Trumpwatch (55) – Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raided

Trumpwatch (55) – Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raided

I wasn’t planning blogging today (so much else to do) but today’s breaking news is significant and needs spreading.

Today’s online BBC headline is: “Donald Trump says FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago Florida home”. The article, which gives plausible reasons, begins: “Ex-US President Donald Trump has said his Florida home was raided by the FBI, and that agents broke open a safe. Mr Trump said in a statement that Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach was “occupied by a large group of FBI agents”. Monday’s search was reportedly connected to an investigation into Mr Trump’s handling of official papers”.

A more Trump sympathetic account on what is really going on is from the Gateway Pundit: “UPDATE: Stasi-FBI Swooped Through President Trump’s Home — Grabbing Boxes without Going Through Them or Knowing What’s In Them — TO GO THROUGH LATER AND MANUFACTURE A CRIME”. This begins: ““Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” President Trump said in a statement. “After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate”, and continues to argue Trump’s case.

Recently (a little prior to the raid taking place), a friend posted on things hotting up in Trump’s favour but giving an example, if we needed one, of what he is up against): “Consider this, another thing that the big Trump victory in AZ last week proved, as Kari Lake, Mark Finchem and Abe Hamadeh all handily won their races for the GOP nomination despite the best efforts of the McCain GOP Establishment to keep that from happening: Even without having announced he’s running for President [an excuse that allows the MSM to completely ignore all of his rallies and speeches], Trump is having a massive impact on political races. He’s getting almost no face time live on any of these Fake News networks.  They only put up pictures of him or play brief video clips they then take out of context to savage him and worry about him. Trump is proving he doesn’t need them to win and his slate of candidates doesn’t need them to win either.  How much national face time did the MSM give to Kari Lake or Mark Finchem or Abe Hamadeh thus far? Besides print online rags like The Daily Beast and NYT’s doing hit jobs on them? A paradigm shift is happening and hardly anybody recognizes it. These rallies are carried on YouTube, Rumble, alternative media. Trump and his slate of candidates still get their messages out effectively. The Old Media is Dead”.

When I blog on Trump, which these days is not that often (my last was 3 months ago), I try to be balanced even though I am Trump supportive and believe He is one of God’s instruments to counter the evil we see going in the world (reminiscent of the Book of Judges (see here)) when God raised up unlikely deliverers and, importantly, a rallying point to those who seek to mount a resistance. One reason for not blogging often is, when presidents step down, they become yesterday’s men and our focus is on the new guy.

But these are strange days and I have little doubt that President 44, Obama, in his Martha’s Vineyard mansion and President 45, Trump, in his Mar-a-Lago mansion are significant figures that are calling some / many of the shots, but on opposite sides of the war taking place, but with yet again shocking evidence of a justice system and FBI weaponised by the dark side (see here for more). As for the motive, we need to look no further than it being part of a coup that is orchestrated by the evil cabal to eliminate their biggest threat to their designs on bringing about a Great Reset to enslave humanity. Moreover, the move was desperate, having unsuccessfully tried to remove Trump by impeachment, Russiagate, misinformation etc.

There is much more I can write, and I dare say, when I will know more and with time to reflect, I will do so soon, although my recent blogs relate to the war (that is global) I believe taking place between the bad guys and the good guys, with most of humanity kept in the dark or deceived by the Unholy Trinity (see here). One example of a reaction that I resonate with is “It’s been less than an hour and we already see Dan Bongino monologuing on Fox News“. I can only add my amen to a prayer triggered by these happenings, offered by a friend, who often helpfully feeds me information:


I note already much commentary on the story, including from the usual suspects on alternative media, like Bitchute and Rumble, and I have no doubt there will be big developments to follow in this Summer of Rage (recently discussed). Remember the art of war (concerning which, Trump is a past master) – things are rarely all what they seem, especially in the world of Trump. And we are in a war, where much of what I post about, e.g. Ukraine, Corona “Plandemic”, Climate “Emergency”, the woke agenda and a plague of misinformation, as well as the churches mixed response and what the armies of God and Satan are up to, are all related. Trump, with all his faults, has woken people up to this, empowering them to participate in such a war, that is altogether winnable. Lastly, we may well be be righteously indignant, yet we can pray this “PRAYER FOR OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT AND THIS NATION“.

As I close reflecting on this bombshell, I share Psalm 2, with its reminder of who is really running the show.

Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.


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