The Corona Pantomime and hope for the future

Whichever way you look at it, Covid-19 still plays a significant part in all our every day lives.

We have recently been told by Boris that we are not quite ready to go back to normal as planned and have to wait another four weeks. Reading our nations favourite newspaper, the Sun, the day after the announcement, they were indignant that businesses, especially in the hospitality and leisure sectors, have already suffered enough and this could be the tipping point to take them out altogether. All this, given my reservations discussed in earlier blogs, sounded perfectly reasonable EXCEPT they then went on to spoil it by pointing out that since we now have vaccines all is now well.

Talking of businesses, there is no doubt that some businesses, such as Amazon, have done well out of the pandemic and as for medium and small sized businesses, the picture is mixed. While some have been irreversibly damaged, some have done pretty well. One friend whose business has struggled in recent years has seen a certain reversal in fortunes as has my barber who I visited the other day, who explained that he needed to work to earn money (obvious really) but with the various lockdowns he had been paid to do nothing and do what he wanted knowing he would be paid anyway. But there are down sides – for example children’s (and adults come to that) mental health, which are approaching crisis point. Then there was a chance encounter with a community minded vicar who explained his efforts to do something significant for the wider community had been dealt a serious blow, no doubt an experience many in a similar position can identify with. We can go on about the collateral damage caused by lockdown and ask the question whether more lives are lost than saved because of the measures. A big question mark hangs over the way the elderly and vulnerable in nursing homes have been treated. One sad observation is seeing a significant minority of children going to school with masks ON.

As a follower of conspiracy theories come facts, I have long questioned the official narrative and lamented the fact that people who should know better go along with it (I currently don’t do live my own church for that reason). What also seems to be the case is seeing people waking up, evidenced by recent demonstrations against the measures in play, although looking at the picture worldwide, the situation is mixed with many examples of repercussions for those like preachers who preach or key workers (and sometime all citizens) paying the price for not being vaccinated. What is becoming clear, people are beginning to see the experts who have guided the narrative being taken to task. Like Dr Fauci and Bill Gates in the US and Neil Ferguson and Chris Whitty in the UK and politicians like Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock shown up to be liars or fools (likely both) – and the same goes for the opposition who have showed themselves to be sadly inept. Pictures of leaders of the recent G7 summit in Cornwall, showing them to be social distancing for the official camera takes and then ignoring all the rules when in a less formal setting, reveals the whole hypocrisy of it all. As for the cause of the pan(scam)demic, revelations are coming out daily that there is a nefarious agenda and it is far from what we are told, and as for vaccines, these likely do net harm than good, with many parents especially up in arms against the pressure to now have their children vaccinated.

While still a small minority, and more often than not taken down by mainstream and social media and vilified and persecuted by those with the power, there are doctors speaking out about the harm vaccines cause, including the number of deaths as a result so far. We are spoiled for choice who to check out. “226 Reports of Heart Inflammation After Covid19 ‘Vaccine’ In People UNDER 30” featuring Dr Roger Hodkinson and “Bioterrorism Injection – We Are In A War No?” featuring Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Reiner Fullmich are two I have found particularly insightful as well as old favourites like doctors Michael Yeadon and Sherri Tenpenny. My big concern is people I know and love continue to be taken in by the propaganda and persist in taking the vaccination. There is an all too real danger that people will be forced to take the vaccine and if they refuse there will be consequences – and it is starting to happen. It is a travesty some medicines not promoted by Big Pharma are NOT made available, even though these are proven to be helpful.

But the other part of my subject for today is “hope for the future”. All what I said seems pretty dire and if one believes as I do there is an agenda to bring about a Great Reset on the back of a pandemic that was deliberately introduced for this purpose, then on the face of it there seems little reason for hope. But people are waking up and the truth is coming out. Not unrelated is the likely overturning of the fraudulent US Election results in the light of the Arizonian audit. Just maybe the white hats are biding their time as the pantomime plays out and the black hats and the various politicians and elites in their pockets are about to get (and are already getting) their comeuppance, and the truth will come out (but not all at once as we couldn’t stand all the revelations of evil disguised as good). If as I believe, it will reveal most of humanity have been seriously conned, it will be a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow it we must.  

But our hope is not in whether the white hats or black hats gain the ascendancy, and moreover the best we can hope for is shades of grey unless one is fully given over to the Almighty, for our hope needs to be in Him. And I am seeing so many signs of goodness and not just by the normal suspects. I also bumped into a lady I have seen for a while, who I know has had a hard time, and my spirits lifted because of her hope in the Lord. I see people recognising their need for God, and when the revival comes, I want to play my part. My message is don’t give up! There is room for you in a world that will likely be more defined by the alternative great reset, which we will soon see.


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