Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)?

Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)?

Two weeks ago, I posed the question “Is the House of Cards about to fall?” and wondered if this would be the month for this to happen. By “House of Cards”, I was thinking of the world we are now seeing, much of it a product of the, often unseen, evil cabal pulling the strings of those we think are the main players (an unholy trinity of politicians, media and elite) who some believe to be the people who are actually controlling events … with so much that is being portrayed an illusion, with the truth often hidden from us.

That was at the beginning of February and we are near the end and, while a lot has happened in the interim, the House of Cards appears still to be standing but only just. It seems, the forces of Hell are doing what it usually does – seeking to retain the ground it has gained, often through subterfuge and deception, with so many twists and turns in the plot few will have seen coming but with the words of Longfellow ringing loud and our needing to defer to the Almighty.  

One factor I forgot to mention when I last posted on the subject was the Durham report, whereby special investigator John Durham is feeding in findings about spying on and undermining by stealth the Trump campaign and later his administration, implicating the highest echelons of US society. If the mainstream media were doing their job and showed half the interest as they did with the lauded Mueller report, which in the end revealed no Russian collusion, we would be seeing a scandal unravel far exceeding that of Watergate.

That the mainstream media lies by selecting material they report on and offering their view they expect us to follow is nothing new and is why I do not follow it other than to find out what the “other side” thinks on matters of concern. This was evidenced yesterday when I switched on Radio 4 so I could listen to what was once my favourite program – “The Today program”. The first words I heard were to the effect that Russia was the aggressor in the matter of Ukraine. Then there was Putin’s speech in which he gives a salient history lesson and a proverbial kick in the teeth to the Biden administration and his globalist leaning NATO allies, his sending troops into certain regions of Ukraine that are of Russian interest, and one of many alternative takes on what is going on: “Putin drops truth bombs. Signs ‘immediate’ recognition of Donbass regions”.

Putin’s interpretation of events and justification of actions are in direct contrast to the picture our unholy trinity would paint. I even read one mainstream media source (ok it was the Sun while having breakfast at our local café) confirming my observation, and saying nothing about the Khazarian Mafia that controls the Ukraine government, installed due to a corrupt election. The true picture is more complex than any of us know and, while there are no purely good guys in the conflict, I am more inclined to support Putin than leaders inside the western alliance, and add to my house of cards mix and prayer list. But it is not a time to take sides, for it also brings me back to my studies of Bible prophecy and end times battles (covered in my “Prophets of the Bible” book), all being part of the final unraveling with the Messiah emerging triumphant.

The other big news story of course is the Canadian Truckers, with the ante well and truly upped since I lasted posted, with draconian measures now being taken to demonise as domestic terrorists and to take down the truckers, along with those who have the temerity to agree with and / or support them – with hardly anything said by western politicians concerning Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada by way of criticism, unlike them getting on their high horses and having a go at President Putin of Russia as an unwelcome aggressor, making all sorts of threats, which have a rather hollow feel and will embolden Putin to seek new and strengthen existing alliances.

The good thing is Canadians in general are waking up e.g. to recent absurd happenings in the Canadian Parliament: “Well, This is Awkward”, as well as government overreach as it becomes increasingly evident they are gravitating further toward the Great Reset camp. And the world over, it seems, is beginning to wake up and resist, inspired in part by the truckers – while mainstream and social media suppress reporting that puts the Canadian truckers and the politicians with their enforcers in good and bad lights, word is getting out and no doubt Trump’s recent announcement that his truth social network is about to rock and roll is a timely one.

Which brings me back to Covid and matters to do with vaccine passports. It appears Boris has now done a complete U-turn from his, not long-ago, hard-line stance on what we can and must (or not) do, and one reason for this is the narrative about the efficacy of vaccinations and the net good of measures mandated is falling apart. While Boris and England appear to be ahead of many countries easing Covid restrictions, things can so easily change especially given that is the agenda of the cabal – we watch developments with interest, especially in the light of worldwide protests and the House of Cards about to fall narrative that may give us some respite.

My point is a lot has happened since I last wrote and Christians more knowledgeable and righteous than me are seeing not just what is in plain sight for those with eyes to see but also the workings of the Almighty, whose part is pivotal in all what is happening. The following are the most recent postings on Richard’s Watch, which strangely resonate with some of the thoughts I have shared above.

  1. 22.02.2022 A Palindrome Shift! – Kaylie Hollins
  2. Shammah Warriors arise! Defend your Kingdom inheritance – Veronika West
  3. Prophetic confirmation on the historic ‘Durham Boat’ – Dutch Sheets (GPS #80.3)

Whether with six days left in the month we will see the full house of cards falling seems doubtful, but it is beginning to happen, as all the examples cited above occurring since I last wrote indicate, with no doubt a lot more incredible stuff in the days and months to come. Whether we are in for a Great Reset, Great Awakening, mixture or none, is a subject that continues to divide real Christians. We must be up for anything and in the meantime, we must test and weigh, watch and pray and trust and obey (the Lord) and let Him do the rest, which He will surely do in His own amazing way to His glory.

One thing I am sure of, and this was brought home to me when I joined the pastor of my church when recently engaging with folk in our High Street in order to share the gospel, and sensing both the void in the human heart and a hitherto unseen openness to at least consider the message of salvation. The Lord is up to something big and we need to partner with Him, allowing Him to lead the way.


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