Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception

Great Reset Great Awakening and Great Deception

I have been blogging about “Great Reset”, “Great Awakening” and “Great Deception” for some time now and, in order not to appear like the proverbial rewinding gramophone record, I refer folk to my website (writings and blogs) for my thoughts on these subjects, including how they do relate to each other and world events.

Part of my watching on the wall to warn and encourage folk, I check out new developments on what is going on in the world and how different folk perceive what is happening, on a regular basis. There is a limit of course, namely there are not enough hours in the day and as we need to be balanced Christians, attending to all sorts of other stuff, we need to ration our intake and “test and weigh”.

Yesterday, I came across a video titled “An Inconvenient reality” which, unusually for me, I listened to – the whole two-hour show. I did so because it came up with points that, while I were aware were shared by Christians who like me see something nefarious that is happening in the world, including the Great Reset, articulated by many among the world’s elite (see “Klaus Schwab and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution””), yet do not believe something called the Great Awakening is a good thing. Again, for discussion on what this term, as well as those of Great Reset and Great Awakening, means, and who is right and wrong, you need check out my blogs, e.g. recently: “Why I welcome a Great Awakening”.  There is an irony, insofar the video was posted in a group named “Awake Christians” (as opposed to unawake Christians), suggesting that members agree with at least some aspects of a Great Awakening.

The one presenting (who goes under the tag “Probably Alexandra” and has 60.3K subscribers) makes her points better than most and, like anything I watch / read, it ideally should challenge / inform my thinking better than the alternatives, and in this lady’s case she appears to be theologically sound taboot. According to the introductory blurb: “This video chronicles the ancient occult philosophy “from dark to light”, the ‘powers that be’ who implement it, and how it directly affects reality today”. Without wishing to misrepresent what Alexandra says, she seems to argue that the Devil works most effectively, not by showing himself as the Prince of Darkness but rather as an Angel of Light and, as people become aware that humanity is being had by an evil, hitherto hidden, evil cabal, who wishes to enslave them, they embrace a deception like “the Great Awakening” or “the Age of Aquarius, with its more agreeable ideas of light and love as opposed to foreboding ones of command and control, still playing into the Devil’s hands, and noting some of the leading advocates embrace New Age notions.

Most of what Alexandra says, I agree with and appreciate how well she articulates her points. Where I have qualms, it was that she saw as part of her remit was to dismiss the credentials of an entity called “Q” and its followers referred to as “Anon” and depict one of the poster boys for the Great Awakening, General Michael Flynn, as one who is fronting a deception. So here is where I differ … some sort of Great Awakening I support and hope for – but given we disagree on definitions (see my earlier posts) it may be that we may actually agree on substance. As for what sort of respite we might see before the true Christ returns, following the rule of the Antichrist, I can’t say. I have yet to make up my mind about Q. Going back to Q posts, while are often couched in ambiguity (it is said – to throw off the enemy) seeing the world (it seems) not so dissimilarly to me and its claim the white hats are in charge ready to pounce, while a nice idea and desirable is not one that is fully proven. As for Flynn’s “dodgy” ideology (he is a Catholic, after all) I have yet to fully explore but, in my eyes he is a hero for exposing, standing up to the Deep State and, importantly, encourage the “patriots” to do things like stand for school boards, to improve their communities and to counter evil.

While Christians ever since the beginning have been oppressed, focusing on living godly lives, realizing their limits in the face of tyrannical government and looking forward to God’s kingdom when truth, righteousness, justice, meekness will prevail under Christ’s rule (ref. Psalm 45), we would be remiss if we ignore what is true and not do something about evil if we can, mindful of Jesus’ teaching about millstones and children (Luke 17:2), to stop assorted child abuse by the evil cabal, and to oppose the genocidal plans of those have been orchestrating the Covid-19 scamdemic. One reason why I recently wrote my “Weaponizing Truth” article, was to argue the point we are beholden to find out the truth in a paradigm where truth is often ignored or distorted and respond appropriately.

I have no wish to get into a row with fans and followers of “Probably Alexandra”, having seen what often happens when fine Christians with strong opinions take umbrage when their favourite teachers are challenged, but I hope readers will bear with me, noting that some dislike my sitting on the fence, others my anti-wokeism and still others that I see some good in the Great Awakening advocates who subscribe to notions as New Age, syncretism and Gnosticism (see here). My final word is that we need to love one another, be faithful to Him we seek to serve and to trust in God alone.


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