Southend’s first anti-vaccine-passport rally and march

Southend’s first anti-vaccine-passport rally and march

Today has been an interesting one for this community activist that likes to blog. Two quite contrasting events dominated my day, although these days my activism is more sedentary than it once was. Firstly, in my neighbourhood (Cluny Square) a mix of church leaders and political activists of different parties organised a litter pick and it was very nice and productive, with good networking and fun had by all, demonstrating what is possible when members of the community get together. Talking of which, this brings me to my second event that I only found out about three days ago – see poster.

Ironically, on my way to the event, I passed our local town hall (Southend Civic Centre) where there was a vaccine for Corona clinic taking place and I saw people queuing up to take the jab. I mention this because this could not be further away than the mindset of the people who I knew would be attending the rally. That people are divided on issues like the need or otherwise for vaccine passports, jabbing children and how awake or ignorant, selfless or selfish people are who take one or other view is all too evident, notably if one were to check out community focused Facebook groups like Your Southend and We Love Southend. While anger and vitriol were present, it became obvious some people, including those I know who are community minded, were decidedly anti the rally.

I took a view, when I arrived a little before the scheduled start, to adopt a watching brief and let others take the lead, biding my time for when the proverbial eventually hits the fan and I might come into my own (ref. my, updated as I add related blogs, Covid-19 – an historical review from this blogger’s perspective ebook). I was a bit reticent, fearing the rally (aka protest albeit peaceful) might be hijacked by people with an agenda and the organisation could be shambolic. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. Another surprise was, besides a few I met and I knew who were on the same page as me, more or less, regarding all things Corona related, there could have been up to 500 attending the rally and the march down the High Street and along the sea front that followed – most of who were behind the aims of the rally that was to register concern (to put it mildly) over potential losses of freedoms, vaccine passports and inflicting the jab on our children. I should add, that rallies and marches expressing the same concerns are happening the world over e.g. France, not that you would know it if you relied on mainstream media to reliably inform you on what is going on. It is well to note that what is happening in Southend is happening worldwide and is part of something that is far bigger.

I decided to stay for the rally but not the march and was pleasantly surprised after doing some town centre errands and deciding to take the scenic route back home, along the sea front, I encountered the intrepid marchers on my return – still keenly spreading the word and from what I could make out – with a degree of success. I enjoyed the rally and the speeches, not that I heard much and besides they would have been preaching to the converted. What I enjoyed was chatting with old friends and meeting new ones, including a chap who attends a number of these events, was armed to his teeth with killer data why vaccines are a bad thing etc. and with whom I felt a kindred spirit. I understand there was some opposition, including a band at the nearby café starting up when the first speaker began to speak and a few people intent on disruption, but who were hardly noticeable and quickly dealt with and it seemed nothing could detract from a happy, peaceful and positive occasion.

My verdict is the rally / march was a resounding success. If one were to do a straw poll, one may find those involved were of all religious and political persuasions and none, at different stages of waking up to the actuality the UK is on a wrong trajectory when it comes to responding to the pan(scam)demic, as well as what is truly going on in the world, which as I argue elsewhere is heading for a Great Reset very soon, but whether good or bad remains to be seen. Well done to the organisers and participants for your efforts and best wishes in your mission to make the world a better place. Both events today showed me there are many good people around, starting with those on my doorstep, and my prayer is that good will overcome evil.    


3 thoughts on “Southend’s first anti-vaccine-passport rally and march

  1. David King says:

    Thanks for your intelligent commentary on the event. It went well, and it was a pleasure to meet various people there who have some actual sense.

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