What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond?

What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond?

This is going to be a difficult article to write (and it is going to upset some while hopefully informing others and making them think and encouraging them to pray) but, for reasons I will get to, I feel I must, despite there being many aspects to consider, not knowing all of the facts and given the Russian “invasion” is very recent. We see major developments by the hour and who knows what twists and turns and new information await us? I am conscious that many will not share my opinions and good Christian people, including some who are Ukranian, see things and prioritise what matters differently, but as I see it – what matters most is what God thinks and His Kingdom.

“What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond” is a question likely upmost in many minds (despite there being many other world happenings that merit concern and are often strangely related), with all sorts of people coming up with views, sometimes opposing, and for most of my compatriots who are beholden to the unholy trinity (politicians, media and elite), they will be fed one that is decidedly distorted. Sadly, with so much else happening around us that should be reported, Ukraine is one story our unholy trinity chooses to focus on and, for reasons I will get to, they deliberately choose not to cover other important stories. Moreover, with rare exceptions, Putin has been portrayed as the villain in the piece and, as far as I can make out, most go along with this notion. Besides raising pertinent points people may not have thought of, I wish to encourage folk to pray.

From my “Christian” perspective, there is the need and opportunity to pray, mindful what happens next is something, so it seems, we can do little about humanly, and I will end with things we could be praying for, although far from a complete list and mindful others have done similarly and with some suggesting prayers that tie in with what they believe is and should be happening as evidenced by a recent call for prayer by the English Anglican archbishops (probably a rather precarious undertaking, given the Almighty alone truly knows the answer to those questions). As for why I am writing this: at the start of this month, I wrote an article titled “Is the House of Cards about to fall?” and a few days ago I posted a sequel, and all this ties in. It seems to me that ever since I began to wake up to who are the bad guys running the world, Russia has been portrayed by them as the bogeyman threat, often to divert our attention on what the real threats are, and may partly explain why good people often don’t go along with some (a lot) of what I am about to say.

There were many happenings under consideration, besides Ukraine, although Mainstream Media have done what it normally does, latched on to a particular story, in this case the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and have done an effective job by raising the alarm and fear, with people taking the bait, unlike with those other important stories that merit attention. When I wrote my two “House of Cards” articles, I speculated that February might be a month of momentous happenings, including significant exposure of the black hats that have been running the world in order to bring about their dastardly plans to enslave and depopulate humanity that are being marketed as “the Great Reset”, but little did I expect at the start of the month that Ukraine will be the main news story at the end of the month. Ironically, also for reasons I will get to, the bad guys are being exposed for what they are, even if many people still can not see it.

While feeling I have hardly begun, I spent a good part of my day yesterday trying to figure out what is going on by studying various videos and articles on the current situation in Ukraine, as well as looking at some of the history, which I believe is needed to gain a true understanding. I found all sorts of people offered all sorts of perspectives, many of which fall in they can’t all be right category. I confess there is much I don’t know and therefore a lot more research is needed, yet I believe what I have to say is not only pertinent and needful but, because we are poorly served by our leaders (including Christian ones) and media, I feel exercised to give it my best shot by at least opening up this vital subject, mindful none of us have all the answers and most of us have been misled one way or another.

I could go a lot deeper than I do here and, if people wanted, I could spend a lot of time referencing and critiquing my sources. Broadly, these are mainstream media, much if it giving the perspective the UK government would offer including their justification of the actions being taken, such as imposing sanctions, e.g. the BBC, although some offering other views, as well as alternative media, some of which are labelled by their critics as pedaling conspiracy theories, although one (Dr. Peter Hammond Exposes The Real Story Behind the Ukraine Crisis) is by a Christian missionary who has worked in the region and has provided a much needed historical perspective and a spiritual analysis of Ukraine and Russia.

As far as the media that most UK citizens gravitate toward, Russia are the bad guys, Ukraine the victim, and the Western Alliance led by the USA and their NATO allies doing their level best, imposing sanctions to combat the Russian threat that has now turned into an invasion. Russia have justified their position but unsurprisingly this is usually given short shrift by the agenda led, afore-mentioned media. Who knows where it will end? A worst case scenario is it could be catastrophic. My thoughts on the subject and as to who is right or wrong are many and various, and based on a view of the world many good people do not share, but let me cut to the chase …

  1. Innocent people have been caught up and have suffered in the current conflict (with more to come).
  2. Ukraine have been let down and betrayed hugely, historically, both by the West and Russia.
  3. Ironically, the UN have admitted the Ukraine borders have not been agreed and it should be noted it was part of the Soviet Union that has since been taken over by Russia.
  4. There has been a spiritual awakening taking place, both in Russia and the Ukraine, with the tables turned on the West as far as government support for people of faith is concerned and we see a decline of the church in the West. Ironically, these days, the “evil empire” label may more likely apply to the USA than to Russia.
  5. There is no wholly all right or wholly all wrong party in the current conflict, likely with all sides being ill advised.
  6. Russia has legitimate claims concerning its security and people, just as did the USA in the 1962 Cuba missile crisis.
  7. Russian designs under Putin are far from wholly pure and include a desire for power grab. Neither is that of the West fronted by NATO, who have been continually expanding their power.
  8. While the Western Alliance rattle their sabres and impose sanctions, it is hard to see how they are going to prevail although, if there were to be an all out war, the West has greater resources and the outcome would likely prove disastrous. Despite being “propped up”, the Ukrainian government is largely ineffective.
  9. The Ukraine government was illegally installed by a globalist leaning cabal, not for the good of Ukrainian people but rather to further their own nefarious agenda and prop up anti Russia allies.
  10. The bankrupt Joe Biden and his puppet masters are a major factor in this conflict, going back to his wicked role in the Obama administration, and Ukraine may well prove their downfall.
  11. I doubt the conflict would have taken this turn if Trump were in power (the fact he isn’t was because the election of November 3rd 2020 was stolen by Biden – and this needs to rectified).
  12. Given mayhem allowed to occur over the USA Southern border, it is hypocritical for the Biden administration to claim the moral high ground, saying they are safeguarding national sovereignty.
  13. The Ukraine government (and the powers who control it) are responsible for money laundering, child trafficking and bio weapon labs. Could it be the invasion will expose some of this?
  14. The focus on Ukraine as opposed to the serious issues mentioned in my House of Cards blogs, along with matters like the bombings in the Yemen and the Chinese looking to take over Taiwan, only expose the bankruptcy of Western media driving the “narrative”.
  15. The more I study these matters the more I see dots that need connecting. I have no doubt Canadian trucker protests and Russian invasion of Ukraine, for example, are connected.
  16. Expect false flags and it is no coincidence that the situation we are seeing that has long been on the cards may be contrived to support the evil cabal, with war being a convenient distraction.
  17. Expect strange alliances to take place, e.g. Russia and Turkey (as well as China and India appearing to sympathize with Russia).
  18. I didn’t expect it, but it is apparent that Ukraine is a further key element in the House of Cards coming down and the sort of world we are about to enter when the proverbial dust settles.
  19. We are seeing further fulfillment or a forerunner concerning Bible end time prophecy, e.g. the Battle of Gog and Magog, as described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 (see my book on the subject).
  20. There is a huge conflict between the often unseen bad guys and (who are they anyway) good guys, with the current crisis as a convenient cover in which to carry out any bad agenda as well as something to cause us to look away from their evil schemes; not to forget the war between the spiritual forces of light and darkness.
  21. Besides which, there is much I don’t know, but I know someone who does and He will surely prevail!
  22. Could Putin handing the football over to Trump be a prophetic sign, and now Trump has handed it back again?

But back to prayer, and pray we must, and we do so with a humble and contrite spirit, recognising God lifts up and puts down kings and defeat armies. We pray for truth, righteousness and justice to prevail and that God gets all the glory. Besides praying for individuals (e.g. we know non-Ukrainian folk now caught up in the conflict) and for our Ukrainian and Russian brothers and sisters in Christ, we do well to consider the points in the above meme, shared by a friend who (I suspect) does not agree with all the views I have put forward. We live in troublesome days but we worship Almighty God. Things are, as invariably is the case, not what they seem, but He sees it all. As to what extent the different sides are right or wrong, He alone knows.


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