Is the House of Cards about to fall?

Is the House of Cards about to fall?

Is it just me or are things hotting up as far as happenings in the world goes and (on balance) which direction is it about to go, the good guys winning or the bad, the Great Reset or the Great Awakening or even the Great Deception?

In my recent “The Millennium and the Great Awakening blog, I wrote “The prospects of the house of cards, built up by the evil cabal and their minions, falling over soon seem good (to be discussed in another blog)” – and this is it! By “house of cards“, I had in mind things like the November 3rd 2020 US Election steal, the narrative being pushed on the world regarding the Corona scamdemic, the taking away of various freedoms hitherto taken for granted and, if I were to think about it, there is a whole raft of issues where the powers that be (an unholy trinity of government, media and society’s elite) would want to inflict their questionable agenda, and expect the rest of us to comply and even welcome it.

I sense, especially during this month of February, things hotting up on the world stage and something is going to give (although what exactly, who can say) when people see they have been had, wanting those responsible brought to task. While I hope it will include the whole house of cards coming down for reasons discussed in my recent “Why I welcome a Great Awakening” blog, I cannot be sure. I am neither a political pundit nor a political prophet. Many who are and are on the same page as me as to what is going on, however, believe the House of Cards the evil cabal has built in order to orchestrate what they what they call “the Great Reset”, the bad version of “the Great Awakening”, whose advocates are being increasingly exposed for what they are, often gaining power through stealth, but with said house about to come tumbling down.

I would though urge caution because ever since the election steal and having seen the falsehoods and nefarious dealings regarding how to deal with Covid-19 that have taken root, there have been many disappointments and false dawns, as I have reflected, and there is no guarantee that one evil will not be replace by another. As ever, we should remember we are in a war, temporal and spiritual. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Ephesians 6:12.

When it comes to matters to do with Corona, increasingly people are disbelieving what they have been told, as truth wins out, and are resisting government measures the world over to take away personal freedoms. Make no bones about it, the stakes are high and many, many have avoidably suffered as a result. Right now, the focus is on the Canadian truckers but also there has been the push back by the Canadian government to crush the protest and with the nation deeply divided. While I am hopeful that the good guys will win out (in this case the truckers) the baddies will do all they can to prevent this for, if the truckers do prevail, this could well accelerate what they have tried to prevent – the House of Cards coming down.

As for US election steal, I have been hopeful the result be overturned ever since the day after the election it became evident that there had been serious shenanigans on an industrial scale. Even so, the evidence continues to accumulate along with the evident abject failure and ruin for America and the world by the usurper Biden administration, and the question is how long? Perhaps the most worrying happening right now is the stand off between Russia and NATO over the Ukraine and possibility of nuclear war (see here). Then there are lots of behind-the-scenes stuff most will not be aware of, like a global financial reset and the matter of killing the unborn and satanic child trafficking being opposed. And not to forget goings on in other nations, not least China. There is much happening we don’t see. Could it be that in this month of February we may see many of the topics raised above come to a fitting climax?   

I think the poet Longfellow nailed it concerning the workings of the Almighty. While humanly speaking I hope enough people wake up to what is really happening in the world, resulting in the majority overcoming the minority that wishes to tyrannise the majority, one way or another, the pessimist in me says since that is not happening, to anywhere near the extent needed, the globalist, evil cabal will be able to push forward their plans of Great Reset (a bad thing because it means we have given in to a satanic inspired tyranny; something I have reflected on in the past and is a subject for a future blog).

On the other hand, I have seen enough good people waking up and resisting the tyrants to hope and expect their plans to be thwarted. As for you and me, whose power to change the world seems, at least on the surface, incredibly limited, we can and should put our trust in the Almighty and whether we are liked or loathed as a result we must endeavour to seek after truth, righteousness and justice and point men and woman to YHWH and His Son, Jesus, our only hope.  


3 thoughts on “Is the House of Cards about to fall?

  1. Rhona Clegg says:

    Well what can I say? I think you’ve said it all! You’re spot on! absolutely correct!
    God is in control, we must trust in Him.

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