Why I welcome a Great Awakening

Why I welcome a Great Awakening

One of the big questions that has exercised me in the past year is if/whether there is going to be a Great Reset (as advocated by the “black hats”) or a Great Awakening (as advocated by the “white hats”) and which of these, if any, is desirable. This is something I have already discussed (check out links to follow), mindful that sincere, well-versed Christians, who broadly share my theological, and what is happening in the world, views disagree, often to the point that agreeing to disagree appears to be no longer an option.

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  7. Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end

I don’t wish to be like a rewinding gramophone record (thus the publishing of the above links – for the sake of those who wish to know my thinking that has brought me to this point); nor do I wish to argue over semantics, having observed that all too often people attach different meanings to terms like “Great Reset” and “Great Awakening”, and fall out as a result, and that their axioms, life experiences, prejudices, preferences, understandings etc. often have a major bearing on why they think / believe / act in the way they do.

Some of my amazing observations from 2021 is that more than ever I have come to see things truly are often not what they seem, the evil in the world and the number of those who are evil doers are greater than I once thought, people do not act logically or how (imho) right thinking people ought, Christians from most if not all camps have been deceived and fallen for Satan’s “divide and rule” trap, and my powers of punditry are poor. When I present my views, it is against the overriding belief that the world is getting steadily worse (despite expectations the opposite may be true) and that the AntiChrist and Great Tribulation just prior to Jesus return to planet earth has yet to arise. I also concur that Satan often presents himself as an angel of light and get why some good Christians see the Great Awakening and the Great Reset as two sides of the same satanic coin.   

Just as my record as a political pundit and concerning predicting what is going to happen next in the affairs of humankind is poor, I do not claim to be a prophet in the Biblical sense, although in recent years I have taken up the challenge of being a watchman on the wall, having been disappointed and exercised that there are not enough of such folk speaking out and recognised Christian leaders too often mislead. My role model is the Sons of Issachar, “which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32). Having seen a rapid turn of events and exposure of evil in 2021, like many, I wonder what is going to happen in 2022 and whether we are going to see a Great Reset or a Great Awakening (or a mixture) – the former advocated by those I regard as the bad guys and the latter by those I regard as good guys (mindful only God is all good). I am also conscious that many in that latter group, while recognising the importance of spirituality, the “God factor” and He wins in the end, also have theological views that may be seen as unsound and good Christians are divided on what is going to happen and what is desirable, with some putting more store (understandably) on the coming again of Jesus who will put things right, and some also pushing the belief in the rapture of the Church before things really get bad, as foretold in Revelation 6-18.

As I explained in my previous articles, the term Great Awakening has different connotations for those who advocate such a happening. I will focus on two: one mainly “sacred” and the other mainly “secular”, although these are often mixed, depending on one’s views. The sacred one involves people turning to God in great numbers, including among those we might least expect, those already classed as God followers abandoning the lukewarm spirit that characterises this Laodicean age of the church and becoming fully sold out for God, as well as a separation of the remnant and apostate church, and the God who parted the Red Sea when all seemed lost can do so again. This view is supported by many modern-day prophets and could be argued from scripture as well as observing what is already beginning to happen, and ironically, at a time when the church in the West is also sliding into apostacy. Opinions are divided as to whether this will be accompanied by the “secular” version of the Great Awakening, noting that whenever the real Church has thrived historically it was accompanied by persecution, which will surely happen if the evil cabal manage to push through their dastardly Great Reset ideas, they have confidently hoped and expected to do.

The big issue of the last two years has been the Coronavirus, with opinions sharply divided. Many have suffered and those who don’t go along with the official narrative, and what the unholy trinity of politicians, media and societal leaders have to say, often paying a hefty price. Yet people are waking up to the scam in increasing numbers and the tyranny of governments to control the populace under the guise of tackling the virus. Along with it are other evils such as child trafficking, financial theft and the unwholesome power of Big Pharma – and all under the control of a tiny elite overseeing the whole shebang. People waking up is an important pre-requisite to reversing this increasingly coming to light Luciferian move to depopulate and enslave humanity – at least that is what those supporting this version of the Great Awakening say. While the idea of evil doers being brought to task with their evil plans stopped and replaced by righteousness is an overwhelmingly appealing one, the danger is one evil could be replaced by another and the theologically sound view is NOT to hope in fallen man but rather in the Almighty and merciful God (YHWH) and look forward to the soon to return to planet earth, of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His perfect reign.

In conclusion, I broadly support both “sacred” and “secular” versions of and visions for the Great Awakening, recognising inherent dangers in both. Even when there have been revivals in authentic Christianity in days gone by, there has also been great deception, and that may just as easily happen should the “White Hats” come to power, including dealing with the “Black Hats” in the way they deserve. But for the child of God, we are called to put our trust in Him and obey what He tells us, including speaking truth.  


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