My Covid-19 briefing (4)

My Covid-19 briefing (4)

There is no doubt that a lot is happening on the Covid-19 front and so much in fact that even if I were to make it my full-time occupation (and btw I have a life and that is not an option) then I would still only be able to capture a fraction of what is going on and form strong arguments as to what is good and right among the many, often opposing, “he said, she did” words and actions. It seems to me that the narrative has shifted a long way from three weeks to flatten the curve so we can be back to normal, our leaders told us to go along with, in February 2020, to having rolled out the vaccine, the second jab, the third jab (the booster) and in some places fourth jab (another booster), which has not only been far from effective (which one might have rightly expected) but also brought about unpleasant side effects, and even deaths. Who knows how much more of this will be revealed over time; we are now into something along the lines that we will be ok if those ignorant selfish anti-vaxers were to take the jab and given that is not yet so (far from it) we need to either persuade them to do so willingly or force them to take it. But this is my blog and my perspective (you can do your own research) although bear in mind you are unlikely to find much joy amidst the unholy trinity (politicians, media, experts / elite).

Firstly: my own experience. A few days back I received a message due to “Track and Trace” on my mobile that I have been in contact with someone with the moronic (omicron) virus and I MUST come in and get tested. Besides rebuking myself that I forgot to turn off Bluetooth, the thought of making the effort to do a test that gives false positives meant my response was MUST NOT. About then, I got an email from the NHS following the nice one just after Christmas inviting me to apply for a Covid passport (so I can travel etc. and who knows what etc. ends up being), but this was not so nice as it pointed out I could be fined if I refused. Much as I would love to travel without hassle, it seemed rather pointless to apply without being jabbed. And then, saddest of all – my church, like many (most), has adopted the policy, unless medically exempt, one needs wear a mask to attend services. As I am unwilling to comply, basically because I expect better from my brethren and, unlike other fellow anti-vaxers in the congregation, I choose not to attend.

Secondly: there is dear Novak Djokovic, world number 1 tennis player, having been told he could enter Australia to defend his tennis title, is now effectively imprisoned upon entering Australia, awaiting appeal against deportation. Besides the wisdom of Nigel Farage (see here on the matter), there is an open letter doing the rounds from Novak’s mum, Srdjan Djokovic: “My son is hostage in Australia tonight but he has never been more free. From this moment, Novak has become a symbol and leader of the free world, the world of countries and of poor and oppressed people. My son Novak Djokovic showed that even a small and heroic country like Serbia can have the best athlete and tennis player of all time and the truth can no longer be hidden. Tonight you can incarcerate it, tomorrow you can chain it up but the truth is like water and it always finds a way. Novak is the Spartacus of the new world who does not tolerate injustices, colonialism and hypocrisy but fights for the equality of everyone on this planet, without looking at skin color, religious faith and how much money they have. Novak has proven that you can achieve any goal if you have a dream and his dream is shared by billions of people including children who look up to him as an example. Maybe the rich world won’t allow him to continue playing tennis but in doing so he will reveal his true face and start a much more serious match. On one hand there will be greedy and arrogant members of the global oligarchy and on the other, a proud and free world that still believes in justice, truth, fair play and in the dreams of their children.”

Thirdly: there is another story doing the rounds “NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won’t get jabbed”, also check out for a more detailed analysis “The COVID Narrative Has Officially Collapsed, But That Does Not Mean The Agenda Has Been Stopped”. It seems Sajid Javid was rather taken aback when what was meant as a staged interview, with sympathetic doctors and nurses supporting the government position, turned out anything but, with the doctor giving a powerful and measured argument as to why he was not going to be jabbed, despite said health secretary threatening him and other refuseniks with the sack.

Fourthly: we are spoilt for choice with examples (check out Bitchute) as to why taking the jab is NOT a good thing and why it is part of a dastardly plot for bringing about the Great Reset and scaring off and dumbing down the populace (although the resistance movement is growing) into doing what they are told to do and threatening punitive action, and carrying out threats in some places, with more countries expected to follow suit. Two newly discovered doctor heroes are Doctors Malone and McCullough:

In conclusion: on the face of it, it all looks rather dire as those of us, who resist the special measures being undertaken to combat the “pandemic” and get everyone jabbed, are increasingly being persuaded and forced to comply. Of course, there are the conspiracy theorists like Charlie Ward who believe the white hats are actually in control of larger than is commonly realised aspects of planet earth, e.g. the financial system, who are about to bring to justice the evil cabal who use things like climate change and Corona to further their dastardly plans, and what we are seeing is a pantomime playing out. I hope Charlie is right, but I am not sure if another conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, will agree, who like me is furious that bad guys appear to be winning. And that is why I recently wrote: “Fret not thyself because of evildoers”, an exposition of Psalm 37. Not only does God win in the end but, in the meantime, we need to put our trust in Him, be still and know He is God, and do the right thing.  


One thought on “My Covid-19 briefing (4)

  1. Great post, and as you say, God wins in the end. In the meantime, the Bible tells us that things will get worse. We should pray for protection, to stay close to God, to not take the mark of the Beast, and to continue to speak the truth.

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