Update on how I see things to do with CV and V against the CV

Update on things CV and V against the CV

Excuse the abbreviations, which are used to deflect censorship by the omniscient and concerned fact checks employed by you know who (FB), whose platform I use to spread my subversive opinions (CV = Coronavirus; V = Vaccine (against the Coronavirus); FB = Facebook; FS = Free Speech). Like so much of what is going on in the world the way Corona saga has played out thus far has been hard to foretell and the future is even harder. When the matter came to our attention in February 2020 few could have predicted it would still be a major issue in October 2021 and one dividing communities, with them in power trying, with success, to call the shots, along with a growing number of proverbial pains, because they have had the temerity to stand up to and go against the opinions of their betters.

True to my blogging philosophy of posting on significant happenings in the world and trying to wake people up against the propaganda of the formidable alliance of government, the mainstream media, the “experts” and those with the power, I have from time to time posted something related to CV and or V and have included these in my ebook: “Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective” which I update with each new addition. There is a lot that comes my way and just as with the Arizona audits to do with US 2020 Presidential election fraud, there is no shortage of material and it can lead to obsession distracting me being a good husband and preaching the gospel. The latest on the Corona front is “Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials”. I recognise that to justify my CV and V antipathy I must be prepared to back it up with reasoned arguments and while prepared to do so there are only so many hours in the day.

I confess, while not escaping unscathed, like in the ways alluded to or elaborated on in my ebook, I have got away relatively lightly. The worst I endured during lockdown was having to wear a mask when shopping, not making visits to or being visited by friends, not being able to visit the gym and passing over an opportunity to visit someone in a nursing home as unwilling to take the lateral flow test (it might have been different if life or death of someone very close). I did nearly get ex-communicated from my church, but decided wisdom was the better part of valour and decided not to make it a taking to task / falling out issue when the leadership and some of its more influential members went along, to a tee, and more, to the nonsensical government advice / dictates at the time (these days, with restrictions lifted, maskers and social distancers and those who aren’t meet relatively harmoniously). My biggest sadness is turning down an opportunity to visit my India family being unwilling to go along with the conditions imposed on travelers because of Covid-19.

But we are not out of the woods yet! Looking at the picture worldwide, vaccine passports are a reality and we are seeing the price that has to be paid by those resisting the official line. While it seems the UK has got away with it relatively lightly, one wonders if it is only a matter of time. One of the big lessons I am learning on what is going on in the world and the exposure of the underlying evil that wishes to subjugate humanity, is while I expect the truth eventually will be revealed, e.g. concerning the “killer” and making one infertile nature of the vaccines, I cannot predict when. Without wanting to appear arrogant or dismissive, I feel a bit like the lion in the meme, but am fully confident in my Saviour who is both a lion and a lamb.


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