The Unholy Trinity: Media, Politicians, Elites

The Unholy Trinity: Media, Politicians, Elites

A number of times in my recent blog posts I have referred to “The Unholy Trinity”. In this post I would like to elaborate upon what I meant when using this term and say why I think it is significant. 

I have found myself in recent years increasingly seeing happenings in the world differently to how many of my compatriots see things and, rather than simply agreeing to disagree, it has sometimes led to fall outs and the thawing of relationships. I started noticing this over the Brexit debate that got many het up, and while there are plenty of examples I could cite, these three ongoing biggies spring to mind:

  1. The 2020 US Presidential election, was it stolen, what about the denial it was and what does this say about the swamp that some say is far deeper than any of us could have imagined?
  2. The onset of the Covid-19 pan (scam) demic and the rollout of vaccines, with people pressured to take these, begs the question what is the agenda behind this and the right response?
  3. The war in Ukraine and its origins, with our being told the Russians are the bad guys makes one wonder who really are the good and bad guys involved in the whole debacle?

In pondering the reasons why I and others too often fall out with good people over such matters, I would suggest the following:

  1. I’m getting old and grumpy and am unwisely not keeping my own counsel as I might (but then I have found there to be others in the same shoes as me, who feel duty bound to say what they think).
  2. I am wrong and/or brainwashed.
  3. My detractors are wrong and/or brainwashed.
  4. The devil’s strategy of divide and rule seems to be paying off.
  5. The aforementioned “unholy trinity” who, more often than not, take the side of my detractors, hold all the cards, so it would seem. Since these are the “experts” many believe they must be right.

My observations and things I have found out could be dismissed with the exhortation to move on, get a life, go with the flow, how dare you question, etc., but the issues at stake, e.g. as touched on in my recent “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” blog, are enormously consequential for humankind, that ignoring what I now know cannot be right but, rather, it ought to be about adopting the right approach with what to do with that information. And, since the falling out that has happened is particularly notable in Christian circles, when the Bible tells us to love one another, be united etc., it is well to take stock of why we are seeing what we are seeing and come up with the right response.

So back to the Unholy Trinity, which (somewhat tongue in cheek) I have in the past likened to the Devil’s response to the true “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” Trinity …

Media: here I include mainstream, social (that now can be seen as part of mainstream) and some elements of alternative media that are good at getting people barking up the wrong tree. There was a time I believed most journalists were honest and if they had an opinion, e.g. political left or right, they would carefully distinguish established fact and private opinion. As for institutions, like the BBC, I saw them as the voice of reason, balance and truth, but no longer. Concerning the three “biggies” cited above, their account of what was/is going on is often opposite to what is the case. The picture in the US is at least as bad and I suspect is comparable the world over. As for social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google (including YouTube), they have been quick to censor and ban voices that don’t fit the narrative (as I have found), meaning what people see/post is what these self-appointed arbiters allow them see/post. Alternative media is a mixed bag, ranging from great to dodgy.

Politicians: when it comes to party politics, one rather believed in the past that there was a real difference between the parties (e.g. Conservative and Labour in the UK, Republican and Democrat in the US) and, whether or not we agreed with our elected politicians, we rather hoped and believed they were sincere in wanting to do the best for the people. In recent years, that illusion has been dispelled. As I see it at this time, the “system” is such that it is difficult for people to gain political power other than through the major political parties. When it comes to handling the Corona crisis, my observation is the folly seen under Boris, e.g. regarding lockdown and enticing people to take the jab, would have been worse under Kier. And whatever country in the world we look at, the picture often appears depressing and it is no coincidence many have gone through the Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum program for emerging leaders. In recent years, it is become apparent questioning the narrative or holding an opinion deemed to be unacceptable regarding certain sensitive subjects, like Corona, is frowned upon and a new crime has begun to emerge: domestic terrorism.

Elites: (I could have used societal influencers and controllers – but I needed a single word) can cover all spheres of life. At the height of the pandemic, Neil Ferguson and Chris Whitty became household names (UK’s answer to US’s Anthony Fauci) as it was evident their expert advice strongly influenced government policy and, rather than question what they came up with, politicians and media went along with what they said and those who had the temerity to question this elite group were vilified and de-platformed. Many experts whose professional credentials match or exceed the above have been deposed and careers destroyed for doing so. We can cite from many other spheres e.g. a footballing hero of mine that became a pundit on Sky Sports tells, detailed in this “Matt Le Tissier on Freedom of Speech & Who Controls The World” video, how he was sacked for voicing an opinion his paymasters objected to. My point is this unholy trinity have similar views of what is right, true etc., and those who dissent are made to suffer. The options are clear: go with (or at least pretend to) the official narrative and thereby flourish or if not then prepare to pay the price.

I could go on about the Unholy Trinity, but I think I have said enough to make my point. There is no doubt their power of persuasion is huge. No wonder, we find many people believing them or failing to question. I admit to feeling upset seeing people go around wearing masks, even in church (where many have led the way when it comes to being jabbed), given that besides being unnecessary, I see the negatives outweigh the positives. There are a whole host of other issues we can consider, but when it comes to those who see things differently, that is God’s problem. I am called to love, be faithful and be careful not to turn into a grumpy old man. It is difficult to go against the experts, especially if they have our best interests at heart and, besides, they wouldn’t lie, would they?

And yet, while there is a lot going on I can’t figure out and, even less, know how it all will pan out (God only knows), I have enough to go on to distrust the unholy trinity and, even if I was unsure, I do well to question what they say and thus urge others to do so. Speaking personally, my distrust of this unholy trinity is a factor in my often believing the opposite to what they say. My own approach at trying to ascertain what is going in the world is detailed in my “Truth and Truthers” blog. While our ability to change things appear small, we can do something to stop a tiny, evil cabal from enslaving the masses, which I fear is their very intention and one that our unholy trinity dismisses. I should add there are good people among politicians, media and elite and would that there were more of them!

The biggest hope for this runaway in the wrong way world is for a revived Church (comprising real Christians) but, as things stand, I feel alienation from too many of my brethren on such matters, and that is a shame. I should add though, I would far rather that people reading this get right with God and be faithful to Him, beholden to the truth, preaching the gospel, praying, loving our neighbors etc., than they agree with the way I look upon the Unholy Trinity and the way the World, I fear they control or influence, is going. I hope too that these thoughts may serve as an olive branch to my detractors.  


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