The Great Reset, Ukraine, the West’s Suicide and Church

The Great Reset, Ukraine, the West’s Suicide and Church

Yesterday, I interrupted a sermon; the preacher was in full flow.

I have listened to well over a thousand sermons in my time, preaching a good many myself, and the unwritten rule is not to interrupt the chap while preaching, a rule I have invariably kept and for good reason, and grateful too that with rare exceptions when I have preached people politely listened (or slept). During the sermon, which I felt was a good one, with a helpful message (see here), I was sufficiently disturbed to make my brief interruption (25 minutes in) “And Biden”, which followed the preacher’s statement “We hate to see what Putin is doing”. My rationale was that I hate seeing propaganda pushed by preachers who should know better, in a church that in the main is doctrinally sound and to a flock that deserves better. If he had said “Putin AND Biden” I would have been ok, believing Putin is doing what he is doing because of what the (controllers of) the Biden led Deep State, supported by the UK government that has included Truss and Sunak, are wrongly doing, mindful that besides Corona pandemic and Climate emergency, how bad the Russian threat is, is one of the triggers the Unholy Trinity use (see here) to dumb us down in order to accept the Great Reset.     

When a fellow watchmen recommended that I watch a one hour video (ok, its on the Alex Jones show – the very guy the baddies want to destroy) titled “Why is the West Committing Suicide & How Do We Turn It Around?”, I did so with this memory in mind along with, having earlier felt disturbed (as often happens) seeing the very evil doers, like what the Psalmist often refers to, doing their stuff and getting away with it, and the people, I hope would be supportive, oblivious to the threat. The opening supporting blurb to the video reads: “Gonzalo Lira joins guest host Mike Adams of to break down how the West is falling into the Great Reset trap”. (Edit: I have now listened / watched to the end and continued to be wowed by the perspectives and truth bombs on offer, including good arguments why the West, notably Germany, are now on the “suicide” path). As I begun to write, I was a quarter of the way in, but what the chap is saying is spot on and consistent with my recent “What is going on in Ukraine and the Nephilim Agenda” and that posted by Veronica West “Ukraine: In Vogue Today — But Gone Tomorrow!” It ties in with what I recently shared in my “Summer of Rage” series.

Ukraine is but one of the many newsworthy happenings going atm and, while many are in summer holiday mode and enjoying the unusual warm weather (here in the UK), there is lots going on and big things about to break. With reference to what I wrote four months ago “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception”, we are yet to see how it will all pan out. But, in the meantime, the people of God deserve something better than being fed the narrative “Blame the Russians” and thus made more inclined to going along with the lies we are fed and doing what we are told.

Update 31/08:22

So the Ukraine saga continues. Leaders like Boris (just about) continue to justify their send money to Ukraine to back up their support the regime and attack the dastardly Ruskies strategy. Besides, at the sacrifice of not doing anything about escalating energy costs, it seems to no avail other than the forlorn hope they can prod the bear enough to up the ante, bring on war and usher in the New World Order. This is much to the approval of the unholy trinity, and despite what they say, if there is a side winning, it is not the corrupt Ukraine regime and their just as corrupt western backers. How corrupt, this video: “I took a LIBERAL, ANTI WAR Protester to see the truth in Donbass, and THIS Happened!” provides powerful evidence of what is really going on, not that you will know it if you rely on the BBC for your news.


2 thoughts on “The Great Reset, Ukraine, the West’s Suicide and Church

  1. Thankfully, there was no disruption other than my comment (there was no acknowledgement other than in slight body movement). I shook hands with the preacher after and thanked him for sharing (what was a good word) – I suspect he didn’t realise I was the one who interrupted. I did make my peace with our lead elder after. There is a time and place for everything and who knows one day we might discuss. My gripe is preachers should preach the word and/or what the Lord is saying and NOT as is too often the case reflect the thoughts of the government propaganda machine.

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