Where to go to for news?

Where to go to for news?

The following is an extract from the “Links” page of my website, which gives links to websites I regularly refer to, which has recently been updated …

As for news sources, I am still working on this. I have yet to find one that I regularly check out, a sad reflection on the times we live in, as well as showing where my current interests lie. However, there are a number of alternative news sources I visit and I have included some under one umbrella.

Alternative News: UKColumn is one recently discovered source I occasionally check out and is one of the more solid alternative news resources, and one not linked to vilified conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Charlie Ward, who might also be referred to (see below), notably for its alternative take on the “Corona pandemic”, vaccine passports and most recently the war in Ukraine. I have hopes for GB News still, with Nigel Farage and some honest journalists on board. Across the Pond, the Drudge Report has sadly gone off the boil and Fox News has been compromised, although Tucker Carlson is still good for truthful reporting. I also find Steve Bannon’s War Room helpful and the Epoch Times offers a lot of good stuff. When it comes to associating news and modern day prophecy, I have found Richard’s Watch and Elijah Streams (albeit with some reservations) particularly helpful. Most recently, I came across the Mel K  show and the deliberations of Clay Clark (accessible on Bitchute) and Remnant-TV.com, fronted by a devout Catholic, giving takes on news mainstream sources omit.

The BBC website contains many strings to its bow. Besides being able to keep up to date with its  coverage of world news (albeit less trust worthy than I had once thought) and a wide range of sports, I find here I can watch or listen to TV or radio, live and archived. I don’t watch much TV and if I do it is usually from my desktop linked to the Internet. I listen to radio more, usually Radio 4, and while doing other things. regularly listen to the Archers and Test Match Special podcasts. I have found myself listening to past episodes of programs like “Desert Island Discs” and “In Our Time”, and occasionally radio drama, which is usually good. Sadly, one of my epiphany moments since my last update is I found I no longer trust the BBC for unbiased and comprehensive news coverage.”

As a young Christian, I was mindful of this Billy Graham quote and impressed by the example of some mature Christians I knew, whose daily routine included reading a portion of the Bible and reading / watching / listening to the news, whose example I followed. I later came to see that news reporting often omitted news worthy items and instead veered to reporting trivia they consider the populace might like, overlooking stuff that in my view truly mattered. My response was to widen my news watching. For example, while the Telegraph was my favourite daily newspaper, I often read the Guardian in order to help satisfy my social justice interest. Then at the time Donald Trump became US president in 2016, the term Fake News was banded around with opposite sides accusing the other of propagating Fake News (a theme I developed in my recent “Weaponizing Truth” blog). It was soon after that I stopped reading a daily newspaper and regularly watching the BBC, having come to the view these lie, not always in your face pushing blatant untruth but more reporting to support a narrative that ties in with what the bad people who run the world want us to accept. Sadly, social media, such as “fact checker” led Facebook, are culpable for censoring voices they disapprove of (I am currently in Facebook jail). Then there is the matter of Alternative news (see quote above).

Shortly after deciding to write on this subject, I watched a fifteen-minute video titled “Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To Journalist Patrick Henningsen About Ukraine, Syria, & Covid where Patrick Henningsen made the point he had made the previous day when I watched him on UK Column: Regarding the war in Ukraine, the BBC has said little on the well documented atrocities inflicted by factions of the Ukraine military on Russian soldiers. In his presentation on UK Column, he also made the point, backed up with evidence: when it came to US funded bio-labs in Ukraine, US authorities were let off the hook by the BBC when questioning why this was so, who failed to ask searching questions, unlike their Indian counterparts. From the outset, I noted the BBC consistently pushing the narrative that Putin and the Russians were the bad guys and anything Ukrainian were heroic defenders of their homeland, failing to provide answers to the questions I posed in the article I posted a month ago: “What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond?”. Moreover, whenever I look at the BBC website, often I find news of some or other Russian atrocity, often later proved fake, only to reinforce government propaganda. Then there is the matter of Hunter Biden’s laptop and how this relates.

My point is the BBC can no longer be trusted, and the same might be said for other news outlets, both UK and US. More’s the pity, this is what the unawake gravitate to for their news and why the points I made in my “Why I welcome a Great Awakening article are so pertinent. The question is then begged, “where to go to for news” which I begin to answer in my statement at the start. While, there is a plethora of news reporting “out there”, some of which given by alternative news sources are not trustworthy either, there is enough good reporting worth checking out to give us a balanced picture. In the day of censoring voices the elite disapproves of, too much to shut all these down, my plea remains: bring back honest journalism! 


3 thoughts on “Where to go to for news?

  1. As don’t watch news and videos I prefer textual reports as can quickly scan read and grasp their structured logic.
    Like you I find Epoch Times v good as well as Koenig’s World Watch Daily with its focus on Bible-related news, plus weekly in-depth reports. UK’s Telegraph tries to maintain Christian flavour.
    My preferred journalists occasionally get mentioned in my blogs.

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