Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax” (2)

A week ago, I posted: “Why you should not take the Covid-19 “Vax””. I hadn’t planned on doing a sequel so soon but the issues are grave and concerning enough to warrant me doing so.

While I am up for serious discussion on the subject, I am tired of being baited by lazy people who don’t read what I write, mindful I am no medical expert but rather an ordinary “Joe” with questions those pushing the “vaccines” (and strictly these are not vaccines – one of many things the guinea pigs who take it are usually not told, including the fact they are the guinea pigs) usually do not address and when challenged make those who do so feel bad about having the temerity to doubt the so called experts – with the persistent consigned to the basket of deplorables and to a place along side other foolish (but then who is the fool here) conspiracy theorists.

I have no axe to grind on a subject I still know little about and would rather avoid. I would love to be proved wrong, but my concerns, and those of many others starting to wake up, are all too real and these include for our children and other vulnerable groups and, down the line, threats on individual freedom and world depopulation. Headlines as “Hancock ‘delighted’ as figures show more than half of UK population has had first Covid-19 jab” disappoint me and confirm my distrust in government. There is no shortage of new stuff coming my way to sift through, including a new (for me) Facebook group called “Dave’s Secret Group” featuring the harrowing stories of those who have been “vaccinated” (it is a secret because of Facebook’s nasty habit of shutting down anything that challenges the official “Vax” narrative). I refer to two more “must watch” videos in closing, and leave it there – at least for now, for this is not a subject that will go away anytime soon.

COVID Vaccination – Menstrual Changes, Fertility, Shedding – IMPORTANT Discussion

Synopsis: “Watch this powerful & urgent Critically Thinking episode with Dr Palevsky & Dr Tenpenny and their special guests Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Lee Merritt. Moderated by Maureen MacDonald. Learn More: https://www.universallifetools.com/2021/04/covid-vaccine-impacts-on-menstruation-fertility-pregnancy/

World Doctors Warn: DO NOT take mRNA shot

Synopsis: “Rumble — They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by exposing the truth about MRNA shots and the Scamdemic. These are the modern day Immortals of Humanity. For more details on the Scamdemic go to nojabforme.info and cosmicfact.com

I am pretty sure if I gave more time just sifting through what has come my way, even since I last posted on the subject, I will find more concerning stuff, but I will end with the messages: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and TEST AND WEIGH. Like many, I engage with strongly pro Vax people and have learned. often the hard way, what the Preacher told us 3000 years ago: “There is a time to speak and a time to be silent”. Sometimes it is better to not go after winning an argument if by doing so it means losing a friend. But this is my space and my job is as a watchman. For the sake of being beholden to the truth, your health, your family’s health and a better world, I suggest checking out these and other links questioning the official narrative as something that is well worth doing.


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