The Millennium and the Great Awakening

The Millennium and the Great Awakening

As those who read my writings and blogs know, “the Millennium” and “the Great Awakening” are two subjects I take particular interest in and have written about. For example, “Prophets of the Bible – the Second Edition” is my recently published book, and included in it is a discussion on the subject of the Millennium, as it forms an important part of Bible prophecy. “The Millennium: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul” is a scholarly and balanced short presentation on the views Christian have concerning the Millennium, noting good Christians with overall sound doctrinal views often disagree on the subject.

Why I welcome a Great Awakening” is my most recent blog where I discuss the Great Awakening. Again, this is a subject where good Christians with overall sound doctrinal views disagree. I have given my views on both these controversial subjects, including in the writings referred to above, and I will not elaborate here, and neither do I wish to fall out with my Christian brother who sees things differently, noting none of us have all the facts and all of us offer differing perspectives. Rather, I wish to connect and relate the two subjects and discuss some of the concerns that have resulted.

Looking back to my youth, and from what I can make out, the Millennium was a subject that seemed to have pre-occupied the thinking of Christians only of a certain ilk (I was brought up in the Plymouth Brethren and this was an important interest of theirs). Yet, I have, surprisingly, heard it talked of in recent days, often related to the Great Awakening, the good alternative to the bad “Great Reset”. The evil cabal are being increasingly exposed, along with their dastardly plans to enslave and depopulate humankind appearing less likely to happen, as people are waking up to and resisting something nefarious going on that the cabal instigated.  

One of Charlie Ward’s recent guests is Melissa Redpill (see here), where they talk about what is going on in the world (what else). Interestingly, toward the end, Melissa makes a statement often said or implied by other New Age leaning conspiracy theorists (who as it happens I often find myself agreeing with concerning what is going on in the world and what might well soon be seeing) that there will be a Millennium if/when the evil cabal have been dealt with. The prospects of the house of cards, built up by the evil cabal and their minions, falling over soon seem good (to be discussed in another blog) but given the Devil is behind this cabal, who no doubt will do all they can to hang onto the power he gives them, it isn’t going to be easy. One needs to be vigilant to his evil plans to consolidate gains he has made, and recognise we are in a war – temporal and spiritual.

Another group I often find myself agreeing with are the modern-day prophets who subscribe to the notion of the Great Awakening (sacred and secular), although it is often not clear whether the period of peace and justice they look forward to is the same as that of the Millennium, as discussed in the Bible, particularly Revelation 19 although, as I am often at pains to point out, the millennium reign of Israel’s Messiah is spoken about several times in the Old Testament. A confounding factor, from my perspective at least, is getting more insight into the Mystery of Babylon which, like the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, is set for destruction, and which I discuss in “The Mystery of Babylon and today’s events”.

The Big Event that particularly triggered this train of thought was the US Election steal of November 3rd 2020 (as well as Covid-19) and has become even more so in the past year, which I believe is about to be fully exposed. The epiphany moment for me came when I was able to associate the evil cabal often referred to by New Age conspiracy theorists and modern-day “political” prophets with the Babylon system described in Revelation 17 and 18. It did challenge my theology (a good thing) – because if that system is about to fall, how does it tie in with the (earlier?) Great Tribulation and the rise and reign of the Antichrist, as detailed in Revelation 6 to 16?

One problem that old codgers like myself, who have been and gone and who I had looked up to back in the day, who know their Bible and had been physically very active in the Lord’s service, face, as we turn to pontificating about Bible prophecy and End Times events, is that we could be wrong! But before I turn to the concerns I earlier alluded to, I should relate another recent pertinent experience and this relates to what one of the candidates in this Thursday’s local by-election said in a speech I heard. I refer to my “2022 Southend West by-election” article for details, context and background.

The surprise moment came when said speaker made the claim if things happened the way he thought they should (a return to the Constitution and Common Law) this could be what will usher in the Millennium. While agreeing with his analysis of history and where we are as a nation, I could not agree that this would bring about the Millennium. Here is, so it seemed, yet another example of people expecting a period of peace and justice before Christ returns to planet earth, which in my understanding cannot happen, at least long term, without the rightful king (Jesus) installed on His Throne.

All of which brings me to the final chapter of my afore-mentioned book: “Prophets of the Bible – A New Ending”. Besides recognising that good Christians sometimes / often strongly disagree on what to make out of today’s events and how to respond, many have been deceived and the rest are in danger of being deceived. My reading of scripture is the Devil is at his most dangerous, not when he presents himself as the Prince of Darkness, something those who are waking up to what is behind the Corona scamdemic, Great Reset, erosion of freedoms and transhuman agenda are becoming wise to, but more often he appears as an Angel of Light, what he has been doing ever since the Garden of Eden.

I am pretty sure most fair-minded people want peace and justice but be warned – for we read the Antichrist will come to power because those who want peace and justice look to someone to turn to and do so following this false Christ who deceives them. As I pointed out to the local political candidate, discussed earlier: while there may be respite because God is merciful and hates the evil cabal more than any of us, the millennium can only come about when Jesus returns to planet earth on His white horse and reigns as King (of kings). When I pray the Lord’s prayer: “… Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done …” I do so hoping for righteousness and the will of God to prevail in the present and looking forward to the coming of His millennial kingdom in the future, while recognizing many choose what is wrong. How God deals with the prevailing status quo is up to Him; but we need to play our part, including to Watch and Pray.


3 thoughts on “The Millennium and the Great Awakening

  1. Carolyn squier says:

    I believe Satan will promise a millennium as a counterfeit just as the counterfeit figure on a white horse appears in Rev 6. I really agree with the closing statements of this article. We, as believers, have been given warning as to deception and truth by Jesus, the prophets and apostles. We must look at historical, current and future events in the light of scripture, not the other way around. Satan is a liar from the beginning and will always say…. did God really say? Just as he did in the garden of Eden. We must stand on the truth, Yes, He did say!! God’s word stands forever. Jesus said ‘ Heaven and Earth will pass away but My Word will by no means pass away Matt 24: 35. Revelation in Greek is apokalypsis meaning unveiling. Everything we need to know is in the scriptures. The stage is set, the curtain is going up. We see ore clearly. As disciples we are called for such a time as this and must be diligent, as the early Church were, in the body of Christ attending to the apostles doctrine, fellowship, breaking bread and prayers. While it is still a day of grace we must proclaim the truth of the gospel … that Jesus Christ of Nazareth … crucified….whom God raised from the dead…. has become the chief cornerstone. Nor is there salvation in ANY other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. From Acts 4 10 -12. We must pray for many to be saved from this wicked world system and enter by faith in His death and resurrection to deliver us from sin into His glorious eternal kingdom, and for our own growth and sanctification to be fit for that kingdom when it comes in all its fulness

  2. Re-blogged to precede post bearing this intro:
    Exposures continue, as prophesied.  Further to John Barber’s well-seasoned thoughts on The Millennium and The Great Awakening published last Tuesday, as re-blogged herein yesterday, on that same day political pundit Brian Cates points to the assumed culprits assumed culprits (“Very stupid rich people are behind this” as claimed by DJT) in posting the following….

    A ‘God-incidence’? The ‘Great Reset’ confronted by and retreating from The Great Awakening

    • Firstly, Richard, I thank you for reblogging my article. While it is always nice to get wider exposure (and what you did has certainly helped) I am constantly reminded that what we do needs to honour the Lord and if it helps folk who read what we write then that is the only human accolade we need. I am conscious in trying to link thoughts on the Millennium with those of the Great Awakening we can easily make wrong associations and what the Bible identifies as the Millennium is not necessarily what some see as just round the corner and, as for what some “truthers” see as a Great Awakening, this can easily be a deception, just like the Great Reset it seeks to replace, if we are not discerning.

      Regarding Brian Cates “assumed culprits” article, I concur with what he says and, while we don’t know what false flags the cabal are going to bring next, what we are witnessing is certainly exposing their wickedness and even heralding its downfall, as well as the foolishness of those who support them, especially among the rich and powerful. Dare I say it, it is also fun to watch as those of us who have been vilified for making our observations are now being proved right for the world to see.

      I once took the view that the world is made up three categories of persons: fools, villains and good guys although maybe none of us are purely in one camp. When I studied the Book of Proverbs in depth recently, I realised from the writer’s perspective there were just two categories – the wise (including the righteous) and the fools (including the wicked). While I welcome people waking up (happening before our eyes), which depending on one’s understanding may lead to a/the Great Awakening, I urge caution. If the Devil can’t get us by operating openly as the Prince of Darkness, he will try to do so by appearing to us as an Angel of Light. We need to be continually vigilant and to watch and pray, leaving the rest to God.

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