabal behind said scam, that is designed to depopulate and enslave the masses and bring in the nefarious end goals of those calling for a Great Reset. You can dismiss these gentlemen if you will and (rightly) discern their agendas and axioms (yet no less so than the BBC or CNN btw) but you can’t dismiss their guests if truth is your watchword, who are often not given a platform in mainstream media and censored or banned by social media, even though they know what they are talking about and can present facts that are hard to refute. Sadly, while all men are spiritual and see spirituality as the way forward and out of the mess the world is in because of Covid-19 and assorted other stuff instigated by the evil cabal, their spirituality is not that of the God of the Bible and no doubt would be outrightly condemned by those who wrote the Bible and men of God down the ages most mainstream Christians look up to. I can’t speak for Jones, other than point out his cussing, but Icke with his notions of higher consciousness and Ward with his notions that all roads lead to God are according to my understanding promoting a grave error that if followed would lead us to deception. Therefore, be warned!

But no-one is perfect. My job is to be like the watchman on the wall, with my role model being the Children of Issachar, and given mainstream media lies, I need to look elsewhere for information. As with anything that comes our way, we need to check out what we find and often hold in abeyance until clear on where the truth lies (difficult in this age of misinformation and there is so much going on behind the scene that cry out for modern day Elishas, who knew what was spoken in the kings bedroom 2Kings 6:12). I close with a scripture that at the time (some two years ago) came out as a bolt from the blue. It applied to Israel and Judah under threat by the Assyrians and the people trying to figure out what was going on. The Lord’s word to us now, as it was then, is we are to look to Him and not to fear what others fear but rather fear and honor Him.  


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