My top ten favourite Archers’ characters

My top ten favourite Archers’ characters

A recent “The Archers” Facebook fan page posting about one of its favourite characters from the past, Julia Pargetter, got me thinking about who were my favourite Archers characters. I only began regularly following TA fifty years ago, in the 1970’s, so I can’t comment on those characters who have been and gone before then. I won’t include current cast members, but here are my top ten TA characters, who fulfil three criteria: the character was interesting, he / she was well acted and with a clear, distinct voice. I wonder what other Archers fans think?

1. Julia Pargetter (of course) a snob with delusions of grandeur and a drink problem but I quite liked the lady

2. Nigel Pargetter (Julia’s son) – a bit of a hooray henry in his day; a thoroughly decent sort and up for a laugh

3. Nelson Gabriel – (my favourite character) he sailed close to the wind with the law but how I miss his dry wit

4. Walter Gabriel – (Nelson’s dad) I loved his rustic voice and refreshing perspective on life – simple but wise

5. Joe Grundy – a character if ever there was one – the label “lovable rogue” hardly does him justice

6. Caroline Sterling – I loved her common-sense outlook on life – and her sexy voice

7. Majorie Antrobus – a thoroughly decent sort – bit bossy at times but true salt of the earth

8. Jack Woolley – Ambridge’s main benefactor with a kind heart (and can I add Captain)

9. Rob Titchener – who says we can’t include villains – what is the Archers without them

10. Matt Crawford – talking of villains – a fascinating ducker and diver if ever there was one


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