Summer of Rage (4)

Summer of Rage (4)

Late Summer Bank holiday just over, families returning from their own summer holidays and children about to go back to school, and for the UK (at least in my book), notwithstanding there are often sunny days in September and even into October, this marks the end of the British summer, and it is now back to the regular grindstone.

When I did my first Summer of Rage blog, which began “I write this not long after midsummer’s day mindful, in the eyes of some, our western summer has only just begun. I hope we won’t see a summer of rage, but if we do that something good will come of it”, I pondered if there would be a summer of rage, perhaps along the lines of the riots witnessed in US cities during the summer of 2020, in the light of all the disturbing things happening in the world, all manner of pent up emotion and what amounts to weak leadership the world over, which increasingly people see for what it is. Some see this as setting the stage for the Antichrist and his false hope.

For the UK, at least, the answer appears to be no. But there have been signs of people getting agitated, globally especially but also the UK. For example the story of Dutch farmers protesting against nonsensical government restrictions as well as farmers all round the world being told to produce less despite threats of global famine. Albeit not for the first time, I saw a violent flare up at a soup kitchen I am involved with. For many reasons, we can see all is not well in the world and people are reacting out of fear and anger, for such are these days of uncertainty. Traditionally, summer news cycles are slow compared with other seasons, and maybe that has been true for 2022, often to be replaced by assorted trivia while people switch to holiday mode, accompanied by hot weather and not enough rain.

As for consequential matters, I refer readers to my earlier Summer of Rage blogs (here, here and here) as all being significant and, while things have moved on how these have been playing out, they are still relevant. I will give a summary how this is but, rather than repeat myself, refer to what I have written in these past two months on the subject. I do so, not because I want to spread dismay, mindful we have to live in this crazy world. I know full well many are despondent about what is going on, even to the point of depression and wanting to give up in despair, knowing we are being ruled by fools and villains and unable to do much about it. One notes this includes sincere types who want to do good. The fear that enabled the Covid farce to continue has also affected those who saw through it, frustrated they are unable to stop the world going to pot. I write in the interest of spreading the truth (which sets us free), which all too often our unholy trinity fail to do and many spiritual leaders deny or ignore, at the cost of escalating deception, disunity and disempowerment, but I will end with a message of true hope.

So the Ukraine saga continues (check out here). Leaders like Boris (just about) continue to justify their send money to Ukraine to back up the UK supporting the regime and challenge the dastardly Russian’s plans, with no change in policy being proposed by his potential replacements. Besides which, it is done on false ideology grounds, and at the cost of not doing anything about the domestic cost of living crisis. It is all done with the forlorn hope they can prod the Bear enough to up the ante, bring on war and thus usher in the New World Order. This is done with the support of the unholy trinity. Despite what they say, if there is a side winning, it is not the corrupt Ukraine regime and their just as corrupt western backers. How corrupt, this video: “I took a LIBERAL, ANTI WAR Protester to see the truth in Donbass, and THIS Happened!” provides powerful evidence of what is really going on, not that you will know if you rely on the BBC for your news. It is egregious that while western governments are giving billions to a corrupt regime, it does nothing to counter the affects of soaring energy bills that affect the most vulnerable.

While it may seem we have moved on from the Covid pan (plan, scam) demic, that is not entirely the case, as my “The C***d and V*x shebang revisited” argues, with more coming out by the day to suggest counter measures may be reimposed in the light of further outbreaks and variants. We are also seeing more evidence of the bad effects of the so called vaccine and people once pushing the “get vaxed agenda” now back tracking or denying they ever said what they really did say. More people are waking up to the fact they have been had, with statements distancing himself from government policy by Conservative leadership candidate, Rishi Sunak, taken with a pinch of salt. It is well to note, in less than a week, either he or Liz Truss will be named as Prime Minister to replace Boris. It is a scary thought me now know the avoidable misery imposed during the scamdemic was on the so called experts who got it wrong with the acquiescence of the political class. A dearth in quality leadership (all parties) in Great Britain is of great concern. While politically neutral, I favour conservativism over socialism as a preferable ideology to counter the giving up of power to an unelected elite, to bring about their Great Reset, where one owns nothing and is happy. It is a depressing thought that UK Conservatives can only offer a choice between these two for next Prime Minister.

Regarding the very hot weather experienced in the UK, along with other natural phenomena seen globally, such as the Pakistan floods, there will be those putting this down to climate change, which they argue constitutes an emergency, discussed in my “Climate Emergency – The Great Con post. While this notion can, is and should be rightly questioned, it is readily latched on to, as with the pandemic, by the bad guys that almost control the world entirely, as excuses to bring about their nefarious plans for a Great Reset.

Then there is what happens in the USA and the man who has never gone away and showing himself again as a significant player: Donald J Trump, which I discuss in my “Trumpwatch (56) – Trump, a Cyrus or a Jehu?” and “Trumpwatch (55) – Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raided. There is much still coming out as to what really is going on, which even truth seekers are ignorant, e.g. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg admitting to censoring important information that might have affected the 2020 US Elections, all on the say so of the now being discredited FBI. I won’t elaborate but suggest what is happening across the Pond will have enormous consequences for the world, and to expect big developments soon.

Perhaps, closer to home, is the steep recent hike in energy costs (as well as that of food), begging the question: how all this will end, including the prospect of consigning more to poverty (already I am seeing more use being made of soup kitchens, food banks) and the prospect of shortages due to supply chain breakdown and the breakdown in law and order. Looking at world leaders, movers and shakers, it is evident to me that many of those calling the shots are fools and villains. There is a lot more going on that might be considered, e.g. the roll out of 5G, chemtrails, the transhuman agenda and other agendas being pushed by secret cabals, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, such as Agenda 2030 and the Babylon system headed by big business, including Pharma, referred to in Revelation. Those who read my blogs will know the question of where all this is leading and the appropriate response is something I continually wrestle with, e.g. discussed in my recent blogs: “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” and “World news, truth, prophecy and the Christian response”.

I admit to being influenced by some of the modern-day political prophets (although I always counsel: test and weigh), some of which feature on Richard’s Watch, on what we might expect, including shakings, surprises and reversals. If I were to offer secular counsel, it may be along the lines: “hope for the best, and prepare for the worst” and cultivate the two qualities I have come to increasingly value: kindness (and there is thankfully a lot of that around) and faithfulness, but not just sticking with what we know to be right, come what may, but following the Lord wholeheartedly.

The concern raised by the prophet Jeremiah remains pertinent and, if you are not saved, you need to be and can be (see here for a Gospel message). Then we can take comfort and find hope in God’s word. I end with a few verses from the Book of Psalms, in fact confined to just the first ten chapters of that amazing Book.


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